Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Columbiana - Gigolo

I figured out that I'm an unpaid gigalo. There's a late night reality series on Shotime called Gigolos, about 5 gigolos working in Las Vegas. The guys are kinda stupid (at least 2 of them are) but their job is similar to how I've been feeling. They listen to their clients' problems and needs, then they fuck them. That's basically what I've been doing lately.

Columbiana's been in town on layover more than usual this past month.Her husband problems are usually the first things that pop up. Take the other night. We met at her usual hotel, the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. We had dinner, where I sat patiently listening to how her husband is distant.

The conversation lasted as we got back to her room and closed the door. "He doesn't know how I like to be treated". "How's that?" I asked as I took off my shirt and worked my way out of my shoes. "Rough and nasty" she said, matter of factly. "Oh, you want it rough, do you?" I said. "Give it to me" she said.

I took her blouse and ripped it off of her, her buttons flying everywhere. I became enraged, an animal on the attack. I threw her onto the bed, onto her stomach. "Yeah, that's it. Take me" she screamed as I snapped off her bra. I quickly undid her zipper on her blouse and yanked it off of her. She laughed. "Fucking take me, you fucking bitch" she kept saying over and over. "I want you to pound me".

I undid my belt as my pants fell to the floor, taking the belt out of each belt loop. Once freed, I grabbed Columbiana's hands and put them behind her back, wrapped the belt around them, and secured her. "Spread your legs and get your ass up" I ordered. She quickly complied, spreading her long, tan legs apart and arching her ass up, exposing her dripping wet pussy.

I pulled down my underwear. There wasn't any need for it to confine my bulge any longer. My cock sprang out of it. Veins popped as the blood rushed into it, pulsating it, making the head of my quickly growing cock come alive. It was a monster, it was hungry, and it wanted its prey.

I gave it a few strokes. It was pulsating rapidly, throbbing with wild abandon. I couldn't control it any longer. I had to have Columbiana's pussy. I spread her legs further apart, getting her at the right angle. I put the head of my cock by her opening, and dove in. She screamed and gasped for air. "Yes. That's what I want. Pound your fucking cock inside me. I need it. Fucking pound me!"

There was no need for foreplay. That would come in later sessions that night. I did what I was told and started fucking her hard. As my hips thrusted relentlessly into her, I grabbed her hair and threw her head backwards. I fucked her like a hunter killing its prey; stalking her body, then proudly displaying its catch for all the world to see.

I grunted loudly with each thrust, madly pounding her hips with my throbbing love muscle. She kept screaming, gasping for air in between her oral approval. My body went on auto pilot. I became a machine, alternating between throwing her head back and throwing it into the pillow. Finally, she screamed as her hips spasmed her first orgasm. I didn't care. I kept pounding.

After about 10 more minutes, she came again. This time, it was a multilevel earthquake. Her body arched up uncontrollably as I grabbed her hair to steady my bucking bronco. As she came down, I finally released my first load into her, feeling it drip inside her with each thrust. I collapsed on top of her. "THAT'S how I like to get fucked!!" she said. I laughed to myself, proud of what I had accomplished. I surveyed her like a trophy. Yup, I thought to myself, I'm an unpaid gigolo.

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