Monday, June 30, 2014

Crazy Sex

sex on the toilets
sex on the toilets (Photo credit: Djuliet)
A loyal reader told me recently that I seem to have some pretty crazy sex. I don't know if it's crazy, really. I just don't have ordinary, run of the mill sex whenever possible. It's all about never missing an opportunity. Take the situation with Kate, for instance. I could have stopped when things were beginning to get hot and heavy in the back kitchen of her shop. However, why should I have? The machinery covered our noise and the door was locked since it was after hours so why not fuck her right then and there?

Once the situations present themselves, I just take them to another level. I think people know by now that I'm pretty uninhibited when it comes to sex. I'll use toys, food, whatever, whenever. It's just how I live my life these days.

It used to not be like this. I used to be a pretty shy guy and very monogamous. Somewhere around my late 30s / early 40s, it hit me. Some people call it a mid life crisis. I call it an awakening. Time is short to waste it on not having fun of any sort. I have a baby face and a decent body that I'm constantly trying to make better.  Why not enjoy whatever time is left on the clock? After all, life will catch up sooner rather than later. Live the dreams. Never be ordinary. What some people consider crazy, I consider normal. Works for me.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amber - Taken

I had no choice in the matter. I simply had to. The urge hit me. There Amber was, leaning over a chair, her short shirt riding up around her round, perfect ass. Her legs shifted back and forth, lifting the shirt from one side to another. I've always said that the best way to get rid of temptation was to give into it. She teased me so. She knew I wanted it.

I walked over to her and put my hands onto her hips. She backed into me and leaned back so that I could nuzzle her neck. I ate her neck like a vampire feasting on flesh. Soft moans escaped from her lips. Then, I did it.

I threw Amber back over the chair forcefully, reached down and ripped off her panties. In one quick movement, I undid my pants and let them fall to the ground, revealing my rock hard, Black cock. It needed another workout after the one her mouth gave it earlier that day and I wasn't going to deny my cock its fun.
I stroked it a few times to get it harder and forcefully entered her pussy. It was a tight, forceful squeeze. She screamed as I entered her. I smiled a devious smile. I loved hearing that passionate scream. It gave me a sense of power. I started fucking her hard. I wasn't in the mood to make love. The sight of her bent over insured that. This was a straight up animalistic, beast mode fuck.

I slammed Amber's hips over and over, reveling in the screams emitting from her mouth. I grunted loudly, grabbed her hair and yanked it back. Louder and louder she screamed, begging me to fuck her harder. I obliged, giving it everything I had. She came twice with me riding her pussy.

After a while, I released my load into her, thrusting into her with every squirt of cum. I collapsed on top of her bent over body, lovingly caressing her. Another job well done and temptation had been well served.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Emma - the Rooftop

Raincity Rooftop
Raincity Rooftop (Photo credit: ecstaticist)
Fresh from our conquest of each other in the stairwell, Emma & I headed for the rooftop. Still naked from our fuck session, we opened the rooftop door & propped it so that we could get back inside. I put down the beach towel & the bottle of champagne & put Emma on her back onto the towel. The cool night air felt great against our hot, sweaty bodies.

I split Emma's legs apart & put my head between her creamy thighs. I started playing with her pussy, rubbing my fingers against her clit, making her wet in an instant. I wanted to taste her & repay her for going down on my cock with her mouth so expertly before.

I put my lips & tongue to good use & went to work on her pussy. Drinking her juices like I drank the bottle of champagne, I sucked her dry. My tongue darted in & out of her, obsessed with making her cum hard. Her body wiggled back & forth as she screamed loudly. Before, we kept it relatively quiet because we were on the stairs. Now, we were on the roof & we let loose like two wild cats in heat.

She moans & screams became louder as I ate her with such hunger. Finally, her body bucked wildly, enjoying the pleasure my lips were giving her. Wave after wave came over her. She pushed my head deeper into her, grinding her hips against my face. My arms held her down, alternating between her hips & her ample breasts. Her nipples were so sharp, they felt like they were stabbing my fingers when I got near them.
Emma started calming down from cumming but now, I wanted to get mine. I climbed on top of her, put her legs upon my shoulders, & entered her. I started pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. I angrily thrusted into her, working her hard & fast, making every inch of my cock count with each thrust. My cock was so rock hard, it felt like a lead pipe. I enjoyed my position of power, watching the look on her face as she enjoyed my every thrust.

She begged for me to fuck her harder. I didn't disappoint, slamming her with such force that we started moving across the roof a little. The fact that we were out in public, with people no doubt hearing our grunts & groans, coupled with the fact that we could've been locked up on the roof, filled me with much excitement. I kept fucking Emma with all my might, wanting to cum hard inside her yet again that night.

