Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ava: Done Right

I came back into the bedroom with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Ava was lying on the bed on her stomach. Her body was sweaty from our session. "Baby, you know what I want" she said as I put the glasses and bottle next to her on the floor beside the bed. That phrase and the fact that she was lying on her stomach meant that she wanted to be taken.

I knelt behind her on the bed. Her left foot played with my cock while I sucked and licked her toes on her right foot. My left hand caressed her left leg. Her foot playing was really making my cock hard. Both my legs started to travel north up her body towards her ass. It's round, toned and perfect; not too fat but not skinny. There's not one ounce of fat on it. Truly a masterpiece. I must worship it.

I spread her legs to better worship her. My hands spread her cheeks as my tongue started licking her crack. I started to kiss and spank her ass simultaneously. She started moaning. I know what she likes. I took it further. I went deeper into her ass, alternating between tonguing her asshole and sticking a finger into it. She started squirming with delight, her hands beginning to move out of control. It was time to take it up a few notches.

I got up and started quickly stroking my cock, getting it ready for more action. When ready, I spread her ass as far as it would go and plunged my cock into her ass. She moaned loudly. "Oh baby, get it in deep. Get it deep, baby." I started taking long, hard, deep strokes. Then, I brought the tempo up. "Fuck it hard, baby. Do it right. Give it to me hard, baby. Faster baby faster!!" I moved faster and faster, pulverizing her ass with each stroke. I drilled her jackhammer style, becoming an animal. I wanted her to cum hard and fast because I had more sinister things in mind. She didn't disappoint, grabbing the sheets like she was hanging on for dear life. I savored every movement as her twitching took control.

Once she was done with her wave, I put my next plan into action. I quickly reached into her side table and pulled out a silk scarf. I tied her wrists together behind her back, leaving a little length on it so that I could grab hold. I positioned her upward and started stroking her pussy, feeling its wetness. I dipped my rock hard cock deep inside her pussy, enjoying how wet my ass fucking made it. Taking the reins of her scarf, I continued my jackhammering, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her wetness. Faster and faster I went, thriving on her screams of painful pleasure.

Soon, my body went into another gear. I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled her head backwards, riding her body like a jockey on a thoroughbred. Crashing my hips into her at record pace, I forcefully continued fucking her, building speed, watching and hearing her body react to my constant pounding. Her words went from dirty to incoherent. The muscles in her body clenching, never losing their tightness. I was giving her body the workout it deserved, the workout it craved. She wanted to get fucked so hard, she'd collapse. I aimed to make sure that happened. I succeeded.

Ava wildly orgasmed a second time. Her breath became short as her body went into an overwhelming erotic spasm. I continued slamming her pussy. I was almost ready to unleash a torrent of cum inside of her but not until she body was fully satisfied. When she was done with her joyful noise, I unchained my passion juices. I let go of her hands and hair, grabbing the headboard. I thrust myself deep into her forcefully, grunting and screaming, as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her. She screamed as each thrust threw her body into an aftershock orgasm. As I finished draining myself inside of her, her eyes rolled backwards for a minute. Then, her entire body hit the bed with mine collapsing on top of hers. After a few minutes of heaving breathing, kissing, and caressing, she said "how about that champagne finally?" Indeed.

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