Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Man wearing boxer briefs.Image via Wikipedia
I lay on the bed in a pair of black boxer briefs. She walked into the room in a pair of black silk panties. She lay on top of me and gently kissed me. As we kissed, her hips started grinding mine. She positioned herself around the hardness of my cock; her legs straddling my hips. She started slowly grinding her pussy on top of my cock. Moans started slowly coming from her mouth. Her breath quickened.

Suddenly, she sat up and started grinding her hips into overdrive. My cock got rock hard, enjoying the feeling her silky panties were making. I wanted to be inside her so badly. I knew I'd get my chance but for now, I was content with letting her get off.

Faster and faster she rode. The panties were getting wetter and wetter with each grind. Her clit was so hard, I could feel it rubbing against me. I reached up and grabbed both of her breasts while she tilted her head back and worked her hips. On and on she went, louder & faster. Suddenly, she spasmed and collapsed on top of me. Her wetness soaked both her panties and my shorts. I held her for a while as she back off of her cloud. I wanted her rested for the pounding her body was going to take that night.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Break Beach

Cancun beach (Mexico), August 2006
Cancun beach (Mexico), August 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I noticed on the news that it was spring break time again. When I was in college, I used to love going to warm climates and going to what were basically oversized frat parties. Ah, the follies of youth. The girls at spring break, though, were amazing.

One year, my friends and I went down to Cancun, Mexico. We did the usual guy stuff. We went to the bars, drank our asses off, watched hot women doing wet t shirt contests, and lay out on the beach. At night, we hit the clubs and tried to score with hot girls. Like I said, typical neanderthal guy stuff.

One night, we were at one of those beach clubs when my friends and I spotted 4 girls drinking and dancing away at the bar. Being drunk and stupid, we decided it couldn't hurt to say hi to them. As my friends started taking to the other ladies who were supermodel quality, I started taking to the mousier one. Her name was Stephanie. She was quiet and shy and seemed to be the geeky brains behind the group. She went to school at USC. She was Asian and wore black rimmed glasses.

With me being the geeky brains behind my group, Stephanie and I got along great. We talked the rest of the night and decided to ditch our collective friends the next day. We hung out at the beach, went to a few bars, then went out to a beachside restaurant that evening.

Throughout the day, we were holding hands and caressing each other. While laying out on the beach, I kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me back full on the mouth. We made out for the better part of the afternoon.

After a romantic dinner at a restaurant far away from the college rowdiness, we took a walk at end end of one of the beaches. We sat down in a relatively secluded part of the beach and started making out. Our hands were traveling everywhere. She wore a blouse and a skirt, while I was in a collared t shirt and jeans with sandals.

She started taking off my shirt. At first, I was taken aback. She was moving pretty quick. It wasn't that I was going to say no. It was just that up until then, I hadn't had a girl who wanted to make the first move or have sex in a public place. I decided to hell with it and to go for it. I quickly stripped off her clothes while she ripped off mine.

We were completely naked on a sandy beach in a warm climate. The moon bathed our lustful bodies in moonlight while the waves slowly lapped slowly around us. Off in the far distance, we could hear crowds of people at the bars going nuts with the music.

I lay back on the sand while she got on all fours and started sucking my cock. The waves crashed against our bodies as she quickly stroked my shaft and sucked on my head. I motioned for her to swing around in a 69 and put her pussy on  my face. She quickly oblidged. At this point, I didn't care if we had an audience. I just wanted to eat her pussy and fuck the living shit out of her.

After what seemed like an eternity of mutual pleasure, I desperately wanted to feel my cock inside her. She swung herself around to the cowgirl position and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. Damn, she was fuckin tight but it felt so damn good. She rode me like it was the last time she was going to have sex. She bucked back and forth, hard and fast, drilling my member. The warm ocean water surrounded our bodies. We moaned and screamed loudly. Suddenly, her body started shaking as she came. I didn't last much longer; pumping a load of cum into her tight pussy for what seemed like forever. She collapsed onto my chest and we lay there, enjoying the view and the moment.

