Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Parking Garage

Parking garageImage via WikipediaThe other day, I was walking by a multistory parking garage in the mid 50s on the west side, right on the corner of 8th Ave. It's the one that's on the same block as the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Late Night With David Letterman is filmed. I smiled as I went by because it reminded me of a little adventure that I had there some years ago.

There was a short brunette who I was going out with at the time. We had driven her car into Manhattan. At that time, I had lived on the outskirts of New York City, on the far edges of Queens. Even though it was still part of NYC, it was so far out that on weekends, it would take over 2 hours by subway just to get home. Therefore, you really needed a car if you wanted to get home at a decent hour. Brunette lived in the same basic area as I did so it wasn't too bad a drive. At least, she didn't live in a completely different direction.

Anyway, we went into the city (as Manhattan gets called, even by people who live in NYC) for some dinner and clubbing. After many hours of festivities (especially the dirty dancing and body grabbing in the club), we headed back to the car. We had parked up on a higher floor in the hopes that people would park lower and maybe leave our car alone and not park next to it, smashing it, etc. Hey, these things are important. I don't need to tell you car owners about coming back and seeing your car with dents on it from other cars parked next to you.

As we walked to the car in the stairwell, there were many stops in order to kiss and feel under clothing. I knew where this was heading. I was just trying to figure out if we were going to last until we got back to my place. The answer was no. "Let's fuck by the car. I can't wait until later" Brunette said as she hungrily kissed me. I was down with that so up we continued to the car.

Now, it was winter so we both had on long jackets: perfect for discreet outdoor fucking. Plus, I had parked next to a wall so that at least one side of the car wouldn't get slammed. Also, there was a wide support beam right next to the car, which would block any security cameras that were installed (this was just before 9/11 so security cameras weren't as popular then as they are these days).

Brunete cozied up next to me, undid my pants, and yanked down my pants. Thanks to her teasing and taunting all night, my cock was already pretty harrd. She stroked it to complete the job she started earlier. I pulled Brunette's panties down, took them off of her, and pocketed them. Then, I put her on the hood of the car, spread her legs, and put my head between her legs.

Brunette started moaning lightly as my tongue danced across her pussy lips. I started famishly eating her, each lick craving more of her. Brunette didn't want too much of my tongue. She wanted my cock. "Just fuck me now" she said. I didn't need to be told twice. I got up, pulled her towards me, and inserted myself into her. "Fuck me hard" she screamed as she drunkenly moved her hips towards me; trying hard to fuck me. However, she was in a bad position at the time. I adjusted my hips and plowed in. She and I started ramming each other, she being the drunk one because I knew I was going to be driving back. I took full advantage of her. In no time, we both came; both of us knowing it was just a quickie and that we'd be seriously fucking once we got home.  "Thanks for helping me take that one off my bucket list" she said as we gathered ourselves and got into the car. "I've always wanted to have sex in a parking garage".

I noticed as I walked by the other day that they've made changes to the garage. Gone are the days when you could just drive in and out. Now, you drive in and they have a valet park your car with an elevator system. That's too bad. If those garage walls could talk, I wonder what other stories they could tell, especially since it was right next to the old Studio 54 club?
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

English: Photo taken by Bobak Ha'Eri. Taken Ju...
English: Photo taken by Bobak Ha'Eri. Taken July 16, 2001. Please observe license and properly cite in use outside Wikipedia. Category:Images of Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there. I'll be visiting mine for a few days. Then, it's off to Los Angeles for the next 3 weeks. There better not be any earthquakes, mudslides, forest fire, or whatever else goes on out there while I'm out there.

Since I'll be working on the project with Amber's company, I've decided to rent a house in Santa Monica. I can't wait. It's within walking distance of the pier and has a hot tub. It's close to where I'll be working with Amber so we'll see what happens. Hopefully, things will go well on all fronts. Not to fear, though. There are plenty of posts ready to drop every morning for you to enjoy while I'm away. I just won't have time to write while I'm out there but I'll be checking into social media so say hi if you'd like. Enjoy.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Riding the Wave

 "I want you to fuck me deep" Columbiana said as she lay naked on her back. She was on a stopover and needed to be serviced. Who am I to deny a lady? My hard naked body was already sweaty from our session and I was ready to go in for the kill.

