Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Columbiana - Massage

Massage (Photo credit: zaphodsotherhead)
"It was a long flight" Columbiana said. We had just gone 3 rounds and I noticed she was tight. "Flying taking its toll on you?" I said. "Yeah baby. That and the husband." "Well, I'll try to make it all better for you" I said. I went over to her suitcase and grabbed the bottle of baby oil that I knew she carried. "How do you get this through security?" I half laughed / half inquired. "I don't, silly. I buy it here" she laughed. "Juuuust checking" I said.

"Turn onto your back" I said. Her beautiful body was in her full glory. She had a perfect body: large natural breasts, a nice, round, tight ass that you could bounce a quarter off of and make change, and she wasn't too thin but she wasn't too fat, either. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat on it. This lady kept in shape.
"Let daddy take care of you" I cooed as I started pouring oil all over her body. I slowly started rubbing her entire body, first working her legs, then up to her breasts. Slowly, sensuously, I deep massed her muscles. She started moaning. "Don't stop, baby. That feels so good".

"Why do you stay with your husband?" I asked. "I'm not sure. Just because, I guess. Why? Do you love me?" I looked down upon her beautiful body and slid my left hand between her legs. "Baby, I'm though with love. I don't love you but I love fucking you." With that, I slid 2 fingers into Columbiana's wet pussy and started working them in and out. "Good" she said before she started to enjoy the pounding my fingers were giving her.

"Bring your cock over here" she said, pointing to her mouth in between moans and purrs. "I want to suck it". I worked my way around her so that I could still finger fuck her while she sucked my cock. Columbiana inhaled my ock in one fell swoop and proceeded to torture me with an amazing blowjob. She licked and sucked my balls and bit down on my rock hard cock while my fingers furiously explored the inside of her perfect pink wetness. Suddenly, she clamped down on my hand, bit down on my cock hard, and rode a torrent of an orgasm. I got me so hot that it didn't take me long to cum in her mouth right after. Columbiana swallowed every ounce of my sweet cum juice while I licked her wetness off of my fingers. Feeding her the rest, I said "feel better?" "Yes daddy" she cooed, looking dreamily up towards me.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Emma - the Laundry Room: Part 2

Laundry equipment within a room
Laundry equipment within a room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After I was done with Emma on the washing machine, I lifted her off and guided her to the folding table. I moved her towards the table, facing it. Then, I lifted her left leg and put it on the table, spreading her ass cheeks. With one movement, I guided my cock into her warm, wet pussy, grabbed her hair, and started thrusting myself into her. The movement was amazing as she stood there and took my hard fucking. I reached around and started rubbing her clit, driving her even crazier.

Emma started to moan and buck. Because of the position she was in, she couldn't match my thrusts. After a while, I put my left hand on her hip to steady myself and grabbed her throat with my right hand, tightening my grip just enough. I roughly pounded her pussy, making her feel every inch as her back arched backwards, her breath short and fast. Beads of sweat started forming on her ass, dripping down making splashing noises as our bodies met in an orgasmic concert of lust.

I grunted with every thrust, getting louder and louder. My cock was throbbing. Her pussy tightly controlled my cock, squeezing it every time. After a few minutes, I felt her start to shake as she hit another orgasm. I had to hold her and stop so that she didn't fall over as she bucked while her orgasm possessed her body. Her sweaty skin slid in my hands while her little tremors continued.

After a minute, I climbed on top of the table a laid down. I helped Emma up and in no time, she was on top of me. She grabbed my cock with her right hand, widened her legs, and slid my cock into her. She leaned forward and started rocking on top of me. Her face was right above mine, staring down. "Are you gonna give me your cum, daddy?" she said in between thrusts and moans. "Huh? You gonna be a good boy and shoot your cum inside me?" "Yeah baby" I grunted, knowing that it wouldn't be too long before my hot spunk infiltrated her pussy.

Emma alternated between rocking and bouncing on my cock. Her sweat started dripping off of her creamy skin onto mine. Her eyes were locked onto mine, drilling a hole into my soul. She kept looking to see if she could tell if I was going to cum. My head arched backwards as I gave into her power. I decided to stop trying to control it and just let her take it.

I grunted and moaned and grunted and moaned. As I was almost there, Emma's body tensed up again and she started to cum yet again. This time, it was too much for my cock to take. I shot a load right into her, filling her with my cum as my back arched upwards, lifting Emma in the process. She collapsed on top of me as we laid there for a few minutes. Then, we grabbed our clothes and went back to the apartment to continue our adventures.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Emma - the Laundry Room: Part 1

English: Camp Iguana laundry room.
English: Camp Iguana laundry room. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another night with Emma, another place to have sex in public. I swear she's not going to stop until we've fucked in every possible place there is to fuck. This time, it was the building laundry room. It's located in the basement down the far end of a hallway, away from any major traffic. The machines are at my waist height so that I could do Emma without bending down too much.
Emma and I headed down there on our way back from a night of partying. As we went in, we noticed there was no one there. We kept the door open because, quite frankly, we didn't really care who came in. We just knew we wanted to fuck and we weren't going to wait until we got upstair to the apartment.

