Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bet You Can't Make It To Six

"I bet I can make you cum in 5 sucks" Missy said as we cuddled on the bed. We had been having fun in Los Angeles ever since I got back into town, having sex almost every night. Missy and I were working together on one of my projects so it was great to work with her during the day, then go back to the hotel and have sex with her at night. "Oh, is there some new trick you learned?" I said. "You'll see" she said as she moved from my arms, got off the bed onto her knees and told me to stand up and steady myself by the side of the bed. "5 sucks" she said. I was intrigued to find out how.

I didn't have to wait long as she knelt down and began her work. With one movement, Missy opened her mouth wide, breathed in deeply, and swallowed my cock whole. Her tongue started swirling around the bottom of my shaft, as her throat started massaging my head. The rest of her mouth muscles started tightening and loosening around the shaft, applying just the right amount of pressure. Her entire mouth region started giving my cock a high powered cock massage. I wasn't sure how she doing it without a gag reflex.

After a few minutes, she pulled away from my cock, saliva streaming from her mouth and my cock. I was already getting weak. "That was amazing" I gasped. "That was one. Here's two" she cooed, took a deep breath and dove right back in. This time, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. With her right hand, she shoved a finger into my ass, while her left hand started to massage my balls; all of this while her mouth continued working its magic.

I started feeling the pressure build up in my cock. This woman's skills were incredible. I began to think I wasn't going to make it to 5 strokes, the way she was going. I was determined to make it to number six. I tried thinking of other things to keep myself from cumming too soon. Food, sports, work, anything to put off the inevitable.

Missy pulled out and repeated the process two more times. I was proud of myself. I had made it to suck number 5. All I had to do was to make it through this one and she lost. Victory would be mine. Missy dove in again, putting her finger up my ass while her mouth continued its extremely good impression of a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Just as I figured I was going to win this bed, Missy pulled out all the stops and shoved her finger up my ass harder and further.

That pretty much did it. I started breathing heavily and grunted, trying not to cum. "I'm going to cum" I screamed as I felt my load about to pop out. Missy pulled out just in time as my cum shot out and covered her breasts. She rubbed my cum onto her skin as she proudly smiled. She looked up at me and said "I win". She may have won that round but there were many more rounds to play.
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