Saturday, July 5, 2014

Emma - the Alleyway

new york alleyway
new york alleyway (Photo credit: quite peculiar)
Emma & I were walking back from a club in Greenwich Village the other night. We were both pretty horny & tipsy after practically groping each other in the club. As we were walking back to the subway, we passed by two guys standing discreetly in a corner of a building, next to the trash cans. They were kissing, with their cocks out; each one stroking the other one in plain sight. This is what I love about New York City. People know what you're doing but they let you do it anyway, unless they happen to be the cops.

Watching these guys for a minute gave me an idea. Emma & I walked down Christopher St until we got to a small alleyway that I knew of. We went down it until we got to a dumpster by a restaurant & tucked in behind it. We started kissing; our tongues exploring each other. Her hands opened my dress shirt. She unzipped my zipper, pulled out my cock, & started stroking me. I reacted by opening up her coat, pulling up her skirt, reached into her panties, & started rubbing her pussy. She was already wet & pretty much ready to go.

After a few minutes of this, I wanted to get inside of her. I pushed her up against the wall, lifted her up a little, & spread her legs. Emma reached down, grabbed my cock, guided it into her waiting wet pussy, & started grinding her hips. In movement after movement, she locked into a rhythm; locking her legs around mine for leverage.

I was in heaven. I started thrusting into her, matching her thrusts. I wanted to get her off quickly, since there were people walking by & I didn't want the cops to be any of them. There were people who noticed us, as we were not trying to be quiet. I kept ramming into her as she kept riding me until she came. A couple minutes later, I shot my load into Emma. As we came down off of our erotic high, we gathered ourselves & went off into the night. I suspect that alleyway was used a few more times that night.

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