I decided she needed some deep grinding. I got behind her with her body still laying on her stomach. I split her legs apart and slowly arched her round ass off the bed just a little. I just wanted her pussy off the bed just enough so that my rock hard cock could attack. I drew my hips closer to her & slowly entered her pussy from behind, using her ass as a cushion. She moaned as I pushed it in deeper and deeper. She adjusted her hips as my flesh probe slid in until I was balls deep.

I slowly, forcibly thrusted myself into her, then pulled out almost all the way. Then I thrusted myself in again and again. As I did, I maneuvered my hips and ground into her until my balls were almost into her pussy. My force pleased her. She announced each stroke with a moan and a scream. I lay almost on top of her as I penetrated her. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. My mouth uttered nasty thoughts into her ear.

I wanted her to feel my force. I wanted it so deep inside her. I wanted my cock to rip the deep portions of her insides out while I drained my cum inside of her. Over and over again, my meat had its way with her pussy. Her breath became shorter, gasping for air, grabbing for oxygen futilely. Her hands stretched out for something strong to hold onto. A sheet, a pillow, the headboard, anything so that she could stabilize herself for her orgasm. It was of no use.

I had her right where I wanted her. I wanted her to feel the loss of control over her body. I wanted her pleasure to take control over what she thought a good girl should do. Silly woman. Didn't she already know it was a losing battle on her part.

Her body slowly built up her eruption. Little tremors coursed through her skin; each one stronger than the last. Her arms flailed away. Her leg muscles pulsed with each shock her nervous system gave it. Interior electrodes were afire as my black cock hit its mark time and time again. Finally, her body couldn't take any more and she erupted in an orgasmic tsunami. Each wave was bigger and bigger until finally they slowed down to mere ripples. Her energy spent, she collapsed underneath me. My job done, I allowed myself the pleasure of cumming and exploded inside of her.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Columbiana Returns

Columbiana is back flying the Bogota to New York City route again. It had been quite some time since I had seen here because she had to change her route in order to cover for somebody. Now that she's back flying her normal route, it'll mean more time together again. It's great because she's an amazing fuck. I was reminded of that the other day.

Columbiana told me to meet her at the hotel room. When I knocked on the door, I could hear the shower running. She came to answer the door in a towel. "I didn't expect you so soon" she said as we kissed each other passionately. "You can go finish up" I said as I closed the door. "OK, I'll only be a few more minutes" she said as she broke away and returned back to the shower.

Now, if you know me by now, you know that I never pass up an opportunity. As she continued with her shower, I got undressed and went into the bathroom. I pulled back the curtain to find her smiling, waiting for me. "I figured you couldn't wait" she said. "Well, someone has to soap your back" I said, grabbing the soap and washcloth. I stepped into the shower and started washing her back slowly.

My hands studied her body like a sculpturist. Every curve was traced over, memories came flooding back. She shifted with each touch. I started kissing her everywhere; from shoulder to shoulder, then downward. I knelt down and let the water rush over her. I pushed her legs slightly apart and started worshiping her ass like a demigod. I kissed every inch of her roundness, followed by licking every spot. My tongue invaded her crack as I licked her asshole and stuck my tongue in and out of it. 

Columbiana cooed and moaned. "Mmmm...I missed this" and started playing with her clit while I repeatedly smacked her ass while tonguing her hole. After a few minutes, Columbiana said "fuck my ass, baby. I need it. Fuck me up the ass". My cock was already good to go, since worshiping her ass always gets me hard. I stood up and spread her legs like I was a cop doing a strip search. "Spread your ass cheeks for me, baby" I commanded while I gave my rod a few good strokes, getting it ready for the punishment it was about to inflict. Columbiana put her hands on her ass and spread it wide. 

