Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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I lay on the bed in a pair of black boxer briefs. She walked into the room in a pair of black silk panties. She lay on top of me and gently kissed me. As we kissed, her hips started grinding mine. She positioned herself around the hardness of my cock; her legs straddling my hips. She started slowly grinding her pussy on top of my cock. Moans started slowly coming from her mouth. Her breath quickened.

Suddenly, she sat up and started grinding her hips into overdrive. My cock got rock hard, enjoying the feeling her silky panties were making. I wanted to be inside her so badly. I knew I'd get my chance but for now, I was content with letting her get off.

Faster and faster she rode. The panties were getting wetter and wetter with each grind. Her clit was so hard, I could feel it rubbing against me. I reached up and grabbed both of her breasts while she tilted her head back and worked her hips. On and on she went, louder & faster. Suddenly, she spasmed and collapsed on top of me. Her wetness soaked both her panties and my shorts. I held her for a while as she back off of her cloud. I wanted her rested for the pounding her body was going to take that night.
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