Friday, May 9, 2014

Columbiana Returns

Columbiana is back flying the Bogota to New York City route again. It had been quite some time since I had seen here because she had to change her route in order to cover for somebody. Now that she's back flying her normal route, it'll mean more time together again. It's great because she's an amazing fuck. I was reminded of that the other day.

Columbiana told me to meet her at the hotel room. When I knocked on the door, I could hear the shower running. She came to answer the door in a towel. "I didn't expect you so soon" she said as we kissed each other passionately. "You can go finish up" I said as I closed the door. "OK, I'll only be a few more minutes" she said as she broke away and returned back to the shower.

Now, if you know me by now, you know that I never pass up an opportunity. As she continued with her shower, I got undressed and went into the bathroom. I pulled back the curtain to find her smiling, waiting for me. "I figured you couldn't wait" she said. "Well, someone has to soap your back" I said, grabbing the soap and washcloth. I stepped into the shower and started washing her back slowly.

My hands studied her body like a sculpturist. Every curve was traced over, memories came flooding back. She shifted with each touch. I started kissing her everywhere; from shoulder to shoulder, then downward. I knelt down and let the water rush over her. I pushed her legs slightly apart and started worshiping her ass like a demigod. I kissed every inch of her roundness, followed by licking every spot. My tongue invaded her crack as I licked her asshole and stuck my tongue in and out of it. 

Columbiana cooed and moaned. "Mmmm...I missed this" and started playing with her clit while I repeatedly smacked her ass while tonguing her hole. After a few minutes, Columbiana said "fuck my ass, baby. I need it. Fuck me up the ass". My cock was already good to go, since worshiping her ass always gets me hard. I stood up and spread her legs like I was a cop doing a strip search. "Spread your ass cheeks for me, baby" I commanded while I gave my rod a few good strokes, getting it ready for the punishment it was about to inflict. Columbiana put her hands on her ass and spread it wide. 

I gave my cock a couple more strokes, stepped closer behind her, and slowly pushed my cock inward, letting her get used to its size. Columbiana moaned louder with each inch inserted into her. When I was finally all the way in, I took both of her wrists and put them over her head. Then, I arched her back forward more and started pounding her. In and out, in and out, in and out I kept going. I grunted with every thrust. Columbiana screamed with every thrust "yes! Yes! Yes! Gimme more!" I increased my rhythm, watching her body heave forward and backwards as I jackhammered her ass. 

As my right hand held her wrists to the shower wall, I reached my left hand around her leg and played with her clit. That sent her soaring, as she immediately came. I kept going, not content to let my prize get away without giving her more. I inserted first one finger into her pussy, then two, then three as I continued fucking her ass. Columbiana moaned and shifted her body in order to accept my gifts between her legs. I released my grip on her wrists, grabbed her hair, and yanked her head backwards. In no time at all, she came again. 

I wasn't finished, though. It was my turn to cum. I thrusted harder and faster. The water beaded down our bodies, mixing with the juices that were coming out of Columbiana's legs. She erupted a couple more times. Then, I felt a tremor beginning to erupt. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" I screamed as my cock unleashed a steady stream into Columbiana's ass. I collapsed onto her back, steadying myself as my cum filled her with each involuntary jolt. "Damn, I forgot how good you were" she said breathlessly as my bucking simmered down. "Who said we were done, baby?" I said as I pulled out of her. Columbiana turned around towards me and bent down. She proceeded to lick my cock clean, swallowing the leftover cum. Then, we turned off the shower and went to the hotel bedroom for some more fucking and sucking. I'm really glad she's back flying that route again.

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