I gave my cock a couple more strokes, stepped closer behind her, and slowly pushed my cock inward, letting her get used to its size. Columbiana moaned louder with each inch inserted into her. When I was finally all the way in, I took both of her wrists and put them over her head. Then, I arched her back forward more and started pounding her. In and out, in and out, in and out I kept going. I grunted with every thrust. Columbiana screamed with every thrust "yes! Yes! Yes! Gimme more!" I increased my rhythm, watching her body heave forward and backwards as I jackhammered her ass. 

As my right hand held her wrists to the shower wall, I reached my left hand around her leg and played with her clit. That sent her soaring, as she immediately came. I kept going, not content to let my prize get away without giving her more. I inserted first one finger into her pussy, then two, then three as I continued fucking her ass. Columbiana moaned and shifted her body in order to accept my gifts between her legs. I released my grip on her wrists, grabbed her hair, and yanked her head backwards. In no time at all, she came again. 

I wasn't finished, though. It was my turn to cum. I thrusted harder and faster. The water beaded down our bodies, mixing with the juices that were coming out of Columbiana's legs. She erupted a couple more times. Then, I felt a tremor beginning to erupt. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" I screamed as my cock unleashed a steady stream into Columbiana's ass. I collapsed onto her back, steadying myself as my cum filled her with each involuntary jolt. "Damn, I forgot how good you were" she said breathlessly as my bucking simmered down. "Who said we were done, baby?" I said as I pulled out of her. Columbiana turned around towards me and bent down. She proceeded to lick my cock clean, swallowing the leftover cum. Then, we turned off the shower and went to the hotel bedroom for some more fucking and sucking. I'm really glad she's back flying that route again.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 4

I carried Amber to the bed. City lights shined through the window, a delicate dance of multiple colors illuminating our bodies. I threw Amber down on the bed. She laughed, then gasped and moaned as I get between her legs and continued my quest to make her cum again.

I stuck two fingers into her pussy and started working them forward and back. While my fingers had their way, my tongue continued the pressure on her clit. She bucked and moaned wildly, getting crazier and crazier. After only a few minutes, she came wildly again.

As she tried catching her breath, I got up and lay on top of her. My hard cock panted itself on top of her pussy. I started grinding it on top of her, letting her feel how much was going to go inside of her. "Do you want it?" I whispered. "Yes". "Tell me you want it. Beg me to put it inside you" I demanded. "God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want your cock inside me. I want your cum inside me. Give me your cock. Please. Please. Please, give it to me".

I caressed her hair and kissed her as she sobbed her last sonic whimpering of imploring. I grabbed my cock, split apart Amber's legs, and began feeding it inside of her. I watched her reaction as it went inside of her. She gasped. Her head tilted back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Oh, fuck, that's so huge. Put it in me more. Fill me up, baby." I kept putting it in all the way. Then, I pulled out, positioned my hips, grabbed her shoulders for leverage, then started ramming her.

Every thrust felt so incredible. She moaned an screamed with every thrust. "Don't stop!!" she kept screaming as her legs wrapped around mine. I looked deep into her eyes. Her painful pleasure reaction was all that I needed to give her the full treatment. I started going into overdrive, feeling every muscle inside her contract with each movement.

I gazed at this wonder who I completely corrupted. I felt guilty for the first time in my life. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because this one was special. I really caught feelings for her. Never fall in love with a married woman. I've told myself that again and again. Yet, here I was, fucking a goddess, making her feel like she hadn't felt in a long time. I kept my thoughts to myself and pressed on.

After she came a couple more times, it was my turn to cum. I told her I was cumming and began to pull out of her in order to cum on her chest. "No, cum inside me. I want you to cum inside me. Please. I want to feel it". I was dumbstruck and for a second, I was scared. My feelings for her were different that any of the other women I'd fucked recently and truth is, I wanted to cum inside her.

