Friday, July 4, 2014

Emma - At the Club

Another night in the club. This time, Emma & I were in the back of a crowded little club. The air was hot, the bodies were bunched up, gyrating against each other.. You could smell the sexual aroma everywhere. It was just one mass of horny people, dancing & sweating. That's the sign of a good club.

Emma & I were smashed up against a wall, all over each other making out. Our bodies were only inches away from others, oblivious to us & merely preoccupied with themselves & whoever they were trying to get with that night. I had Emma against the wall while my body shielded both her & myself from prying eyes. That was a good thing for what happened next.

Emma grabbed my waist & pulled me in closer. With one hand, she reached down & started rubbing my cock through my pants. "Ohhh, is this all mine later, daddy?" she cooed. "You know it, baby" I said. Emma unzipped my zipper, reached into my pants, pulled aside the front of my boxer briefs, grabbed my cock, & started stroking it.

"Ohh, daddy, I'm gonna ride this cock all night. I'm gonna put it in my tight pussy & squeeze it. I want you to shag me all night with this pipe. Are you gonna do that, daddy? Are you gonna give it to me hard all night?" "Uh huh" was all I could muster at the time. Emma had me going. She knew I loved dirty talk & could cum rather easily listening to her British accent. We have amazing phone sex that is so dirty that just thinking about it right now makes me hard.

Emma continued stroking me, spitting into her hand in order to give it more lubrication. "Look at me, daddy. I want you to look at me & cum for me. Cum in my hands so I can lick your cum off on it. Give it to me daddy. Please. I need it"

Her stroking got faster & faster. She alternated between working my shaft & working the head. Every once in a while, she'd play with my balls & reach further in & play with my asshole & the crack of my ass. All the while, she kept saying "please, daddy. Give it to me. Cum for me, babby. Cum, daddy. Cum. That's it. Look at me & cum for me".

I was completely turned on. I could've cared less if anybody saw us, which they really couldn't with the crowd & the way we were turned. I started grunting & breathing heavily. The surroundings took over as my eyes met hers. Her voice begging me to cum took over. I was powerless.

Finally, I grunted & screamed as a load of my cum shot into her hand. "That's it, daddy. That's what I wanted. Give it all to me" she said as I pumped my creamy goodness into her palm. "That's a good daddy" she said.

Emma put her hand to my mouth & said "lick it, baby. Lick your cum off of my hand but leave me some". I licked my salty cream off of her hand. "Don't swallow, baby" she said. I want to taste it on your tongue. She licked the rest of my cum off of her hand. Then, she put my cock back into my pants & zipped them up. She leaned into me & kissed my waiting mouth, our tongues tasting my cum in both of our mouths. The rest of the night was just as good, if not better.

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