Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Better To Give

I've often thought that when it comes to sex, it is much better to give than to receive. Here's an example.

Blasian and I were in a 69 not too long ago. We're both pretty competitive in bed. Each one of us were trying to get the over one to cum first. Blasian was in rare form so I knew I had to be on my A game. Blasian lubed up my cock and went to work, stroking and licking the shaft and sucking and licking the head. After a while, she started deepthroating it, licking my balls. I could feel the inner rumblings of my cum starting so I knew I was in danger of losing this game.

I went to work licking her pussy, tonguing it in and out, getting her warmed up. I smacked her ass hard and licked the crack of her ass, tonguing it after a while. I was still in danger of losing but that's when Blasian made a fatal mistake. She stopped sucking my cock, lifted my legs, and started licking and tonguing my ass. Normally, this would be perfect. However, in this game, it let my eruption wait for a few minutes; critical minutes that let me go in for the kill.

I stuck a finger into Blasian's ass and another one in her pussy, then started licking and sucking Blasian's clit. She stopped working on me, lifted up her head, arched her back, and started moaning and bucking wildly. That's when I knew I had her. I kept working her, holding down her waist with my other arm so she couldn't escape. After a few minutes, she stiffened up and started convulsing. I won.

I still needed mine so after she collapsed onto her side, I rolled her over onto her back, grabbed my cock, and started stroking it, bringing it to a boil right over her face. "Open up your fucking mouth" I commanded. Blasian's lips parted and her tongue got ready. I shot a couple loads into Blasian's mouth, then shot the rest onto her breasts, watching it drip down her chocolate mounds. Blasian swallowed my cum, took her fingers, and massaged the rest of my cum onto her breasts. I was the victor that time. She got her revenge later, though.
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