I fucked her harder and built up my speed. Suddenly, I lost all control and grunted and screamed. I felt my cum shoot out and begin to fill her up as my screams pierced the night air. I continued thrusting until I was completely empty. Then, I collapsed completely sweaty onto Amber's body. I laid there catching my breath, holding her body, slowly caressing and kissing her. The night wasn't done but I broke her. Thing was, perhaps she broke me, too.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 3

Lovers passionately kissing in a park
Lovers passionately kissing in a park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I watched as Amber quietly wrestled with her inner thoughts. I was her Satan, tempting her,  urging her to jump off that cliff. She thought and thought and thought, still facing the door. "I shouldn't be here" she kept muttering over and over. Then, her hand let go of the door. She watched as the door closed. The sound of the lock startled her. She jumped up for a second, then calmed down, closed her eyes, dropped the goodie bag that she still had in her other hand, and waited. She didn't have to wait long for my response.

I walked back over to her. Brushing away her hair again, I started kissing and nibbling her ears and neck while my hands started traveling up and down her body slowly. Every move was deliberate,calculated to seduce her step by step. I reached around and started caressing her breasts through her clothes. Amber started moaning, then turned her head slightly. I bent down and started kissing her lips while still fondling her breasts. Her lips were hungry, like they hadn't been kissed in forever.

My cock started growing until all 8 inches were rock hard. No towel was going to keep it caged up at this point so I quickly undid the towel and let it hit the floor. Then, my hands went back to Amber's breast. With two moves, they undid the buttons on her business jacket. I broke our kissing long enough to work the jacket off of Amber's body. It tumbled to the ground and covered her goodie bag.

I took Amber's hand and put it onto my cock. "Fuck, it's huge" she said. "Stroke it. It's yours tonight. Do whatever you want with it," I whispered. "Oh fuck, I want it" she whispered and started stroking her hand up and down my pipe. Her hands, so warm to the touch, started timidly but then found their lustful confidence and started playing harder and harder with my cock.

I was getting heated up by Amber's stroking so I upped the ante. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and pulled it over her body, tossing it to another part of the room. Then, I started working my way down her back, kissing and tasting her sweat and perfume every step of the way. My lips came upon the zipper on the back of her skirt. I took it in my teeth and pulled it down, loosening the skirt. Then, my hands pulled it down around her legs, exposing her black lace thong.

I My teeth took her thong and grabbed it downwards until it fell around her ankles. Then, I started up her legs with my lips, kissing her muscles while she moaned and giggled. At last, I reached my target. I started kissing her round ass, then wedged her legs apart slightly so that I could taste her wetness. I licked the crack of her ass repeatedly, lightly spanking her ass all the while. Then, I really went to work.

I positioned myself under her so that my mouth was between her legs. I started licking her pussy. Amber looked down and moved her legs so that they were around my shoulders. My mouth went full steam ahead, tasting and working her clit. Amber started grinding my face with her hips. "Oh shit! Oh fuck!" she said over and over again. She rode my face, begging it to go faster and faster. My tongue penetrated her, sucking up her juices that were streaming down my face.

After what seemed like forever, Amber's moans and swearing got louder and louder. She started grabbing my head tighter and tighter, grinding it harder into her. Her legs started to lose all sense of balance. I grabbed her hips to steady her and worked my tongue faster.

Finally, she erupted. Her orgasm was furious, like a volcano that had its molten lava built up, then erupted with glorious splendor. She started flailing and screaming. Her hands tried grabbing for the door to hold onto something but to no avail. She found slippery Formica, slapping it each time as she did.

Once I felt she was done, I crawled out from underneath her, working my way between her and the door. She breathed heavily, gasping for air. I kissed her long and hard. Then, I reached down, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up. Amber hopped on and crossed her legs around my body for supposed, and kept kissing me passionately. I carried her to the bedroom. Satan was done with her temptation yet....

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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 2

Amber (Photo credit: Dance Photographer - Brendan Lally)
I put down my champagne and picked up the phone. It was Amber. "Hi. I was wondering if I could stop up and pick up my bag?" "Sure", I said "but I can always just give it to you tomorrow". "No, that's ok. I'm in the neighborhood". "Really? Where are you?" "Downstairs, right outside the building. Can I come up?" " "OK. Let me ring you in".