We had sex a lot more times during that week and promised to write and call each other again. Of course, since it was just before the age of the internet, that proved to be futile. However, we'll always have those memories of Cancun. They still bring a smile to my face.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back From Vegas

English: Hotel / Casino New York-New York in L...
English: Hotel / Casino New York-New York in Las Vegas. Français : L'hôtel-Casino New York-New York à Las Vegas, dans le Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, I'm back from Las Vegas. The trip was, in a word, epic. The conference was very successful. I have 4 new projects that are a go and 3 others that I'm in the hunt for. I went to Red Rocks for a day and took a trip to Hoover Dam because I've never been there. One more checked off the bucket list.

There were a few private photo sessions with Ava for her web site which, of course, led to some great sex. The big contract with Amber's company in Los Angeles is now officially signed. That will mean lots of visits to L.A. in the future.

All in all, a very good couple of weeks. Oh and what of Amber? Well, that story will probably make for a few posts.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 6

Blasian had fallen asleep on the bed. Too much alcohol, coupled with a few hours of getting completely fucked in every hole by myself and Fiona. Suddenly, it was just Fiona and myself awake and horny as hell still. I had never had Fiona by myself. Whenever Fiona and I fucked, Blasian was always there participating. Now, I was finally getting my chance to go one on one with the Italian tatted up stallion. Fiona had the strap-on off by now. It was time I paid her back in spades for fucking my ass with it.

I yanked her off the bed and moved her back towards the hotel window. I wasn't sure if there was an audience that late in the office windows but I didn't care at that point. We kissed passionately, angrily. She slapped and spat in my face. I did the same to her. I knew she loved it rough and nasty. We went at it carnally.

I knelt down, split apart her legs, and hungrily ate her. She put her hands and legs around my head as I willfully was forced into her. I worked my fingers into her as my tongue and lips worked overtime to make her cum. She screamed and buckled as her juices flowed onto my face. Her hands and legs clamped down onto me, holding on for the ride.

I didn't give her any rest afterwards. It was time for payback. As she was coming off of her orgasm, I got out from underneath her and stood up. Grabbing her body, I spun her around away from me and kicked apart her legs. I pushed her completely against the window, grabbed her hair with one hand and yanked her head back as my other hand guided my shaft into her ass. Then, with one hand still yanking her head back and the other hand now firmly around her throat, I started fucking her ass hard.

Her noises went from laughing to moaning to screaming to gasping for air. With every noise, I rammed her harder. My hips were on autopilot, pounding away at this gorgeous lady. She lifted up her left leg so that she could take the pounding better. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder" she screamed. I gave her all that she wanted and then some. My entire shaft went all the way into her ass with every thrust, right up to the balls.

Finally, she couldn't take any more. Her ass muscles clamped down onto my cock as she came again. I soon let myself go, thrusting out another load of my cum for the evening into her ass. We laughed and stared out at the traffic as we rested for the next go round. Fiona was definitely worth the wait.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 5

I rolled off of the bed and went for the bottle of champagne. As I was getting off of the bed, Blasian grabbed Fiona's strap-on and started sucking on it, giving it a blowjob. I sat on the nearby chair, content to watch these two ladies for a little while as I got my strength back.

My sweaty muscular body leaned back as I watched my lovely Blasian push Fiona on her back, straddle her hips, and start riding the strap-on. Blasian started slowly grinding her hips, the muscles in her legs expanding and contracting with every thrust. Blasian's moans were shallow, her breath quiet, her concentration intense. I started getting hard watching her, my cock stiffening with every thrust.

Blasian bent forward towards Fiona, her breasts just over Fiona's waiting mouth. Fiona sucked on Blasian's nipples hungrily. I started stroking my cock, getting it ready for what I wanted to do next, swigging from the champagne bottle at the same time. After a few minutes, I made my move.

I climbed back onto the bed, got behind Blasian, and got on my knees. Grabbing Blasian's hip with one hand, I grabbed my cock with the other hand and guided it into Blasian's asshole while she was still bent forward, riding Fiona. Blasian squirmed but adjusted to the double penetration that she was feeling. I started fucking her ass hard, matching her backwards thrust while she thrusted down onto the strap-on. We developed a good rhythm, a senual beat that kept flowing.

