Monday, July 7, 2014

Emma - the Laundry Room: Part 2

Laundry equipment within a room
Laundry equipment within a room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After I was done with Emma on the washing machine, I lifted her off and guided her to the folding table. I moved her towards the table, facing it. Then, I lifted her left leg and put it on the table, spreading her ass cheeks. With one movement, I guided my cock into her warm, wet pussy, grabbed her hair, and started thrusting myself into her. The movement was amazing as she stood there and took my hard fucking. I reached around and started rubbing her clit, driving her even crazier.

Emma started to moan and buck. Because of the position she was in, she couldn't match my thrusts. After a while, I put my left hand on her hip to steady myself and grabbed her throat with my right hand, tightening my grip just enough. I roughly pounded her pussy, making her feel every inch as her back arched backwards, her breath short and fast. Beads of sweat started forming on her ass, dripping down making splashing noises as our bodies met in an orgasmic concert of lust.

I grunted with every thrust, getting louder and louder. My cock was throbbing. Her pussy tightly controlled my cock, squeezing it every time. After a few minutes, I felt her start to shake as she hit another orgasm. I had to hold her and stop so that she didn't fall over as she bucked while her orgasm possessed her body. Her sweaty skin slid in my hands while her little tremors continued.

After a minute, I climbed on top of the table a laid down. I helped Emma up and in no time, she was on top of me. She grabbed my cock with her right hand, widened her legs, and slid my cock into her. She leaned forward and started rocking on top of me. Her face was right above mine, staring down. "Are you gonna give me your cum, daddy?" she said in between thrusts and moans. "Huh? You gonna be a good boy and shoot your cum inside me?" "Yeah baby" I grunted, knowing that it wouldn't be too long before my hot spunk infiltrated her pussy.

Emma alternated between rocking and bouncing on my cock. Her sweat started dripping off of her creamy skin onto mine. Her eyes were locked onto mine, drilling a hole into my soul. She kept looking to see if she could tell if I was going to cum. My head arched backwards as I gave into her power. I decided to stop trying to control it and just let her take it.

I grunted and moaned and grunted and moaned. As I was almost there, Emma's body tensed up again and she started to cum yet again. This time, it was too much for my cock to take. I shot a load right into her, filling her with my cum as my back arched upwards, lifting Emma in the process. She collapsed on top of me as we laid there for a few minutes. Then, we grabbed our clothes and went back to the apartment to continue our adventures.