Sunday, July 6, 2014

Emma - the Laundry Room: Part 1

English: Camp Iguana laundry room.
English: Camp Iguana laundry room. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another night with Emma, another place to have sex in public. I swear she's not going to stop until we've fucked in every possible place there is to fuck. This time, it was the building laundry room. It's located in the basement down the far end of a hallway, away from any major traffic. The machines are at my waist height so that I could do Emma without bending down too much.
Emma and I headed down there on our way back from a night of partying. As we went in, we noticed there was no one there. We kept the door open because, quite frankly, we didn't really care who came in. We just knew we wanted to fuck and we weren't going to wait until we got upstair to the apartment.

Emma pushed me hard into the washing machine and drunkenly started kissing me. Her lips tasted like wine; quite literally, actually. She started unbuttoning my shirt and slid her body down to my pants. Taking the belt into her hands, she started unbuckling it, undoing my pants at the same time. She slid her tongue sensuously up and down the shaft before engulfing it all the way into her mouth. I started moaning and grunting as she made my cock her own, trailing streams of saliva up and down.

Emma worked my cock faster and faster, wanting me to cum in her mouth but I had other plans. After a few minutes of her working my cock until I felt I was going to burst and after I had gotten my shirt off, I pulled her up, picked her up, and put her on top of the machine. I pulled down her jeans, spread her legs, and started going down on her already moist pussy, pulling aside her panties in the process. She moaned slightly at first, so I pushed a couple fingers into her and started going to work a little faster. I alternated between sucking on her clit and on her lips, spitting on it to lube it more than her pussy already was.

Emma started bucking against the machine, moaning louder and louder. Her erotic noises echoed down the hallway. Finally, I felt her tense up as her body spasmed her orgasmic quake. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body uncontrollably took over. That's when I knew she was satisfied. I continued fingering and licking her until her orgasm was done. I always want to make sure I get the most out of her. However, I wasn't done, for it was my turn......

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