After a while, Fiona said "oooh, I want some of that cock up my ass. Let's switch" to Blasian. I pulled out of Blasian and rested against the side of my bed, downing champagne while Blasian and Fiona got into the missionary position, with Fiona on top. Fiona started thrusting into Blasian while I sat back and watched, content to let Blasian get off while I enjoyed my bottle for a few minutes. After a little while, I decided it was payback time for Fiona.

I grabbed Fiona's hips and rammed my cock into her ass hard, just like she did to me earlier. She let out a scream but I could've cared less. I continued slamming into her. As I slammed down upon her ass, the thrust made her slam harder into Blasian's pussy. It was almost as if I was fucking both of them. I began to enjoy this idea, the thought that I could fuck both of them literally at the same time.

I continued fucking Fiona hard, her screams mixing with Blasian's moans. I was determined not to cum until Blasian got hers. I didn't have to wait long. Blasian grabbed Fiona's hips tightly. Her legs stiffened in the air as she let her orgasm take control of her body. Watching all of this happen, I finally let go and released my load into Fiona's pained ass. Then, both Fiona and I collapsed on top of Blasian and rolled next to her, a sweating, almost spent pile of brown and white skin. You would think after all of that, we'd be done. Well, one of us was but it wasn't me....
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 4

The plastic entered me slowly. At first, I was surprised and began to pull away. Someone grabbed my hips and slapped my ass hard. Being blindfolded and handcuffed, I couldn't figure out who it was; at least, not at first. I felt my ass cheeks getting spread apart and my legs getting knocked further apart. That strap-on was going in, whether I was ready or not.

I felt the first inch enter me. I let out a gasp, then a grunt as I got used to the pain. Then, another inch followed by another inch. "Now, you're gonna know what it feels like, bitch. Take it" Fiona said as the strap-on went all the way inside. She then pulled out and started pushing in and out of me, developing a rhythm.

With every thrust, I grunted. I clenched my fists against the bedposts that I was tied to. My muscles flexed as my tormentor enforced her will upon my ass. When she realized that I was taking it well, Fiona went faster and harder. "Who's bitch are you?" Fiona said sternly. "I am" I grunted between the painful thrusts she unleashed. "WHO'S BITCH?!" she screamed. "I AM!" I screamed back. "That's right. You're my bitch" she said. Then she said "jerk him off" to Blasian.

Blasian reached underneath me and grabbed my now rock solid and throbbing Black cock. With an expert tug, she started slowly working the shaft, sliding her hand up and down. Fiona kept going with her thrusts the entire time, making me grunt louder, commanding my ass to move with her thrusts.

Blasian kept sliding up and down my shaft, intermittently stopping to fondle my balls and squeeze the head of my cock. I felt her body move underneath me, taking up a position to milk me with her mouth. I was powerless to stop them; just a piece of meat for them to do what they wanted to.

Blasian's mouth started working the head of my shaft, slowly licking and puffing on it like it was a cigar. Her hands grabbed my shaft and wouldn't let go. She was determined to make me cum while Fiona enjoyed ramming me from behind, her grunts matching mine. After what felt like forever, I couldn't take any more. I had to unload. With my body tensing, I pushed my ass backwards onto Fiona's strap-on, grabbed the bedpost, and convulsed, letting loose a ferocious flood of cum onto Blasian. After having my body taken over by an orgasmic spirit, I felt my body go numb as all tension was released and I melted. Fiona pulled out of my ass, smacked it, took off my blindfold, and undid my binds. "Good job, bitch" Fiona said proudly. You'd think we'd be done but I was just getting warmed up. They had their fun. Now, it was time for mine....

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 3

Blasian took me by the hands and led me to the bed while Fiona went into her suitcase and grabbed a blindfold and 2 silk scarves. Fiona put it on me, then pushed me face first onto the bed. They guided me so that I face down on the full length of the bed. Then, they tied my arms to the headboard.

Now, I'm face down and tied onto a bed, not knowing what's coming next. I heard the zipper of the suitcase open and close. Then, I felt it. WHACK!! A sharp sting of leather straps fell upon my ass. I let out a scream as the reality of what was coming hit me. WHACK!! This time, I was more prepared and didn't yell as loud. That just got the ladies angrier. I could tell they were taking turns hitting me. The smacking went faster and faster. I got used to the pain and started grunting more and more.