Emma pushed me hard into the washing machine and drunkenly started kissing me. Her lips tasted like wine; quite literally, actually. She started unbuttoning my shirt and slid her body down to my pants. Taking the belt into her hands, she started unbuckling it, undoing my pants at the same time. She slid her tongue sensuously up and down the shaft before engulfing it all the way into her mouth. I started moaning and grunting as she made my cock her own, trailing streams of saliva up and down.

Emma worked my cock faster and faster, wanting me to cum in her mouth but I had other plans. After a few minutes of her working my cock until I felt I was going to burst and after I had gotten my shirt off, I pulled her up, picked her up, and put her on top of the machine. I pulled down her jeans, spread her legs, and started going down on her already moist pussy, pulling aside her panties in the process. She moaned slightly at first, so I pushed a couple fingers into her and started going to work a little faster. I alternated between sucking on her clit and on her lips, spitting on it to lube it more than her pussy already was.

Emma started bucking against the machine, moaning louder and louder. Her erotic noises echoed down the hallway. Finally, I felt her tense up as her body spasmed her orgasmic quake. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body uncontrollably took over. That's when I knew she was satisfied. I continued fingering and licking her until her orgasm was done. I always want to make sure I get the most out of her. However, I wasn't done, for it was my turn......

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Emma - the Alleyway

new york alleyway
new york alleyway (Photo credit: quite peculiar)
Emma & I were walking back from a club in Greenwich Village the other night. We were both pretty horny & tipsy after practically groping each other in the club. As we were walking back to the subway, we passed by two guys standing discreetly in a corner of a building, next to the trash cans. They were kissing, with their cocks out; each one stroking the other one in plain sight. This is what I love about New York City. People know what you're doing but they let you do it anyway, unless they happen to be the cops.

Watching these guys for a minute gave me an idea. Emma & I walked down Christopher St until we got to a small alleyway that I knew of. We went down it until we got to a dumpster by a restaurant & tucked in behind it. We started kissing; our tongues exploring each other. Her hands opened my dress shirt. She unzipped my zipper, pulled out my cock, & started stroking me. I reacted by opening up her coat, pulling up her skirt, reached into her panties, & started rubbing her pussy. She was already wet & pretty much ready to go.

After a few minutes of this, I wanted to get inside of her. I pushed her up against the wall, lifted her up a little, & spread her legs. Emma reached down, grabbed my cock, guided it into her waiting wet pussy, & started grinding her hips. In movement after movement, she locked into a rhythm; locking her legs around mine for leverage.

I was in heaven. I started thrusting into her, matching her thrusts. I wanted to get her off quickly, since there were people walking by & I didn't want the cops to be any of them. There were people who noticed us, as we were not trying to be quiet. I kept ramming into her as she kept riding me until she came. A couple minutes later, I shot my load into Emma. As we came down off of our erotic high, we gathered ourselves & went off into the night. I suspect that alleyway was used a few more times that night.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Emma - At the Club

Another night in the club. This time, Emma & I were in the back of a crowded little club. The air was hot, the bodies were bunched up, gyrating against each other.. You could smell the sexual aroma everywhere. It was just one mass of horny people, dancing & sweating. That's the sign of a good club.

Emma & I were smashed up against a wall, all over each other making out. Our bodies were only inches away from others, oblivious to us & merely preoccupied with themselves & whoever they were trying to get with that night. I had Emma against the wall while my body shielded both her & myself from prying eyes. That was a good thing for what happened next.

Emma grabbed my waist & pulled me in closer. With one hand, she reached down & started rubbing my cock through my pants. "Ohhh, is this all mine later, daddy?" she cooed. "You know it, baby" I said. Emma unzipped my zipper, reached into my pants, pulled aside the front of my boxer briefs, grabbed my cock, & started stroking it.

"Ohh, daddy, I'm gonna ride this cock all night. I'm gonna put it in my tight pussy & squeeze it. I want you to shag me all night with this pipe. Are you gonna do that, daddy? Are you gonna give it to me hard all night?" "Uh huh" was all I could muster at the time. Emma had me going. She knew I loved dirty talk & could cum rather easily listening to her British accent. We have amazing phone sex that is so dirty that just thinking about it right now makes me hard.

Emma continued stroking me, spitting into her hand in order to give it more lubrication. "Look at me, daddy. I want you to look at me & cum for me. Cum in my hands so I can lick your cum off on it. Give it to me daddy. Please. I need it"

Her stroking got faster & faster. She alternated between working my shaft & working the head. Every once in a while, she'd play with my balls & reach further in & play with my asshole & the crack of my ass. All the while, she kept saying "please, daddy. Give it to me. Cum for me, babby. Cum, daddy. Cum. That's it. Look at me & cum for me".

