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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 3

A variety of foods made from wheat.
A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I lifted my head up finally to kiss Kate. We kissed deeply. As we kissed, flour from the table started to get all over us. I could've cared less. I need this woman and I needed to be inside her now. I pulled her to the ground and put her on her back. Then, I spread her legs and lifted them upwards, pushing them backwards. I pushed her legs so far back and apart that they trapped her arms underneath them. Her feet were almost up to her head, only split apart. I wanted to make sure she was going to get a good, deep pounding.

I slowly brought my cock to her pussy and slid it in, working it so that she could get used to it. Then, I grabbed her ankles for support and started pounding. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God" she kept screaming. My fucking was relentless. I pounded her pussy into submission, feeling like a warrior who had come to claim his prize after battle. Another trophy for the case was this older woman; one that I had bagged with pride.

I kept fucking her harder and harder. She kept screaming, trying to work her arms out from underneath her legs but to no avail. She may have been screaming for God but I was her God at that moment; her pussy paying homage to my throbbing cock. I was proud of the work I was doing. I felt like my body was on auto pilot. I kept pumping her harder and harder.

At one point, I let one of her legs go and grabbed a hold of the table in order to steady myself. As I pounded her with each thrust, the table started to move. Soon enough, the leftover flour started falling on top of us. After a minute, the place started to resemble a Christmas scene with flour snowing down upon us. We could've cared less, so caught up in the moment were we.

My cock couldn't last much longer with her perfectly tight pussy muscles massaging my throbbing member so I didn't bother to let it. I released a mighty load of cum a few minutes after she had cum by my cock for a fourth time. I pumped cum into her with each extra hard thrust. I grunted it out of myself and watched her reaction. Her eyes were curled in the back of her head as she smiled. We got up, kissed passionately, and I left...with the cookies, I might add. At least I got to work off the guilt of eating them. I promised to see her more often; this past weekend, I was with her, as a matter of fact. Nothing says loving like cougar loving.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 2

A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready fo...
A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready for baking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kate smiled. I decided I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. Kate was an older version of a cougar. Cougars are usually in their 30s or 40s but she looked the part even in her low 50s. Besides, how could I not at least try for a beautiful woman since she was giving me every signal.? I slowly moved in front of her, bent down, and lightly kissed her on the lips. They tasted sweet from the cookie dough we had been eating while talking.

Light kisses turned into passionate ones. Each of us were exploring each others' mouths. My hands started grabbing her apron and her shirt. Kate went for my coat jacket and my tie, undoing them both with ease. Kate won the undressing race first, which meant she was going to get what she wanted to do before I would. What she wanted was my cock in her mouth.

Now, there are some women who don't like sucking cock. There are some that look at it with disdain, that it's some obligation that needs to be met. There are some women who like it but aren't very good at it. Then, there are some who worship sucking cock. They absolutely want, crave, and desire a man's cock in their mouth. To them, sucking a man's cock is a dream come true and they show that man their appreciation by paying attention to every part of that cock. They lick the head multiple ways, making every nerve ending stand on edge. They will either suck it dirty, with much saliva and quick movements like a slut, or they will be seductive, slowly teasing and taunting the cock, maybe even licking your balls and ass while they're at it.

 Kate, my friends, is a cock worshiper of the highest magnitude. She took my cock and sucked it like it was the air that she breathed. She made me feel like I was the only one that ever mattered, taking my shaft easily in her mouth, having her mouth muscles work every inch of my shaft, my balls, my ass. It was quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever received and I've gotten some pretty good ones in my time. I leaned back against the table. The cooking machinery had kicked in a while before so the place was kind of noisy. The great thing about that was that we could make as much noise as we wanted so the neighbors couldn't hear.
I moaned and moaned, swearing up and down "fuck, shit that's good, holy fuck that's amazing". I couldn't help myself. After a while, I held her head and just let her mouth muscles do their job. I came easily in her mouth, screaming and grunting as I shot my load. As I came, she shoved my cock deeper into her mouth so that I came right down her throat. Her throat muscles opened up to receive my cum easily and she swallowed my cum with such glee.