Soon, my hips tightened up as the first shot of my cum unloaded into her, then another, & another. I drained myself into her. Then, I rested for a minute on top of her, drinking from the bottle of champagne. Then, I slapped Emma's ass to get up so that we could finish off the night fucking back in the apartment. We finished by fucking on her floor, sofa, kitchen, & en extremely erotic fuck in her shower. My body hadn't felt that alive in quite some time. Damn, it's good to fuck someone younger than you sometimes.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Emma - the Stairway

It's a long way down to the roof...
It's a long way down to the roof... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After our elevator fun, Emma & I made our way to her apartment, where we fucked for a few rounds. Even after all of that, I still wasn't close to being spent. Persuaded by that, being extremely horny, having already downed a bottle of champagne, & it being only 4 in the morning, I decided we needed to fuck in a couple more public places.

I grabbed a beach towel & another bottle of champagne, took Emma by the hand, walked out naked to the hallway, closed the door behind her, put her up against the wall, & made out with her. At any time, one of her neighbors could've come out of their apartments but we were too liquored up to care. Besides, I love being watched. I love all eyes on me, seeing my muscles clenching and contracting as I'm pleasuring another woman.

After a few minutes against the wall, we made our way to the stairwell that leads to the roof. We opened the door, walked in, closed the door behind us, & started walking about 7 flights up to the rooftop. Before we had even gotten a half a flight up, Emma put me against the wall & started kissing me. Our hands were all over each other. She started stroking my cock, getting it hard.

Emma bent down, took my balls, and started rubbing them while her mouth started sucking the head of my cock. I started grunting loudly while she sucked and licked up & down the shaft. I could feel my cum started to build an eruption.I caressed her hair as her mouth expertly went about its duties.

Finally, I stopped her from sucking the cum out of me. I was ready to explode but wanted to put it in her, like I had down all morning. I stood her up, turned her around, then bent her forward, & put her down on all fours, with her facing the stairs going up. I split apart her ass, grabbed my cock, & guided it into her hole. Emma backed her ass right onto it like the champ that she is & started fucking me hard. I knelt there for a minute, watching her round ass plowing back & forth onto my cock. Then, I grabbed her waist & started matching her thrusts.

Her moans became louder & louder. I'm sure people heard us but we could've cared less. We kept fucking each other hard, fast, & angrily, each wanting the other to get off first. Emma's ass suddenly tightened around my cock, putting a stranglehold on it while the rest of her body came & shook. I released my load into her very soon afterwards. We stopped for a minute while I pulled out of her, letting her catch her breath. Then, I grabbed the towel, took a swig from the bottle of champagne, & we both headed up the rest of the flights to the rooftop.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emma - Love in an Elevator

English: LED elevator floor indicator
English: LED elevator floor indicator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Emma and I had just gotten back from a night of drinking. As we hit the door to her apartment, our hands were all over each other. Thankfully for us, her building had an elevator. The building is about 40 stories but the elevator wasn't too busy, especially because it was about 3 in the morning. We made out and felt each other up while we waited for the elevator to get to the ground level.

When we got into the elevator, we let it go up a couple of flights. Then, Emma pushed the stop button and pushed me against the wall. In one move, she bent down, pulled down my pants, and started to work on my cock. She slurped her spit all around it and stroked the shaft until it was rock hard and ready.

While she was deep throating my cock, she had her panties down and was playing with her pussy, getting it wet and ready for my cock. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, making my cock even harder.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled her up and moved her against the wall. I lifted her up, spread her legs, and slid my cock into Emma's tight pussy. Suddenly, the bell for the elevator started ringing. I ignored it and started drilling Emma hard and fast. Emma breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath with every thrust.

I needed to make her cum fast so I reached around and stuck a finger in her ass while I fucked her. Her legs started tightening around my waist as she started cumming. I fucked her harder and harder while the elevator bell rang more and more. As Emma came, I shot a load of sweet cum into her.

We cleaned ourselves up and released the elevator door. We got off a floor below where we normally would so that the person who rang the elevator bell wouldn't know that it was Emma who was in the elevator. A little while after our elevator episode, we went at it in the stairwell but that's for a future story.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Emma - Halloween Intro

I'm a guy who normally likes women around the same age as I am or, at the most, maybe 10 years younger or older. I usually find that the ladies are more experienced and better in bed. Once in a while, though, someone much younger makes an impression to the point where, as a friend of mine likes to say, I just gots ta have it. Such is the case with Emma.

A while back, I was at a friend's apartment for a Halloween party, dressed up as Zorro. As I talked to a few of his friends, a girl dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood kept looking at us. One of my friends knew her and invited her over to hang with us.

