Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tony Plus One

I had gotten back from Los Angeles this past weekend and wanted to relax in my apartment and get used to the time change. Going back and forth between time zones always takes a toll on my body. Instead of going to the apartment in Brooklyn, I decided to go to the apartment in Manhattan. That would give me a little more time to get settled and get ready to head back to the office the next morning. No sooner had I gotten to my apartment door than I heard moaning and banging. I decided to open the door anyway.

There on the cushioned living room chair, were Tony and some big fake breasted, skinny 30something brunette. I wasn't sure at first if this was one of Tony's clients or some new girl who he picked up. Tony had her bent over the chair in a doggie position and was working her hard, from the looks of it. She was startled at first, then realized it wasn't her husband.

I hurriedly closed the door. "Hey, how was your trip?" Tony smiled and said.  "It was productive. Not as productive as what you've got going on, I see" I said laughing. "I'll be out of your hair in a few. I'm just going to put down my shit and take a shower. I'll let you guys continue" and turned to go to my bedroom. "You're usually in the bedroom" as I started walking away.  "Sorry, man" Tony said. "We couldn't wait. This is Heidi, by the way. Heidi, say hi to the roomie". "Hi handsome" she smiled and waved. "Hi yourself" I said back, then continued walking to the bedroom to put down my bags.

As I went into the room, I heard Heidi say "your roommate's fuckin' hot! Do you think he'd like to join us?" "Maybe" Tony. "Ask him when he comes out. I'll pay extra" she said, then Tony went right back to fucking her doggie style.

I purposely kept the door to the bedroom partially open so that I could sneak a peek at the two of them from the bedroom mirror. Tony had Heidi's hair in his right hand, yanking her head back while his left hand kept smacking her ass. "Fuck my ass!! Fuck my ass!! Don't stop!!!!" she screamed as Tony pounded away.

Now, I love watching people having sex. I also love being watched. I love getting on cam and watching women finger themselves and play while I stroke and cum for them. I can't get enough. While I got undressed for my shower, I watched Tony and Heidi going at it at length. My cock started getting harder. As I continued to watch, I found myself stroking my cock. It was throbbing and needed some attention. First things first, though. I needed a shower.

I got completely undressed and headed out naked to the bathroom, kept the door partially open and took a quick shower. The water felt great on my body after a long flight. I let it revive me, turned off the water, dried off, put on some cologne and lotion. Tony and Heidi were still banging away. She was definitely getting her money's worth. Her body was pretty happening, too. I decided I needed to get in on this action and join the fun.

I gave my cock a few strokes since it was already pretty hard from watching them fuck and walked out into the living room naked. Tony stopped pounding Heidi for a minute once he saw me. Heidi opened her eyes wide. "Holy fuck!!!" Heidi proclaimed. "That's a huge dick. You must have heard us talking." "Yup" I said. You guys mind if I join in?". Tony smiled, reached upwards to give him a high five. "Let's do it" he said. "Yeah" Heidi said. "Gimme that big dick. Put that thing in my mouth."

Tony started banging her ass again from behind while I put my cock inside Heidi's mouth. Heidi sure knew what she was doing. Her mouth expertly sucked me while my cock muffled her screams from Tony's constant anal pounding. It was really a sight and an absolute pleasure watching Tony fuck up close. Every muscle was tight, ripped, and drenched in sweat. He was keeping up a fierce rhythm.

Heidi was taking both our cocks in like a woman possessed. I took her head in my hands and started fucking her mouth.  "Is this what you wanted, huh?" I said. "Two guys bangin' the shit out of you?" "Yeah" Heidi laughed while her spit dripped long saliva stems off of my cock. Then, she put it back in and continued to suck it while Tony fucked her ass.

After a while, Heidi stopped, pulled my cock out of her mouth and said "fuck it, I wanna get DPed." I looked at Tony. Tony shrugged his shoulders and said "sure, why not?". He pulled out of Heidi's ass and pulled her up. Then, he lay down on the couch. "Come here" Tony said to Heidi. Heidi sat on top of Tony's cock facing him and arched forward. I got behind Heidi and lowered himself into Heidi's ass hole, one inch at a time. I had one leg on and one leg off of the couch in order to give me some stability.

Heidi groaned as I got deeper into her ass. "Fuck, that thing is so big!" She screamed. Pride swelled inside me. Tony had already opened her up wide but I was stretching her. No matter. She took it like a champ. I pulled her hair and yanked her head back. That way, I could get a better stroke going in and out of her. Meanwhile, Tony was slamming his cock upwards into her. Heidi was suspended in mid air, being pounded by two men, screaming and gasping for air.

I worked her harder. Tony saw this and worked his end harder. Soon, it became a competition as to who was going to work her the hardest. Each of us upped our games, grunting and groaning as we got sweatier. Suddenly, Tony screamed "FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!!" and began bucking wildly. He shot his cum right into Heidi, then went limp.

Soon after, while I was still pumping my cock in and out of her ass,  Heidi needed a breather for a minute. "A job well done", I thought to myself. "Fuck, let me ride you" she said to me. Tony got up and sat over in the chair while I laid down on the couch. "Hop on" I said to Heidi. Heidi slowly slid her pussy around my throbbing cock. "Fuck, that's big" she said, repeating herself over and over as she got used to my size. I figured out that I was thicker than Tony and about 3 inches longer. "That's alright. Take your time" I said.

Heidi finally got comfortable with my cock inside her and slowly started rocking her hips back and forth on top of me. I laid there, enjoying the sight of this buxom blonde riding my shaft. "Fuck it. fuck it. fuck it" she kept repeating while she rode me. I grounded my hips into her, meeting her thrust for thrust.

Heidi was working it. Her body was powerful to watch. I wondered why she needed Tony to satisfy her when she could have any man? I wondered who her man was who was stupid enough to not pay attention to her. I also suddenly wondered just how much Tony was getting paid, especially when he had already cum and I was now doing all the work? Then, I reminded myself that I had no clue how long they were going at it before I walked in and that maybe she was just into overtime and I was just dessert. I paid my thought no mind and got back to concentrating on making this woman cum and letting myself cum.

Finally, Heidi screamed out and shook. Her body twitched as she grabbed for my sweaty body for leverage but aiming fruitlessly; so caught up was she in her orgasm. Once that happened, I allowed myself to cum and shot a huge load into Heidi's pussy. Heidi collapsed on top of me. Three bodies lay around the apartment, sweaty and breathless. "How much do I owe you" she said to me. I started laughing. "Baby, I did you just for fun. You can pay him" I said, nodding Tony's way. "He's the professional. I'd give him a bigger tip than you were probably going to give him, though."

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