Monday, March 3, 2014

Los Angeles

     I'll be going to Los Angeles on business soon. I have a few meetings planned, plus a couple of projects that I need to consult on. I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of ladies. The first is media representative Amber. Amber is a former beauty queen from the midwest who married young to a doctor, who moved them out to Los Angeles. Her husband had dreams of becoming a celebrity doctor while she dreamed of becoming an actress. Her husband's dreams are sort of mid-level at the moment while her acting dreams hit a brick wall. She is, however, a very good media representative. I think that she could be a good entertainment spokesperson.

     The thing that I've noticed is that she seems very unhappy. I've gone to restaurants with Amber and her husband. He's very emotionally abusive in public and gets openly drunk and flirtatious with other women right in front of Amber. That, I do not like. If I were doing business with him, our business would be concluded rather rapidly. However, I'm doing business with her.

    Amber's actually a very nice woman and opens up her personality when her husband's not around. It's not my nature to try to rescue someone but in a weird way, I feel like I should with her. I'm sure it's because of what I saw my mother go through when I was growing up. My father was very abusive towards both her and myself. I've never forgiven him for what he did to my family and it hurts me to see women treated in the same manner.

     Amber's extremely beautiful with a tight aerobicized body. For a man to disrespect a woman like this is a shame. A lot of men neglect their women. I'm here to make sure they are neglected no more.

     The other person I'm looking forward to seeing is model Missy Chin. She's a sweet Asian model who I've had the pleasure of working with before. This time, I'll be behind the camera photographing her. The last time she and I worked together, things got pretty hot and bothered between us. We ended up having sex back in the hotel after the photo shoot was over. I'm pretty sure it's going to happen again.

     The hotel I normally stay at in Los Angeles is the Luxe City Center. This hotel is beautiful and is perfectly located in downtown, right down the street from the Staples Center. This hotel gets a big thumbs up in quality from me.


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