Emma was a brunette with a seductive personality and voice. As we were introduced, she said "oh, you used to go out with Sarah". Sarah was someone I dated about a year before this. Everyone made conversation for a while, with Emma looking at me as we all spoke; which, to be honest, was beginning to creep me out a little. However, she was too cute to get fully creeped out. Finally, my friends left to go to another party and it was just Emma and myself.

After my friends left, Emma finally told me why she kept staring at me. Sarah and Emma used to work in the same place. "Sarah used to tell me all the time about how you guys were in bed. She said you were wild". Well, that explained the constant attention from her. That and she was drunk off of Grey Goose and judging from what happened next, very horny. "I always wondered what you'd be like in bed. Fancy a shag?" With that, she leaned in and looked at me seductively.

I said "how old are you?". "I'm 24" she replied. "I think you might be a little young". "Are you sure?" she cooed, put her hand on my pants and started stroking my cock through it. "I love older men". Now, at this point, I suppose he should have just left. Emma was pretty drunk, after all but yet again, I just said fuck it, I'm horny and want to get some tonight. A tasty young treat might be just what I need so I called her bluff. "OK, let's go". We grabbed our things, stopped off at the liquor store for some more Grey Goose for her and a bottle of champagne for me, and went back to my place.

We went at it rough and nasty. Her oral skills were amazing, with her repeatedly deep throating my cock with ease. By the time I was ready to go between her legs, she was wet and ready. She tasted like heaven. She pushed my head into her pussy and ground her hips against me as my tongue penetrated her pussy lips and played with her clit.

After a hurricane tongue fucking, I put Emma on her knees, grabbed her hair, pulled it back, and entered her from behind. I smashed her while continuously spanking her ass. She got on top of me and rode me while grabbing my throat and choking me. We continued through a bunch more positions, tying each other up, throat grabbing, choking, hair pulling, and lots of spanking. An amazing night with an amazing, young, fun, rough loving woman.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Amber - Conquered

I looked down at Amber on the floor. She was breathing heavily, gasping for air after a marathon session. Her body sweaty, glowing in the candlelight. Her hair messed up. My cum splattered all over her body, leaving traces from her legs to her lips.  God, she was beautiful; a cum drenched angel laying helpless on the floor.

I stood over her, lording over my prey, proud of the performance that I put on. We had started once we hit the door. Clothes flew off and it was game on. We fucked against the wall, then used up all the furniture in the living room. Then, I picked her up and fucked her on the bed. We ended up falling to the floor due to my force. Now, she's on the floor, looking up at me with a smile on her face.

I looked down at her and took stock of my performance. My cock was still twitching from her pussy. Damn, she has the perfect pussy for my cock. It milked me 2 times, her ass milked me for one, and her mouth sucked me for two more. I felt a bite mark on my left shoulder. Amber had leaped forward during one of her orgasms and bit me in her excitement. I looked at it as a badge of honor. There were multiple scratches from her nails on my back. "All in a day's work" I thought to myself.

Now, I'm standing over her. A beast who caught his prey, took his prize, and played with it. With a warrior's confidence, I counted up all the positions I put her in, the rooms I fucked her in, the rooms....wait, I missed one room. I took her by the hand and lifted her up. Then, I lowered myself down, grabbed her by the legs, and picked her up. Tossing her over my shoulder, I marched her into the bathroom. Time to clean her another marathon shower fuck. I'm not done with her yet.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 3

A variety of foods made from wheat.
A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I lifted my head up finally to kiss Kate. We kissed deeply. As we kissed, flour from the table started to get all over us. I could've cared less. I need this woman and I needed to be inside her now. I pulled her to the ground and put her on her back. Then, I spread her legs and lifted them upwards, pushing them backwards. I pushed her legs so far back and apart that they trapped her arms underneath them. Her feet were almost up to her head, only split apart. I wanted to make sure she was going to get a good, deep pounding.

I slowly brought my cock to her pussy and slid it in, working it so that she could get used to it. Then, I grabbed her ankles for support and started pounding. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God" she kept screaming. My fucking was relentless. I pounded her pussy into submission, feeling like a warrior who had come to claim his prize after battle. Another trophy for the case was this older woman; one that I had bagged with pride.

I kept fucking her harder and harder. She kept screaming, trying to work her arms out from underneath her legs but to no avail. She may have been screaming for God but I was her God at that moment; her pussy paying homage to my throbbing cock. I was proud of the work I was doing. I felt like my body was on auto pilot. I kept pumping her harder and harder.

At one point, I let one of her legs go and grabbed a hold of the table in order to steady myself. As I pounded her with each thrust, the table started to move. Soon enough, the leftover flour started falling on top of us. After a minute, the place started to resemble a Christmas scene with flour snowing down upon us. We could've cared less, so caught up in the moment were we.

