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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 2

Fiona came over to me. I was still seated in the chair, completely dressed in my suit and my hands were still handcuffed. With a wicked grin, Fiona undid my belt and yanked down my pants. My cock sprang out. "Mmmmm" Fiona said.  "I need this in my mouth". Fiona licked her lips, spat on my cock, and started stroking it hard and fast. Then, cradling my balls, she started licking and sucking it. As she deep throated me, her throat muscles massaged my shaft, taking all 8 inches with ease. I started moaning and leaned my head back, completely powerless to do anything but enjoy her skills.

Blasian watched this for a while. Then, she got jealous and decided that she wanted to join in the fun. She came over and undid my handcuffs. Then, Blasian positioned one leg onto the back of the chair, put her pussy onto my face, grabbed my head, and forced it into her waiting pussy. She was still wet from the pounding Fiona gave her and her juices were still flowing. While Blasian started grinding her pussy into my face, my hands started getting occupied. My life hand reached up and cradled Blasian's ass, slowly splitting the crack of her ass apart so that I could work a finger into her ass.

While my left hand was busy pleasing Blasian's ass, my right hand reached down and grabbed Fiona's hair. I alternated between caressing her hair and forcing her head further down onto my shaft. I needed to cum but I wanted to get Blasian off first. I concentrated on Blasian's pussy, working my tongue between her clit, her lips, and going inside of her. Blasian grinded even harder, moaning louder as I went. I knew she was close so I put extra effort into it until she came all over my face.

While Blasian was coming down off another orgasm, I went back to grabbing Fiona's head. I pumped her head up and down my sheft, wanting her to take my cum in her mouth. Finally, I could feel my lava rise from my volcano. Jerking my hips up and down, I held Fiona's head down onto my cock as I shot a huge load into Fiona's mouth. Good girl that Fiona is, she took it all like a vacuum cleaner and slurped my cum all up. Fiona and Blasian weren't done with me, though....
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