Almost as soon as I put down the phone, the front bell rang. I got up, still in the towel I was relaxing in and looked in the camera. Amber was still in her black business skirt and jacket. "Come on up" I answered. "1501". I only had about a minute or so to throw on some clothes but that wasn't enough time. I decided to keep my towel on and throw on some cologne. Just as I was finishing that, there was a knock on my door.

I grabbed Amber's goodie bag and answered the door. Amber stood there a little shocked as I stood there in my towel. She quickly regained her composure. "Hi. Here you go" I said as I handed her the bag. "Thanks" she said as she took the bag. She quickly looked past me into the condo. "Wow. Nice place. Mind if I take a look?" "Be my guest" I said and stood to the side while she walked by.

My eyes scanned her perfect body as she glided past me, marvelling at the size of the condo. She looked out the living room windows. "Wow, that's a great view of the city. Oh and you have a balcony, too?" "Yup. It even has a hot tub" I said proudly.

Then, I decided to search out her reason for coming over. "Care to take a dip?" She thought about it for a second or two, as if she were fighting something. "No, I better not. This was a bad idea. I should go" and with that, she turned around, picking up her pace as she hurried to the door.

As she walked towards the door, thoughts ran through my head: should I let her go, asked her to stay, not push thing, save things for another time? I decided to do the one thing that came naturally to me. As she reached for the door to turn the handle, I yelled "STOP!!!!"

She stood facing the door, transfixed. I walked up behind her, almost touching her but close enough so that she could feel my breath upon her. "Why did you come here tonight? You know I was going to give you the bag tomorrow so why are you really here?" I already knew the answer. She wanted to take our flirting futher but opted out at the last second. I just wanted to hear her admit it.

"I...I don't know why. I mean, I do...I just...." Her voice trailed off as emotions overcame her and she started crying. I got behind her, brushing her hair away from her neck, bent over and whispered in her ear. "'s ok. I know why you're here. It's ok. I know what you're going through. Your man neglects you. He goes around town drunk, fucking other women. You feel humiliated and used so you use me to feel special again."

She protested slightly between the sobs. "No, I didn't mean to use you. It's...just that I have these feelings for you and I just want to feel wanted by someone who wants me. This was a big mistake. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing. I shouldn't be here..."

"Hey, it's ok. I do want you. I have feelings for you, too. You're bright, beautiful, extremely sexy, and if a man can't see that, then he's not a man, in my book. If you want to stay, you can stay. I can keep things quiet and we can work something out. If you want to leave, though, I won't stop you. We can keep things professional and work as if none of this happened. I'm willing to do either at this point because I want to see you happy, in any way I can. The choice is yours."

With that, I put her hand on the doorknob and turned it, opening up the door. Then, with the door now wide open, I stepped back a few paces so that she was facing the hallway to the elevator alone and without any pressure. I then watched and waited....
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 1

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Conferences. The word alone strike fear into my heart: fear of boredom. Honestly, i''ve never learned anything new at them. I usually go to conduct business and to make new connections. Such was the case a couple weeks ago.

I received a few new opportunities for work with some web sites, along with a few potential connections. However, the big one, the one that will keep my company afloat and my people paid well, was finalized with the major web site that Amber works for.

We decided to meet to finalize the contract late during the first day. We took a side meeting room in the conference hotel. It was myself, my lawyer (I always bring my lawyer along when dealing with contracts. It saves a lot of grief down the road), Amber, her boss, and their lawyer.

My lawyer and I looked over the contract, which was fine and no problems. I just took a while longer to look it over so that I could look at Amber. She had on a black blazer that had a medium cut neckline with a red silk blouse, pearl necklace, and a black business skirt that was medium length but was enough to show off her legs.

I couldn't help but stare. She caught me a few times, smiled, and turned away, trying to keep things professional. Finally, I couldn't delay the proceedings any longer (despite the view),  took pen to paper, and signed the contract.

After the signing, we all decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. It was still relatively early in the evening so I figured why not. Besides, I was hungry. I grabbed my work bag and one of those goodie bags you always get at these conferences. I held Amber's goodie bag since she was overwhelmed with bags and we all made our way to the restaurant.