My cock couldn't last much longer with her perfectly tight pussy muscles massaging my throbbing member so I didn't bother to let it. I released a mighty load of cum a few minutes after she had cum by my cock for a fourth time. I pumped cum into her with each extra hard thrust. I grunted it out of myself and watched her reaction. Her eyes were curled in the back of her head as she smiled. We got up, kissed passionately, and I left...with the cookies, I might add. At least I got to work off the guilt of eating them. I promised to see her more often; this past weekend, I was with her, as a matter of fact. Nothing says loving like cougar loving.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 2

A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready fo...
A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready for baking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kate smiled. I decided I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. Kate was an older version of a cougar. Cougars are usually in their 30s or 40s but she looked the part even in her low 50s. Besides, how could I not at least try for a beautiful woman since she was giving me every signal.? I slowly moved in front of her, bent down, and lightly kissed her on the lips. They tasted sweet from the cookie dough we had been eating while talking.

Light kisses turned into passionate ones. Each of us were exploring each others' mouths. My hands started grabbing her apron and her shirt. Kate went for my coat jacket and my tie, undoing them both with ease. Kate won the undressing race first, which meant she was going to get what she wanted to do before I would. What she wanted was my cock in her mouth.

Now, there are some women who don't like sucking cock. There are some that look at it with disdain, that it's some obligation that needs to be met. There are some women who like it but aren't very good at it. Then, there are some who worship sucking cock. They absolutely want, crave, and desire a man's cock in their mouth. To them, sucking a man's cock is a dream come true and they show that man their appreciation by paying attention to every part of that cock. They lick the head multiple ways, making every nerve ending stand on edge. They will either suck it dirty, with much saliva and quick movements like a slut, or they will be seductive, slowly teasing and taunting the cock, maybe even licking your balls and ass while they're at it.

 Kate, my friends, is a cock worshiper of the highest magnitude. She took my cock and sucked it like it was the air that she breathed. She made me feel like I was the only one that ever mattered, taking my shaft easily in her mouth, having her mouth muscles work every inch of my shaft, my balls, my ass. It was quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever received and I've gotten some pretty good ones in my time. I leaned back against the table. The cooking machinery had kicked in a while before so the place was kind of noisy. The great thing about that was that we could make as much noise as we wanted so the neighbors couldn't hear.
I moaned and moaned, swearing up and down "fuck, shit that's good, holy fuck that's amazing". I couldn't help myself. After a while, I held her head and just let her mouth muscles do their job. I came easily in her mouth, screaming and grunting as I shot my load. As I came, she shoved my cock deeper into her mouth so that I came right down her throat. Her throat muscles opened up to receive my cum easily and she swallowed my cum with such glee.

By that time, I was so worked up. I lifted Kate up and ripped off what was left of her clothing. I lifted her naked body around, put her on top of the table, and spread her legs. My head dove right into her waiting pussy. Her nectar tasted so good. She moaned and screamed loudly as my tongue explored her. I licked and sucked up and down her pussy. After a few minutes, I stuck a finger into her, then worked my way up to 4 fingers. Kate went wild when I got to four. She grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy while she gyrated her hips into me. In no time, she started bucking and moaning. Her stomach started to quiver as she started catching her breath escaping with each lick from my tongue. She couldn't hold out for much longer and held my head tightly as she came, not letting me breath. Good thing I took a deep breath before.
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 1

Peanut butter cookies.
Peanut butter cookies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every now and then, I go to a little pastry shop that's on the way home. Usually, I roll in just before closing when I have a late night sweet tooth. I can't have that stuff all the time. Otherwise, I'll get fat. Anyway, there's a lady named Kate who runs it. She's in her lower 50s, with short hair and a remarkably fit body for someone her age. I asked her once how she keeps in such good shape considering she owns a pastry shop. She said sex. Then, she laughed and said that she runs a lot.

Kate and I have had a flirtatious relationship for months now. Every time I go in, she remarks how I should come in more often so she can fatten me up. I always say I can't because I have to stay in shape. She always says there are better ways to work off the calories.

A while back, I went to the shop because I had a craving for peanut butter cookies. I rationalized it that peanut butter has protein, which is good for body building. OK, I rationalized it like a politician at a convention speech but it was worth an effort. Anyway, I was running pretty late and I caught Kate just as she was locking the door. After pleading with her that I needed some cookies and had to have them or I would die, then threw in a sad puppy dog eyes look (shameless, I know), she relented, let me in, and locked the door behind us.

As she got some of the cookies, we struck up a conversation. She's actually a really bright woman with a wicked sense of humor. She asked if I was going to give the cookies to a woman. I told her these were strictly for myself. Then, she asked if I wanted to taste a new mix for a cookie she was trying out. I said sure and walked into the back room with her.