Pain turned into pleasure. HARDER I said with each smack. IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO? The whip came with more ferocity. I started laughing. Apparently, my laughing just aggravated them. I felt hands motion my hips up. "On your knees" Blasian said. I edged myself onto my knees. The hitting continued for a while. I felt the mattress shift as someone climbed onto it. I felt hands on my hips as someone positioned themselves behind me, pushing my legs apart. That's when I felt it...
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 2

Fiona came over to me. I was still seated in the chair, completely dressed in my suit and my hands were still handcuffed. With a wicked grin, Fiona undid my belt and yanked down my pants. My cock sprang out. "Mmmmm" Fiona said.  "I need this in my mouth". Fiona licked her lips, spat on my cock, and started stroking it hard and fast. Then, cradling my balls, she started licking and sucking it. As she deep throated me, her throat muscles massaged my shaft, taking all 8 inches with ease. I started moaning and leaned my head back, completely powerless to do anything but enjoy her skills.

Blasian watched this for a while. Then, she got jealous and decided that she wanted to join in the fun. She came over and undid my handcuffs. Then, Blasian positioned one leg onto the back of the chair, put her pussy onto my face, grabbed my head, and forced it into her waiting pussy. She was still wet from the pounding Fiona gave her and her juices were still flowing. While Blasian started grinding her pussy into my face, my hands started getting occupied. My life hand reached up and cradled Blasian's ass, slowly splitting the crack of her ass apart so that I could work a finger into her ass.

While my left hand was busy pleasing Blasian's ass, my right hand reached down and grabbed Fiona's hair. I alternated between caressing her hair and forcing her head further down onto my shaft. I needed to cum but I wanted to get Blasian off first. I concentrated on Blasian's pussy, working my tongue between her clit, her lips, and going inside of her. Blasian grinded even harder, moaning louder as I went. I knew she was close so I put extra effort into it until she came all over my face.

While Blasian was coming down off another orgasm, I went back to grabbing Fiona's head. I pumped her head up and down my sheft, wanting her to take my cum in her mouth. Finally, I could feel my lava rise from my volcano. Jerking my hips up and down, I held Fiona's head down onto my cock as I shot a huge load into Fiona's mouth. Good girl that Fiona is, she took it all like a vacuum cleaner and slurped my cum all up. Fiona and Blasian weren't done with me, though....
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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 1

This happened a couple Valentine Days ago:

Blasian's college roommate Fiona came into town on business during Valentine's Day (see the New Year's Eve posts for a recap on Blasian and Fiona). We all knew we were going to make a lot of noise during the night so we got a room at the Marriott Marquis, the same same hotel we were at New Year's Eve. We put down our bags and went off to dinner. Lucky me had 2 dates for Valentine's Day.

After spending a lot of money on dinner (restaurants in the city always jack up the prices double for that day), we stopped off at the liquor store for multiple bottles of champagne and food, and headed back to the hotel.

Once we hit the door, the action started...only it started without me. I was told to sit on a chair. Once there, I was handcuffed. Then, the ladies started with their fun, kissing each other and stripping each other of their clothing. Then, Fiona laid Blasian down on the bed, went over to her suitcase, and came back with a strap-on on.

Fiona walked over to the side of the bed, grabbed Blasian's hair, and forced her to give the strap-on a blowjob. Fiona moaned something fierce while Blasian worked her magic on the strap-on. Blasian does give amazing blowjobs, even on a piece of plastic. Fiona was getting extremely turned on by it. So was I, as I was struggling to figure out how to free myself so that I could stroke my cock, which was screaming for relief.

After a few minutes of letting Blasian blow the strap-on while putting a finger into Fiona's ass, Fiona decided it was time to ride. She put Blasian into the missionary position, grabbed her ankles, wishboned Blasian, and entered her with the strap-on. Blasian screamed while Fiona pounded her pussy like a madwoman, grabbing Blasian's hair and talking dirty to her. I started squirming even more. I was becoming a beast, wanting to fuck so hard. Little did I know that it was going to be quite some time before I was allowed to do some pounding of my own.