We made small talk and talked very little business. Amber made a point to talk up her husband for her troops. Everything was kept very professional. The food was pretty good, too. We had lots of pasta and red wine. We all toasted to our good fortune.

After dinner, the lawyers went off to do whatever lawyers do at night. I imagined it had something to do with biting the heads off of little children (actually, I really like my lawyer). Amber and her boss went back to their hotel. I told them I was going back to my condo to shower and go out somewhere. I grabbed my bags and in the process, I accidentally took Amber's goodie bags along with mine.

When I got back to the condo, I realized my mistake. I texted her quickly to let her know I had it and that I would give it to her at the conference in the morning. If my brain were operating properly, I would've told her to come and get it. Honestly, though, I just wanted to get into the shower. Those conferences take a toll on you sometimes and it definitely did to me.

I took off my suit, hopped in the shower, and let the warm water wash the day away. After my shower, I wrapped my towel around me, got a bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator, poured myself a glass, and watched the lights come up on the Strip. Dusk in Las Vegas is always beautiful. The buildings all sparkle like jewels in the desert. That's one of the allures of being in Vegas. As I was staring out at the Strip, my solitude was interrupted by my phone ringing.....
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why To Not Get Involved With Married Women

Actually, that's a trick statement. To me, there isn't a bad reason. I know that women fall for married men a lot or at least, men with girlfriends. They hope sometimes that the man will leave their wives and girlfriends for them.

I, on the other hand, hold no such problem in my heart. When I'm with a married woman, it's because I enjoy their company but nothing more. I never hold out hope that they'll leave their husbands or boyfriends for me. I know my place. I'm there strictly for their pleasure. I'm there to fulfill that need that's missing in their lives; be it sex or someone to listen to their problems. I'm there because their man has a small cock or maybe they have a decent sized cock but they don't know how to use it.

A lot of the time I'm there because their husbands don't pay attention to their women. The husbands take their women for granted. They might shower them with money but they don't shower them with love, affection, a shoulder to cry on, good conversation, none of that. I pay attention to them, for as long as they want me around. There's no time limit to being with someone this way, as far as I'm concerned. It could be weeks; it could be years. To put a limit on it and say "I'm only going to leave this person in a month or year because..." is not right to me. Relationships, be it matters of  the heart or otherwise, ebb and flow like the ocean waves. This is not to say that I haven't thought about what ifs and such. I'm just more practical than that. 
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Better To Give

I've often thought that when it comes to sex, it is much better to give than to receive. Here's an example.

Blasian and I were in a 69 not too long ago. We're both pretty competitive in bed. Each one of us were trying to get the over one to cum first. Blasian was in rare form so I knew I had to be on my A game. Blasian lubed up my cock and went to work, stroking and licking the shaft and sucking and licking the head. After a while, she started deepthroating it, licking my balls. I could feel the inner rumblings of my cum starting so I knew I was in danger of losing this game.

I went to work licking her pussy, tonguing it in and out, getting her warmed up. I smacked her ass hard and licked the crack of her ass, tonguing it after a while. I was still in danger of losing but that's when Blasian made a fatal mistake. She stopped sucking my cock, lifted my legs, and started licking and tonguing my ass. Normally, this would be perfect. However, in this game, it let my eruption wait for a few minutes; critical minutes that let me go in for the kill.

I stuck a finger into Blasian's ass and another one in her pussy, then started licking and sucking Blasian's clit. She stopped working on me, lifted up her head, arched her back, and started moaning and bucking wildly. That's when I knew I had her. I kept working her, holding down her waist with my other arm so she couldn't escape. After a few minutes, she stiffened up and started convulsing. I won.

I still needed mine so after she collapsed onto her side, I rolled her over onto her back, grabbed my cock, and started stroking it, bringing it to a boil right over her face. "Open up your fucking mouth" I commanded. Blasian's lips parted and her tongue got ready. I shot a couple loads into Blasian's mouth, then shot the rest onto her breasts, watching it drip down her chocolate mounds. Blasian swallowed my cum, took her fingers, and massaged the rest of my cum onto her breasts. I was the victor that time. She got her revenge later, though.
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