It's a pretty small operation with only 3 employees. Kate usually closes up. That night, she was the only person there. There was a stainless steel table in the center of the back room where the cookies get rolled with a few stoves on the side and a small desk to the side with the usual stuff on top and a small file cabinet to the side. I love small stores like this because it reminds me of one on the strengths of being in America and that's the dream of being a business person, even if it's just a small business.

We talked a little more. Kate told me about her business and her life. I told her about mine. Turns out, Kate used to be a Ford model back in the day, then stayed in New York once her modeling days were over. As we talked, we got closer and closer. I could just sense that something was happening. I reached for some cookie dough. Our arms touched. We kept them together for more than a few seconds. Then, she slapped my arm away from the dough and said she'd take care of the dough.

Kate grabbed a finger full and fed it to me. I licked it off of her finger. Then, I licked her finger. She didn't take it out of my mouth so I went for broke and started sucking it a little. She smiled and slowly took it out of my mouth. She started caressing my face. "You are so beautiful with such a baby face" she said as she watched her hand rub my cheek. Her fingers traced the outline of my lips. "Such a beautiful baby face" she whispered. I gently kissed her fingers.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Woman in Every Port

My Manhattan roommate Tony the escort and I were having a conversation the other day about women the other day. The one thing we both realized is that we're both sex addicts. We just go about fulfilling it in different ways. For Tony, he turned his love of sex into a high paying job as an escort. Unofficially, sex is off the table. He's only supposed to escort his clients, both male and female, to events. However, the job itself implies sex afterwards and sex is always had, at the negotiated off-the-books price. 

Tony is not gay or even bisexual. However, one can make a lot more money with gay rich men than with rich women and in New York City, there's an awful lot more gay rich men. Tony told me once that he doesn't get off on guys. He gets off on the money he's making doing guys. He just turns his attraction off to a guy, thinks about the stuff he can spend the money on, and cums that way. 

When he's with a woman, however, it's a whole other story. Tony LOVES women, just like I do. He told me there's never been a client who he's been with who has ever turned him off. He can always find something about them that will attract him and he'll focus on that. He figured by now, he's been with at least a few hundred women; both for his job and for his pleasure.

I, on the other hand, have not been with a few hundred. In fact, he and I figured out that I've had less than 100. It's just that, as he said, I have at least one in every port. That way, he said, I am at least guaranteed sex when I travel. I thought about this and I have to agree. At the moment, I have Sheri for when I'm in San Francisco, Amber when I'm in Los Angeles, at least a few for when I'm in Las Vegas, and Ava for my South Beach visits. Plus, at least a few of those women and I will hook up when our paths cross in different cities.

Of course, in NYC, there's always sex on tap. There's Blasian, Columbiana when she's doing her flight layovers, and Kate the bakery owner, who I haven't spoken about here yet but will starting tomorrow. There's also, in each city, a few women who get sprinkled in  for good measure. It's not that I have tons of different women, like Tony. It's that I have tons of sex with a core group of women. For me, that works better.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Las Vegas: Sheri - Part 2

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When Sheri and I got into the limo, I turned up the music to the club music station (you've gotta love a limo that has satellite radio instead of the regular local radio stations) and poured some champagne. Sheri opened up the limo roof and we started drinking. We were already both buzzed but were pretty much in control. Soon, we started making out in the back seat. Our hands were all over each other as our lips and tongues interlocked. After a while, Sheri broke away, grabbed her glass of champagne, stood up through the limo roof and started screaming "whooooo...I'm in Vegas, bitches!!!!" repeatedly at the top of her lungs.

Two things ran through my mind. The first was that maybe she had more to drink than I thought. The second was that this girl needs to get out a lot more in Silicon Valley. She's too buttoned up out there. No matter. I was going to do my civic duty and make sure that she never forgot this limo ride. I reached up behind her and caressed her legs, reaching up through her dress until I got to her pussy. The lady had no panties on. I wondered if she ever had them on or if she took them off when we were in the casinos. Then I brushed the thought aside, stuck my head underneath her dress, and started licking her ass and pussy.

Even with the music turned up to the maximum, I could hear her moan and scream. She tightened her legs around my head to steady herself as I ate her extremely wet pussy. I felt her hand on top of my head and she started grinding her hips into my face. I kept going until I heard her scream loudly and her her legs shook. Then, she pushed me away and came down from the limo roof. I fell backwards onto the limo floor. Sheri jumped me and started kissing me eagerly, wanting to taste herself on my lips.

I grabbed at her dress and yanked it over her head and off of her. She grabbed at all of my clothes and ripped them off of me. My cock was getting rock solid by that time. I didn't want to waste time on a blowjob. Luckily, neither did Sheri. "Put this fucking cock in me now" she said, then straddled me on the limo floor. Sheri grabbed my cock , gave it a few hard strokes, and quickly guided it into her tight pussy. Then, she got comfortable on top and started riding me hard and fast.