I was completely turned on. I could've cared less if anybody saw us, which they really couldn't with the crowd & the way we were turned. I started grunting & breathing heavily. The surroundings took over as my eyes met hers. Her voice begging me to cum took over. I was powerless.

Finally, I grunted & screamed as a load of my cum shot into her hand. "That's it, daddy. That's what I wanted. Give it all to me" she said as I pumped my creamy goodness into her palm. "That's a good daddy" she said.

Emma put her hand to my mouth & said "lick it, baby. Lick your cum off of my hand but leave me some". I licked my salty cream off of her hand. "Don't swallow, baby" she said. I want to taste it on your tongue. She licked the rest of my cum off of her hand. Then, she put my cock back into my pants & zipped them up. She leaned into me & kissed my waiting mouth, our tongues tasting my cum in both of our mouths. The rest of the night was just as good, if not better.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Columbiana - Gigolo

I figured out that I'm an unpaid gigalo. There's a late night reality series on Shotime called Gigolos, about 5 gigolos working in Las Vegas. The guys are kinda stupid (at least 2 of them are) but their job is similar to how I've been feeling. They listen to their clients' problems and needs, then they fuck them. That's basically what I've been doing lately.

Columbiana's been in town on layover more than usual this past month.Her husband problems are usually the first things that pop up. Take the other night. We met at her usual hotel, the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. We had dinner, where I sat patiently listening to how her husband is distant.

The conversation lasted as we got back to her room and closed the door. "He doesn't know how I like to be treated". "How's that?" I asked as I took off my shirt and worked my way out of my shoes. "Rough and nasty" she said, matter of factly. "Oh, you want it rough, do you?" I said. "Give it to me" she said.

I took her blouse and ripped it off of her, her buttons flying everywhere. I became enraged, an animal on the attack. I threw her onto the bed, onto her stomach. "Yeah, that's it. Take me" she screamed as I snapped off her bra. I quickly undid her zipper on her blouse and yanked it off of her. She laughed. "Fucking take me, you fucking bitch" she kept saying over and over. "I want you to pound me".

I undid my belt as my pants fell to the floor, taking the belt out of each belt loop. Once freed, I grabbed Columbiana's hands and put them behind her back, wrapped the belt around them, and secured her. "Spread your legs and get your ass up" I ordered. She quickly complied, spreading her long, tan legs apart and arching her ass up, exposing her dripping wet pussy.

I pulled down my underwear. There wasn't any need for it to confine my bulge any longer. My cock sprang out of it. Veins popped as the blood rushed into it, pulsating it, making the head of my quickly growing cock come alive. It was a monster, it was hungry, and it wanted its prey.

I gave it a few strokes. It was pulsating rapidly, throbbing with wild abandon. I couldn't control it any longer. I had to have Columbiana's pussy. I spread her legs further apart, getting her at the right angle. I put the head of my cock by her opening, and dove in. She screamed and gasped for air. "Yes. That's what I want. Pound your fucking cock inside me. I need it. Fucking pound me!"

There was no need for foreplay. That would come in later sessions that night. I did what I was told and started fucking her hard. As my hips thrusted relentlessly into her, I grabbed her hair and threw her head backwards. I fucked her like a hunter killing its prey; stalking her body, then proudly displaying its catch for all the world to see.

I grunted loudly with each thrust, madly pounding her hips with my throbbing love muscle. She kept screaming, gasping for air in between her oral approval. My body went on auto pilot. I became a machine, alternating between throwing her head back and throwing it into the pillow. Finally, she screamed as her hips spasmed her first orgasm. I didn't care. I kept pounding.

After about 10 more minutes, she came again. This time, it was a multilevel earthquake. Her body arched up uncontrollably as I grabbed her hair to steady my bucking bronco. As she came down, I finally released my first load into her, feeling it drip inside her with each thrust. I collapsed on top of her. "THAT'S how I like to get fucked!!" she said. I laughed to myself, proud of what I had accomplished. I surveyed her like a trophy. Yup, I thought to myself, I'm an unpaid gigolo.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sexy Strip

It has been said that sexiness is not a matter of looks. I would agree with that. I tend to fuck women who are in shape. Some of them are great. Some of them are only into themselves. Still others are simply dead fucks.

To me, however, being sexy is an attitude. Take the lady in this video. I found it while digging through some lost files (disclaimer: I don't know this lady. She never sent me the video. I found it on some site way back when). This lovely lady does not have your typical supermodel or fitness model body. However, there's just something about her. Maybe it's the look she gives the camera as she unbuttons her sweater. Maybe it's the way she bites her lip. Maybe it's the way she flips her head back as she touches herself. Maybe it's a combination of all 3. Who knows? I just know that whatever it is, it works.