Monday, May 5, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 2

Amber (Photo credit: Dance Photographer - Brendan Lally)
I put down my champagne and picked up the phone. It was Amber. "Hi. I was wondering if I could stop up and pick up my bag?" "Sure", I said "but I can always just give it to you tomorrow". "No, that's ok. I'm in the neighborhood". "Really? Where are you?" "Downstairs, right outside the building. Can I come up?" " "OK. Let me ring you in".

Almost as soon as I put down the phone, the front bell rang. I got up, still in the towel I was relaxing in and looked in the camera. Amber was still in her black business skirt and jacket. "Come on up" I answered. "1501". I only had about a minute or so to throw on some clothes but that wasn't enough time. I decided to keep my towel on and throw on some cologne. Just as I was finishing that, there was a knock on my door.

I grabbed Amber's goodie bag and answered the door. Amber stood there a little shocked as I stood there in my towel. She quickly regained her composure. "Hi. Here you go" I said as I handed her the bag. "Thanks" she said as she took the bag. She quickly looked past me into the condo. "Wow. Nice place. Mind if I take a look?" "Be my guest" I said and stood to the side while she walked by.

My eyes scanned her perfect body as she glided past me, marvelling at the size of the condo. She looked out the living room windows. "Wow, that's a great view of the city. Oh and you have a balcony, too?" "Yup. It even has a hot tub" I said proudly.

Then, I decided to search out her reason for coming over. "Care to take a dip?" She thought about it for a second or two, as if she were fighting something. "No, I better not. This was a bad idea. I should go" and with that, she turned around, picking up her pace as she hurried to the door.

As she walked towards the door, thoughts ran through my head: should I let her go, asked her to stay, not push thing, save things for another time? I decided to do the one thing that came naturally to me. As she reached for the door to turn the handle, I yelled "STOP!!!!"

She stood facing the door, transfixed. I walked up behind her, almost touching her but close enough so that she could feel my breath upon her. "Why did you come here tonight? You know I was going to give you the bag tomorrow so why are you really here?" I already knew the answer. She wanted to take our flirting futher but opted out at the last second. I just wanted to hear her admit it.

"I...I don't know why. I mean, I do...I just...." Her voice trailed off as emotions overcame her and she started crying. I got behind her, brushing her hair away from her neck, bent over and whispered in her ear. "'s ok. I know why you're here. It's ok. I know what you're going through. Your man neglects you. He goes around town drunk, fucking other women. You feel humiliated and used so you use me to feel special again."

She protested slightly between the sobs. "No, I didn't mean to use you. It's...just that I have these feelings for you and I just want to feel wanted by someone who wants me. This was a big mistake. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing. I shouldn't be here..."

"Hey, it's ok. I do want you. I have feelings for you, too. You're bright, beautiful, extremely sexy, and if a man can't see that, then he's not a man, in my book. If you want to stay, you can stay. I can keep things quiet and we can work something out. If you want to leave, though, I won't stop you. We can keep things professional and work as if none of this happened. I'm willing to do either at this point because I want to see you happy, in any way I can. The choice is yours."

With that, I put her hand on the doorknob and turned it, opening up the door. Then, with the door now wide open, I stepped back a few paces so that she was facing the hallway to the elevator alone and without any pressure. I then watched and waited....
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