Sheri rode me like a stallion, grunting and moaning as she rode. I grabbed her breasts, which were rather small but were very perky. I could tell she hadn't had sex in a while by the way she was fucking me. I was enjoying being ridden, though, and continued letting her be in control. As she rode me, she switched positions. Sometimes, she'd lower herself towards me and ride me close. Other times, she'd sit up and grab the limo roof ledge to steady herself.

Every thrust was timed to the music, like she was living out her Vegas fantasy to have wild crazy sex in the back of a limo while going down the Vegas Strip and couldn't believe it was actually coming true. She was in beast mode and I was loving it. After a while, her entire body shook again and she came. After cumming, she collapsed onto my chest. Then, it was my turn.

I flipped Sheri onto her back on the limo floor and held her legs up by her ankles. Since her pussy was already drenched, I slid into her again rather easily and started pumping her hard to the music. The beat banged in the car so loud that the windows shook. Sheri screamed with each thrust as I kept slamming and slamming. "Fuck me...fuck me", she kept screaming. I took her harder and harder, faster and faster.

After a few minutes, I flipped her again and put her on all fours, with her arms resting on the limo seat. Then, I took her from behind and continued pumping her hard. I grabbed her throat and pulled her back. "Yes, that's what I want" she screamed and slammed backwards into me with each thrust. Soon after, she came again. Then, I came deep inside her.

We rested for a few minutes. Then, we continued having more crazy sex in the limo until the time was up. The limo dropped us off at my hotel. Sheri and I continued our love making in my room, where we fucked next to the window while watching the traffic below and in the shower; not to mention the bed. By the time the next morning came, we had flights to catch and no sleep. We exchanged phone numbers. We've kept in touch these past couple of years and to this day, we still have had regular phone and webcam sex sessions. When I go to San Francisco, we usually get together there.
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Las Vegas: Sheri - Part 1

English: Las Vegas Strip Bellagio Caesar's Palace
English: Las Vegas Strip Bellagio Caesar's Palace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A long while back, I was at yet another conference in Las Vegas. When I go to these conferences, I tend to see the same people showing off the latest and greatest. Among those many people was a woman named Sheri. She's a spokeswoman for a start up tech company out in Silicon Valley that makes products for the entertainment industry.

She and I have met at least 8 times now at these conferences and by now, I know not only her but at least 5 other people in her company. She's thin and is usually dressed very businesslike and geeky with shoulder length sandy blonde hair. The lady is extremely smart, too, and can speak 5 languages. Over our times talking, we've gotten very flirtatious with each other, with long looks at each other from a distance and other things.

During the final evening of this particular conference, the people from her company and I decided to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I dressed up in a nice suit and met them in the hotel lobby. When I got there, Sheri and the gang were already waiting. Sheri had on a nice black dress that went down almost to her ankles. She looked beautiful and I told her so. She sheepishly said thanks. She couldn't get too crazy in front of her coworkers.

As we walked into the restaurant, Sheri's hand brushed against mine and lingered a second longer than a hand would. I didn't think much of it but then it happened again. I grabbed it, held it for a split second, then released it. She smiled. That told her everything she needed to know about the night, as I found out later. We sat down next to each other for dinner. During the entire meal, we traded smiles and touches under the table, making sure her coworkers were unaware of what was going on.

After dinner, the other people in her company had tickets to the Elvis Cirque du Soleil  show and had to go. Sheri said she was going to walk around for a little while, then probably turn in. I said I was going to hit one of the casinos for a little while. The coworkers said their goodbyes and rushed off to get a cab to go to the show, since the dinner went a little longer than they had planned. We watched them get in the cab and take off. We made sure they saw Sheri walking in the opposite direction from me. As they sped off, I watched the cab until they were completely out of site, then turned around to go after Sheri. Sheri was already waiting on the sidewalk, to my surprise. "Wanna go hit the casinos?" I asked. "Thought you'd never ask" she said and smiled. I grabbed her hand, hailed a cab, then sped off in completely the opposite direction on the Vegas Strip from her coworkers so that we wouldn't accidentally run into them while we were having fun.

We hit the casinos hard; harder than I normally do. We drank at the bar, played blackjack, roulette, and craps. We lived it up; macking, as the locals like to call it. Sheri really loosened up from her businesslike demeanor that she normally has to put on. She stood next to me and seductively blew on the dice as I rolled them. We touched each other and held hands a lot. After a while, we were making out like two teenagers, wherever we were. In a few hours, between the two of us (I think she actually won more than I did), we won over $1,000 between all the games we played. That never happens to me. Usually, I lose money.