Fiona kept thrusting into Blasian for a little while, then pulled out,  flipped Blasian over, put her on all fours, and entered Blasian's ass with the strap-on. Grabbing Blasian's har, Fiona yanked her head back, smacked her ass repeatedly, and spoke dirty to Blasian while railing Blasian's ass. After some time spent plowing Blasian's ass, Fiona pulled out, and repeated the process on Blasian's pussy. Blasian screamed, moaned, and bucked until Fiona finally let Blasian cum. Then, while Blasian collapsed from the hard fuck she just received, Fiona game over to me.....
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Central Park

Lower Central Park at 1:00 p.m. Photographer's...Image via Wikipedia
I've never claimed to be a nice person. I'm just a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it. That's the New York City way. In this town, the meek don't inherit the earth: they get slaughtered. I see little old ladies elbow people out of the way in order to get a seat on a crowded subway...literally.

Having said that, I enjoy not being nice. I like bringing people down to my level sometimes, especially women. I like taking a woman who thought she was sweet and innocent and bringing out her naughty, kinky side, making her do things she never thought she'd do. Such was the case a long while back.

I was out with this blonde walking through Central Park. We stopped and sat on a hill in a relatively secluded upper part of the park, where the tourists usually don't go (they tend not to go north of 87th St.). We sat on the ground, she sitting in front of me, leaning back against me, cuddling. It was in the mid 50s, with just a slight chill in the air. We both had leather jackets on. She had a pair of jeans on. People were walking near us, but not too many and none within our line of sight.

As we sat there, we started caressing each other and lightly kissing. I reached under her shirt and started feeling her breasts. She protested a little because she'd never done anything like that in public but got turned on. I was discreet enough, making sure that people couldn't get too good a view. I wanted to do more, though. I wanted to take her to the next level.

I reached down and started to undo her belt and zipper. Suddenly she froze and started to get up. "NO!!" she said. "What are you doing? We might get caught". I grabbed her before she could fully get up and slammed her back towards me. I forced her into me with my right arm and held tight as my left hand dived into her panties. "Shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh" I whispered. "I'm going to finger fuck you right here, right now".

She was afraid, only I couldn't tell what made her more afraid: the fear or being caught or the fear that she might like the path I was taking her on. She squirmed and wiggled, trying to break free but to no avail. My hand was already on her pussy.

My fingers started rubbing her. I breathed heavily into her ear, kissing and nibbling on them while I rubbed her. She made protesting noises for about a minute. Then, both the noises and the squirming stopped. They were replaced by moans of pleasure and grinding of her hips, riding my fingers as they delved deep inside her now juicy pussy.

At this point, she was mine. I owned her. I broke her down and brought her to the dark side, where I live and play. I whispered to her:
"When we get back to my place, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. I'm going to put you up against a wall and slam my cock into you. I'm gonna flip you over, spread your legs, and spank your ass HARD!!! Then, I'm gonna slide my cock deep into your asshole & completely violate you. Do you want that? Would you like that?"

"Yes. Yes. YES!!! I want that so bad. I need that. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me."
"That's my girl. I'm gonna make you cum hard right now, baby. Cum for me. Come on. Cum for me."

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, put my index and middle fingers onto her clit, and vibrated them fast and hard. Her breath became quicker; gasping for air continuously. Suddenly, she screamed out and came all over my fingers. I put my fingers to her mouth and let her lick her sweetness off of them. She leaned back and collapsed next to me while I zipped her pants back on.

Since then, she's been unleashed. We've done it a few more times in Central Park, including fucking at night and next to trees. I've opened up her eyes and brought her to the dark side. I love it.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Hotel Story

English: Manhattan’s Hotel Pennsylvania.
English: Manhattan’s Hotel Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Missy Chin stayed with me recently in Manhattan for a few days while we were working on a project. During that time, I had one of those industry parties to go to at the Pennsylvania Hotel here in NYC. It's the one across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden on 7th Ave, for those who are familiar with New York. I decided to take Missy with me, in order to curb the boredom

Missy and I were in one of the banquet halls, doing the usual; making rounds, laughing at the same jokes of people who we never found funny to begin with. Quite frankly, we were bored. However, my woman was looking good, due to working out a lot (you know how I always go for the athletic ones). She had on a black cocktail dress that wasn't hiding too much. I was the envy of all the men there.

