Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What About the Others?

     If you were a reader of my previous blog, you know that I'm a guy who really likes to have his fun. That means, while I don't abuse my body with drugs and alcohol, I do enjoy the ladies; lots and lots of ladies. There were a few who I regularly wrote about, yet haven't written about them here.

     Rest assured, they're still around, although not as frequently, due to work and constant travel. Blasian is still in and out of my bed. We don't see each other as often and that's a shame. Out of all the women over the past few years, she's the one I physically miss the most. She and I used to have sex weekly. Now, it's either every other week or even monthly at times. She is always open sexually and I always knew my limits with her. Our threesomes with her college roommate Fiona are legendary. I haven't seen Fiona in a while. Hopefully, we can all get our schedules together so we can have some fun again soon.

     The other name who came up a lot was Columbiana, the married flight attendant. She and I are also monthly. However, when she's in Manhattan, it's usually for a couple of days so that once a month dick down is usually a few days.

     Kate the baker is much more frequent. Since she owns the bakery just down the street from the Manhattan apartment, I get to have some good sex with her whenever I'm in Manhattan. Emma is still around. She's a younger tasty side dish who likes to have sex in public places. There are also the occasional other side dishes of women to sprinkle in while I'm in Manhattan so I'm not hurting for good sexual cardio.
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