Anyway, I decided to splurge with the money that I had won. I went to the hotel atm to get a little more money. Then, I went to the concierge to see about renting a limo for a few hours. The concierge got me a really nice black limo that was decked out to the hilt. I slipped him some money for a job well done, then slipped the driver double the money for a few hours rental, told him to take us up and down the strip, and to close his partition. He winked and knew the score. He knew what was coming up. Hell, it probably wasn't even his first time that night doing the Strip sex drive.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 4

Artist rendering of the completed World Market...
Artist rendering of the completed World Market Center Las Vegas complex, in Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
B got to the end of the bed, got on all fours, and waited. I spanked her ass. She squealed with each smack of my hand. I hit her harder and harder. Her ass got redder and redder. I wanted her to have marks to remind her that I was there. She wanted the whole "Big Black Cock is Always Rough With Their Women" experience? Then she was going to get it.

I spread B's ass apart and put the head of my cock next to her asshole. I noticed she had taken it there a few times, since it was pretty open. "Time to take it, bitch" I said and worked my cock into her ass, one inch at a time. She squirmed and moaned as I gave it to her. When I was fully in, I pulled out, then continued working it in and out of her, going faster and harder with each pump. B screamed with each thrust while A lay there, catching her breath from when I finished fucking her.

I pinned B's head down onto the bed. Her ass was arched up better so that I could penetrate her better. I slammed my cock up her ass over and over again. "That how you wanted it, bitch huh? That how you want it?" "Fuck yeah!! Give it to me!!" she screamed into the bed sheets. I kept going, thrusting and thrusting; power stroke after power stroke. I wanted her to feel it. I wanted her to feel every inch of my meatiness, just waiting to let out a deluge of cum.

A spoke to B "damn B, he's fuckin you good". B just kept screaming and yelling into her pillow. A got up, came behind me and slapped my ass. "Harder" I commanded. A let loose with everything she had. It just spurred me on to fuck B even harder. B screamed "oh God!! Oh God!! Oh God!!" over and over again. Finally, she let loose a final "Oh God!!!", shuttered, and her legs buckled under the pressure of my pounding and her cumming. She collapsed on the bed but I kept going. She wasn't getting off the hook. Finally, I grabbed her head, screamed, and came up her ass while I kept ramming her.

After I had emptied myself inside her ass, I got up and went to get something to drink. I turned around to admire the scene. Two blond women, gasping for air while my cock was still hard and my entire body was dripping with sweat. A job well done but I wasn't done. We kept going, in many different positions for the rest of the night. After a few more hours of fucking and sucking, we said our goodbyes. I gave myself plenty of time to get back to my condo to gather my things and catch my flight. They went back to playing their real parts, whatever those were and I went back to mine. All the world's a stage. Some of us just put on command performances.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 3

Las Vegas (TV series)
Las Vegas (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I decided to let A have my cock first. True, A just came but she was already in position and I really wanted B to really want me sliding in and out of her badly. She was the one who told me in the club that she never tried Black cock before. Let her wait for it some more while I fuck her friend in front of her.

I got up, got behind A, spread her legs apart while she was still on all fours, and told B to go to the side of the bed and watch. I sd mew times to get it ready, then slid it into A's tight pussy. I started to pump myself into A; slowly at first, then going faster and faster. Damn, she felt good but my mind was elsewhere. It was on B.

I looked at B. She was playing with herself, watching us. "You like how I'm fucking your girl? It's gonna be you next" I said, fucking A harder. A's moans turned into screams. I grabbed her throat and pulled her backwards. I grunted as I fucked A, making her ride my cock while she was bent backwards. I kept working her while staring at B. Our eyes locked. In my mind, I was fucking B, making her feel my cock ramming her.

"Come over here and play with your girl's pussy" I grunted to her. B swung underneath A while I kept pounding her. B started rubbing A's clit. "That feel good?" B kept saying. "Fuck yeah. It feels so fuckin good. He's so fuckin deep inside me" A screamed as she kept trying to get some air.

After a while, A shuttered and screamed louder "I'm cumming!! I'm cumming!!" Her body spasmed out as she came over and over, surrendering to the dual pleasure of my cock and B's finger on her clit. B got out from under A. I threw A onto the other side of the bed like a discarded piece of paper and turned to B. "OK bitch, it's your turn. Get on your knees and turn around"......

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 2

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As we started back to their hotel room, the heavy petting and kissing started. By the time we got out of the elevator, my shirt was off, Barbie Doll A's pants were unbuttoned, and Barbie Doll B (I'm just going to call them A and B from here on) had her dress almost all the way off. After we got into the hotel room, all clothes were dispensed with and thrown into a pile. I grabbed both ladies and threw them onto the bed. "Suck my cock" I ordered. A took the shaft and worked it in her mouth while B sucked and licked my balls.
I stood there at the edge of the bed marveling at the scene in front of me. Two fake blonds with fake breasts sucking and licking my cock. I thought back to when I was younger, when nobody would pay attention to some geeky Black kid; back to the days when being a geek or a nerd weren't as cool as right now. All it took was to work out and get a cool job and now what used to be your fantasy life is now reality? Wow.