After listening to yet another stupid joke, she excused herself from the group to go to the bathroom. That left me to listen to some corporate drone who had a hard on for his own bureaucratic rules talk about all the forms he coauthored for the upper brass. After a few minutes, my lady walked back from the bathroom. As she slid up next to me, she kissed me on the cheek and discretely handed me something. It was her thong panties. She winked and said to the guy I was getting bored by, I mean, listening intensely to, "do you mind if I take my man? I have someone I need to introduce him to". Saved!!

We walked out of the room and down a hall. Now, Missy had a model friend who used to work at the hotel. She couldn't get a room for us due to the holiday season. Her friend said there was a janitor's rest area closet somewhere on that particular floor and Missy wanted to live out a fantasy. After some searching, we finally found it. We weren't sure of the housekeeping schedule. Plus, it was near one of the main corridors. We could be discovered any second. Not a problem. I live for this.

We got into the closet. It wasn't too roomy but roomy enough. We closed the door behind us. There was a small light but it would've given us away. We had to do this one by feel. We started kissing. She moved her hands down to my pants zipper. I moved my hands down to her waist & lifted up her dress. Slowly, I slipped my hand between her legs and slipped two fingers inside her. She undid my pants and started stroking my cock.

She felt so wet as my fingers worked their magic. Her hands were already getting my cock rock solid. Her pussy juices were making my hands soaking wet. I took them out of her pussy and fed them to her. She licked them completely, savoring her taste.

I lifted her up to my waist and put her against the wall. Once she was balanced, I grabbed my cock and guided it into her wetness. She felt so good. She started biting my suit jacket collar to hide the gasp and moan from my initial entry. I started grinding her against the wall; slowly at first so her hips could adjust to being against the wall. She adjusted quickly. Soon, she was grinding her hips into me.

Suddenly, we stopped. There was talking coming from just outside the door. Housekeeping? It didn't seem like it. It sounded like a few people from the party. I slowly started fucking Missy again. All the while, the people were just outside the door talking. I got more excited and started fucking harder. My lady was rolling. She tried so hard not to make noise; continuing to bite into my jacket. That just made me fuck her harder. She was getting close. I could feel it. She was digging her fingernails into my back.

I felt her leg muscles tighten and let her continue to grind me as she came all over my cock. Her pussy muscles contracted around my cock, begging it to cum inside her. I oblidged, pumping a load of creamy sweetness inside of her. As we finally got ourselves back together, we heard the people next to the door leave. I slowly opened the door and peaked out. The coast was clear. We left the closet and left the hotel. We had already made our rounds. No sense in going back in. Besides, we had some sexual business to take care of when we got home.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

NYE - Part 5: Ball Drop

We put the television up loud. The ball was about to drop in 5 minutes. I took Blasian over to the hotel window facing Times Square, with Fiona following. The crowd was getting loud. Party hats were flying around. Some confetti was flying around but not the official confetti. It was quite the party and we were naked above it all.

I turned Blasian towards the window and lifted up her right leg, resting it on my arm as I grabbed her waist . I guided my cock inside her pussy and started grinding into her. I went slowly, so that I wouldn't release before midnight.

Blasian started moaning and screaming while she looked down at the crowd. I started picking up the pace, fucking her sideways so that I could get deeper inside her. Fiona came over and bent down. She crawled underneath us and started playing with Blasian's pussy. While playing, she alternated between licking and sucking my balls and playing with my ass, licking and sticking her finger inside me.

With one minute to go before midnight, Blasian started her decent into Ecstasy. Her body started to tighten. I was determined to keep fucking her straight through it. I held onto her and fucked her hard as she came with about 5 seconds left on the clock.

The clock struck midnight. The crowd started screaming. Music started blasting from the speakers down below. Confetti started polluting the air, mixing with the light rain that was still falling. I kept fucking Blasian hard, using her pussy as a battering ram. Fiona got from underneath us, went to the drink cabinet, then came back over to us with a bottle of champagne.

