Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 1

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Conferences. The word alone strike fear into my heart: fear of boredom. Honestly, i''ve never learned anything new at them. I usually go to conduct business and to make new connections. Such was the case a couple weeks ago.

I received a few new opportunities for work with some web sites, along with a few potential connections. However, the big one, the one that will keep my company afloat and my people paid well, was finalized with the major web site that Amber works for.

We decided to meet to finalize the contract late during the first day. We took a side meeting room in the conference hotel. It was myself, my lawyer (I always bring my lawyer along when dealing with contracts. It saves a lot of grief down the road), Amber, her boss, and their lawyer.

My lawyer and I looked over the contract, which was fine and no problems. I just took a while longer to look it over so that I could look at Amber. She had on a black blazer that had a medium cut neckline with a red silk blouse, pearl necklace, and a black business skirt that was medium length but was enough to show off her legs.

I couldn't help but stare. She caught me a few times, smiled, and turned away, trying to keep things professional. Finally, I couldn't delay the proceedings any longer (despite the view),  took pen to paper, and signed the contract.

After the signing, we all decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. It was still relatively early in the evening so I figured why not. Besides, I was hungry. I grabbed my work bag and one of those goodie bags you always get at these conferences. I held Amber's goodie bag since she was overwhelmed with bags and we all made our way to the restaurant.

We made small talk and talked very little business. Amber made a point to talk up her husband for her troops. Everything was kept very professional. The food was pretty good, too. We had lots of pasta and red wine. We all toasted to our good fortune.

After dinner, the lawyers went off to do whatever lawyers do at night. I imagined it had something to do with biting the heads off of little children (actually, I really like my lawyer). Amber and her boss went back to their hotel. I told them I was going back to my condo to shower and go out somewhere. I grabbed my bags and in the process, I accidentally took Amber's goodie bags along with mine.

When I got back to the condo, I realized my mistake. I texted her quickly to let her know I had it and that I would give it to her at the conference in the morning. If my brain were operating properly, I would've told her to come and get it. Honestly, though, I just wanted to get into the shower. Those conferences take a toll on you sometimes and it definitely did to me.

I took off my suit, hopped in the shower, and let the warm water wash the day away. After my shower, I wrapped my towel around me, got a bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator, poured myself a glass, and watched the lights come up on the Strip. Dusk in Las Vegas is always beautiful. The buildings all sparkle like jewels in the desert. That's one of the allures of being in Vegas. As I was staring out at the Strip, my solitude was interrupted by my phone ringing.....
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