Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Missy Chin laid in my bed on her back. Her arms were handcuffed to the headboard. Her eyes were blindfolded with a black silk scarf. I had gone into the next room but she didn't know what for? What would I bring back? Would it be a paddle? Maybe it would be a feather.

I came back into the room and closed the door. My next move told her all she needed to know. I shook the can. "Mmmmm....you got the whipped cream" she said. "Uh huh". I took the can and sprayed some onto her large pierced nipples. My tongue instinctively followed what my devious thoughts told it to do. It started licking the whipped cream off of her her nipple. My lips started suckling. The tongue teased the point of her glorious nipple until it was hard and sharp. Seductively, it swirled around it, enjoying every millimeter of her goodness; the bumps of her nipple getting bigger with each swirl. I repeated dragged my teeth over her nipple, enticing excitement and moaning from her.

Not one to neglect any part of my Asian lover, I moved to her right nipple and repeated the process. As I was enjoying the taste of her nipple and whipped cream, my left hand reached down and started caressing her pussy. I wanted it wet and ready for what I was about to do with it. She moaned; first quietly, then louder and louder. I kept it slow and steady. I wanted to prolong her enjoyment.

Once I thought she was ready, I took the can of whipped cream and shook it up. My mouth traveled down her stomach and chest until it found its destination: her sweet tasting pussy. I spread her legs, aimed the can downward, and started to put the cream all over her pussy lips. She squealed and giggled as the cold cream found its mark. I started slowly, erotically licking the cream off of her pussy. The taste of both the cream and her pussy juices was so good. I feasted like a famished man. My tongue started licking and sucking cream off of her clit, working it up while my fingers probed the tightness of her pussy; first with one finger, then with two.

My fingers started working faster and faster. My tongue spread its pace. Her clit was so ripe. I was in heaven. Missy started twisting. Her hands wanted to break free from the headboard but cold steel prevented her escape. She was mine. Her pussy was mine. I was going to fulfill my mission and make her cum hard. I love watching her cum so much. Her body has an otherworldly experience.

I worked her to the brink, eased up, and worked her to the brink again. I repeated the process several times; playing her body like a concert pianist. She was under my complete control. When she would cum would be determined by me. Finally, I let her go over the brink. The bed shook as her hands tried gripping the headboard, only to find air. Her legs shook. Her back and hips arched up, thrashing about while my arms tried holding her down. Her moans and screams turned into loud cries, her body shaking as if possessed by an inner earthquake. I rode the tremors with her as she started lowering her body, catching her breath.

I took the can of whipped cream, put some whipped cream on my tongue and licked her pussy a few times. I brought my mouth up to her lips. Our tongues explored each others' mouths; her tongue tasting the combination of her pussy juices and the whipped cream. She grabbed every bit of the cream off of my tongue and swallowed, giving me a deep, long, erotic kiss. We proceeded to have many adventures with that can that night.

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