We stopped fucking for a minute. I pulled out of Blasian, took the bottle and started chugging the champagne while Blasian and Fiona made out. Then, I passionately kissed Blasian for a minute. Blasian looked exhausted from the beating her pussy had been taking all night. I started kissing Fiona while Blasian sat in the chair next to us catching her breath.

I took another drink of champagne, put the bottle down, and threw Fiona towards the glass. I was still riled up from fucking Blasian and needed to cum hard. I lifted Fiona up, pinning her back against the window. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist while I put my hard black rod into her beautifully sweet, wet pink pussy.

Fiona wanted it hard and nasty. I railed her pussy hard, slamming her with every ounce of energy. Fiona started matching me thrust for thrust, creating a muscular symmetry of white on black flesh. Her juices dripped down our legs. Her words were forceful and shameless.

I grabbed her hair and threw her head back. She laughed and grunted. She spit in my face, slapped me, and said to fuck her harder. The beast in me broke free. I slammed her hard against the glass, not letting her move, forcing my cock all the way inside her. As she screamed, I repeated my movement. "MORE!!!" she screamed, digging her nails into my back as I fucked her animalistically.

I looked over at Blasian. She had her legs spread and was playing with herself, making herself cum while she watched me fuck Fiona with reckless abandon. Blasian looked so good, with sweat dripping down her medium brown skin, hair tossed out of place; the sweetest Essence of sex.

"SHOOT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME!! I WANT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME!! GIVE IT TO ME!!" Fiona demanded. I kept fucking her, teasing her, saying she didn't deserve it. She kept demanding it, angrily telling me again to give her my creamy goodness inside her pussy. I only kept fucking her harder. She took all of my thrusts and demanded more. I kept giving her my all, making her finally cum. She threw herself forward and grabbed me, her body shaking. As her body convulsed with pleasure, she bit my shoulder hard. Soon after, I shot my load hard inside of her. Her pussy muscles milked my cock like a vacuum cleaner, taking all of my juice.

There's much more to this night but that was one hell of a start to it.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

NYE Part 4- Triple Bill

Moga's threesome
Moga's threesome (Photo credit: Mike Burns)
Fiona took off the strap on. I took her and flipped her onto the bed onto her hands and knees. I split her legs apart and inserted my cock into her pussy. DAMN!! She was tight. Her pussy grabbed hold of my cock and wouldn't let go. I rammed Fiona hard, built up from watching her fucking Blasian.

Fiona screamed and yelled as my cock drove deeper and deeper into her. Blasian knelt on the bed next to me, talking dirty"Fuck the bitch. Fuck her hard. Harder harder. Ram that little pussy, baby." I became an animal, turned on by her talk. I grunted with each thrust. Suddenly, I felt it. "I'm gonna cum" I screamed. "Pull out and cum on her ass" Blasian said. I pulled out and jerked my cock a few times and screamed as shot after shot of cum went all over Fiona's ass. Blasian bent over Fiona's ass and licked all of my cum off of Fiona's ass. Then, she and Fiona kissed, swapping my cum in their mouths.

I sat back on the bed, enjoying the nastiness of the two ladies I was lucky enough to be playing with that night. Blasian crawled over to me on her hands and knees and planted her face on my cock. Slowly, she started stroking and sucking it, swirling her tongue around the head, exploring every curve of it. Suddenly, she swallowed my cock all the way, hands free, stuck her tongue out and licked my balls; continuing this motion several times. Fuck, that was incredible.

Fiona recovered from my fucking and slid herself on her back under Blasian, until her face was between Blasian's legs. Fiona quickly started to dance her tongue on Blasian's pussy lips and clit, adjusting her pattern so that Blasian could have maximum enjoyment while she sucked my cock. Blasian loved it. She alternated between sucking and stroking my cock quickly. She moaned as she stroked my cock, so caught up in Fiona's pussy eating skills.

Blasian was beginning to cum. Her body started shaking as she got closer. I shoved my cock deep into her throat as her wave finally overtook her. She bit down hard as Fiona's objective was reached. I grabbed Blasian's head and forced it in tighter, wanting to feel her body crash upon her wave. Blasian dragged her teeth on my cock as she came. Watching Blasian cum almost made me cum but we were just getting started, it was almost midnight, and it was my turn to live out a fantasy.....
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