OK, focus on the matter at hand. Do I hold back or do I cum on these girls? I think I'll let them work me up.
I let myself go and let their mouths continue to work my cock. A's skills were ok but not really getting me there. I suspected that B had better skills so I told them to switch up. I was correct. B handled my cock like a pro. She spit on it and stroked it, working the shaft up and own with her hands. Then, she deep throated it repeatedly. While all this was going on, A sucked my balls and inserted a finger up my ass and worked it in and out. All the while, I was reaching over and smacking both of their asses with my outstretched arms. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" I screamed. B released my cock out of her mouth. I took my cock and painted both of their faces with a steady stream of my creaminess. They licked it off each others' faces and shared it with their tongues.

I decided it was time for me to return the favor. I told B to lay on her back at the back of the bed by the pillows. "Eat your bitch out" I told A. A got on her knees on the bed and positioned herself in front of B. B was ready with her legs spread and her hand rubbing her now wet pussy. As A got to work on B's pussy, I got behind A. I spanked her ass a few times and slapped her inner thighs, motioning them apart. A knew what was coming but I decided to wait on giving her my cock.

I put my face behind her and started rimming her asshole with my tongue, sticking it in and out. As I did that, I put two fingers deep inside A's pussy and started ramming them in and out. A started moaning. I worked them harder and harder. I wanted to break her concentration on B, leaving B to want to get off even more. It worked. A lifted her head as she started screaming. I didn't let up, working my fingers and tongue in unison until I felt the rush of her juices on my fingers. I continued fingering her until she calmed down. By this time, my cock was ready. Which one of these women should get my cock first?....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 1

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"
Act II, Scene VII

Las Vegas is a very strange place. It's the only place I know where people will go out of their way to not be themselves. They're all playing a part. You can thank the brilliant "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" ad campaign for that. People do things they normally wouldn't do.anywhere else. The strange part is that you don't become someone different anywhere else, with the possible exception of maybe South Beach.
Back in the first few decades of Vegas, it was mob controlled and Hollywood celebs like the Rat Pack would play there. Then, Steve Wynn ushered in the era of the corporate, family friendly Las Vegas with Treasure Island hotel. That lasted for about a decade as cheesy hotel after cheesy hotel was built. The problem was that Vegas wasn't really meant to be family friendly. It was meant to be an adult playground. That's when Vegas embraced its naughtiness and that's the Vegas we have today. Now, why am I telling you all of this? Because...well, I'll explain.

On my last night in Vegas after the conference that I went to earlier that week, I decided to go have some fun and do a little business research. I went to a club right down the block from my condo. After about an hour of checking out the club, I happened upon these 2 platinum blond, big fake breasted, Barbie doll looking women who were probably in their lower 30s. Now, normally, I don't go for the fake type. There was just something about these women that I found attractive. To this day, I can't put my finger on it. Before you say it was the breasts, I usually go for all natural, relatively smaller sized breasts.

Anyway, introductions were made, drinks were handed out and swallowed, dancing commenced, and libidos increased as the alcohol level increased. I found out the ladies were just here for the weekend from Los Angeles and were looking for a good time. Both of them were usually conservatively dressed and had good, conservative jobs. They usually come to Vegas so they can be "someone else". Gee, that never happens in Vegas. That's when it happened. One of them said while we were on the dance floor "I'd really like to go for some big, black cock". Excuse me? "I've never been with a black guy before. I hear you black guys are rough with your women. We've never been with one of you. Let's go back to the hotel". With that, she went to find her friend so that she could tell her there was a chance at a threesome.

{OK, rant time here. Attention white women. I have a question. Is being with a black guy like ordering take out to you? "Oh, I could really go for some sushi and what else? Let's see. How about some black cock to go?" Is it something to check off your bucket list? "See the Grand Canyon. Check. Climb Mt Everest. Double check. What's next? Oh, fuck a black guy! Oh goodie. I hear they're rough with their women. They treat them like animals". Black men are not like that in real life. People need to stop watching those stations that call themselves news networks and above all, stop watching interracial porn videos. Dear Lord, it's getting ridiculous. OK, rant over.}

Well, if they want to play this stupid game, I'll play. I'll play the part of black cock stud. I'll fuck them hard, rough, nasty, and angry, just like they've seen in the videos. They came back and off we went to the hotel room; them to check one off the bucket list and me to play my part.......

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