Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Seduction of Amber Part 3

Lovers passionately kissing in a park
Lovers passionately kissing in a park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I watched as Amber quietly wrestled with her inner thoughts. I was her Satan, tempting her,  urging her to jump off that cliff. She thought and thought and thought, still facing the door. "I shouldn't be here" she kept muttering over and over. Then, her hand let go of the door. She watched as the door closed. The sound of the lock startled her. She jumped up for a second, then calmed down, closed her eyes, dropped the goodie bag that she still had in her other hand, and waited. She didn't have to wait long for my response.

I walked back over to her. Brushing away her hair again, I started kissing and nibbling her ears and neck while my hands started traveling up and down her body slowly. Every move was deliberate,calculated to seduce her step by step. I reached around and started caressing her breasts through her clothes. Amber started moaning, then turned her head slightly. I bent down and started kissing her lips while still fondling her breasts. Her lips were hungry, like they hadn't been kissed in forever.

My cock started growing until all 8 inches were rock hard. No towel was going to keep it caged up at this point so I quickly undid the towel and let it hit the floor. Then, my hands went back to Amber's breast. With two moves, they undid the buttons on her business jacket. I broke our kissing long enough to work the jacket off of Amber's body. It tumbled to the ground and covered her goodie bag.

I took Amber's hand and put it onto my cock. "Fuck, it's huge" she said. "Stroke it. It's yours tonight. Do whatever you want with it," I whispered. "Oh fuck, I want it" she whispered and started stroking her hand up and down my pipe. Her hands, so warm to the touch, started timidly but then found their lustful confidence and started playing harder and harder with my cock.

I was getting heated up by Amber's stroking so I upped the ante. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and pulled it over her body, tossing it to another part of the room. Then, I started working my way down her back, kissing and tasting her sweat and perfume every step of the way. My lips came upon the zipper on the back of her skirt. I took it in my teeth and pulled it down, loosening the skirt. Then, my hands pulled it down around her legs, exposing her black lace thong.

I My teeth took her thong and grabbed it downwards until it fell around her ankles. Then, I started up her legs with my lips, kissing her muscles while she moaned and giggled. At last, I reached my target. I started kissing her round ass, then wedged her legs apart slightly so that I could taste her wetness. I licked the crack of her ass repeatedly, lightly spanking her ass all the while. Then, I really went to work.

I positioned myself under her so that my mouth was between her legs. I started licking her pussy. Amber looked down and moved her legs so that they were around my shoulders. My mouth went full steam ahead, tasting and working her clit. Amber started grinding my face with her hips. "Oh shit! Oh fuck!" she said over and over again. She rode my face, begging it to go faster and faster. My tongue penetrated her, sucking up her juices that were streaming down my face.

After what seemed like forever, Amber's moans and swearing got louder and louder. She started grabbing my head tighter and tighter, grinding it harder into her. Her legs started to lose all sense of balance. I grabbed her hips to steady her and worked my tongue faster.

Finally, she erupted. Her orgasm was furious, like a volcano that had its molten lava built up, then erupted with glorious splendor. She started flailing and screaming. Her hands tried grabbing for the door to hold onto something but to no avail. She found slippery Formica, slapping it each time as she did.

Once I felt she was done, I crawled out from underneath her, working my way between her and the door. She breathed heavily, gasping for air. I kissed her long and hard. Then, I reached down, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up. Amber hopped on and crossed her legs around my body for supposed, and kept kissing me passionately. I carried her to the bedroom. Satan was done with her temptation yet....

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