Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Columbiana - Massage

Massage (Photo credit: zaphodsotherhead)
"It was a long flight" Columbiana said. We had just gone 3 rounds and I noticed she was tight. "Flying taking its toll on you?" I said. "Yeah baby. That and the husband." "Well, I'll try to make it all better for you" I said. I went over to her suitcase and grabbed the bottle of baby oil that I knew she carried. "How do you get this through security?" I half laughed / half inquired. "I don't, silly. I buy it here" she laughed. "Juuuust checking" I said.

"Turn onto your back" I said. Her beautiful body was in her full glory. She had a perfect body: large natural breasts, a nice, round, tight ass that you could bounce a quarter off of and make change, and she wasn't too thin but she wasn't too fat, either. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat on it. This lady kept in shape.
"Let daddy take care of you" I cooed as I started pouring oil all over her body. I slowly started rubbing her entire body, first working her legs, then up to her breasts. Slowly, sensuously, I deep massed her muscles. She started moaning. "Don't stop, baby. That feels so good".

"Why do you stay with your husband?" I asked. "I'm not sure. Just because, I guess. Why? Do you love me?" I looked down upon her beautiful body and slid my left hand between her legs. "Baby, I'm though with love. I don't love you but I love fucking you." With that, I slid 2 fingers into Columbiana's wet pussy and started working them in and out. "Good" she said before she started to enjoy the pounding my fingers were giving her.

"Bring your cock over here" she said, pointing to her mouth in between moans and purrs. "I want to suck it". I worked my way around her so that I could still finger fuck her while she sucked my cock. Columbiana inhaled my ock in one fell swoop and proceeded to torture me with an amazing blowjob. She licked and sucked my balls and bit down on my rock hard cock while my fingers furiously explored the inside of her perfect pink wetness. Suddenly, she clamped down on my hand, bit down on my cock hard, and rode a torrent of an orgasm. I got me so hot that it didn't take me long to cum in her mouth right after. Columbiana swallowed every ounce of my sweet cum juice while I licked her wetness off of my fingers. Feeding her the rest, I said "feel better?" "Yes daddy" she cooed, looking dreamily up towards me.

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