By that time, I was so worked up. I lifted Kate up and ripped off what was left of her clothing. I lifted her naked body around, put her on top of the table, and spread her legs. My head dove right into her waiting pussy. Her nectar tasted so good. She moaned and screamed loudly as my tongue explored her. I licked and sucked up and down her pussy. After a few minutes, I stuck a finger into her, then worked my way up to 4 fingers. Kate went wild when I got to four. She grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy while she gyrated her hips into me. In no time, she started bucking and moaning. Her stomach started to quiver as she started catching her breath escaping with each lick from my tongue. She couldn't hold out for much longer and held my head tightly as she came, not letting me breath. Good thing I took a deep breath before.
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 1

Peanut butter cookies.
Peanut butter cookies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every now and then, I go to a little pastry shop that's on the way home. Usually, I roll in just before closing when I have a late night sweet tooth. I can't have that stuff all the time. Otherwise, I'll get fat. Anyway, there's a lady named Kate who runs it. She's in her lower 50s, with short hair and a remarkably fit body for someone her age. I asked her once how she keeps in such good shape considering she owns a pastry shop. She said sex. Then, she laughed and said that she runs a lot.

Kate and I have had a flirtatious relationship for months now. Every time I go in, she remarks how I should come in more often so she can fatten me up. I always say I can't because I have to stay in shape. She always says there are better ways to work off the calories.

A while back, I went to the shop because I had a craving for peanut butter cookies. I rationalized it that peanut butter has protein, which is good for body building. OK, I rationalized it like a politician at a convention speech but it was worth an effort. Anyway, I was running pretty late and I caught Kate just as she was locking the door. After pleading with her that I needed some cookies and had to have them or I would die, then threw in a sad puppy dog eyes look (shameless, I know), she relented, let me in, and locked the door behind us.

As she got some of the cookies, we struck up a conversation. She's actually a really bright woman with a wicked sense of humor. She asked if I was going to give the cookies to a woman. I told her these were strictly for myself. Then, she asked if I wanted to taste a new mix for a cookie she was trying out. I said sure and walked into the back room with her.

It's a pretty small operation with only 3 employees. Kate usually closes up. That night, she was the only person there. There was a stainless steel table in the center of the back room where the cookies get rolled with a few stoves on the side and a small desk to the side with the usual stuff on top and a small file cabinet to the side. I love small stores like this because it reminds me of one on the strengths of being in America and that's the dream of being a business person, even if it's just a small business.

We talked a little more. Kate told me about her business and her life. I told her about mine. Turns out, Kate used to be a Ford model back in the day, then stayed in New York once her modeling days were over. As we talked, we got closer and closer. I could just sense that something was happening. I reached for some cookie dough. Our arms touched. We kept them together for more than a few seconds. Then, she slapped my arm away from the dough and said she'd take care of the dough.

Kate grabbed a finger full and fed it to me. I licked it off of her finger. Then, I licked her finger. She didn't take it out of my mouth so I went for broke and started sucking it a little. She smiled and slowly took it out of my mouth. She started caressing my face. "You are so beautiful with such a baby face" she said as she watched her hand rub my cheek. Her fingers traced the outline of my lips. "Such a beautiful baby face" she whispered. I gently kissed her fingers.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What About the Others?

     If you were a reader of my previous blog, you know that I'm a guy who really likes to have his fun. That means, while I don't abuse my body with drugs and alcohol, I do enjoy the ladies; lots and lots of ladies. There were a few who I regularly wrote about, yet haven't written about them here.

     Rest assured, they're still around, although not as frequently, due to work and constant travel. Blasian is still in and out of my bed. We don't see each other as often and that's a shame. Out of all the women over the past few years, she's the one I physically miss the most. She and I used to have sex weekly. Now, it's either every other week or even monthly at times. She is always open sexually and I always knew my limits with her. Our threesomes with her college roommate Fiona are legendary. I haven't seen Fiona in a while. Hopefully, we can all get our schedules together so we can have some fun again soon.

     The other name who came up a lot was Columbiana, the married flight attendant. She and I are also monthly. However, when she's in Manhattan, it's usually for a couple of days so that once a month dick down is usually a few days.

     Kate the baker is much more frequent. Since she owns the bakery just down the street from the Manhattan apartment, I get to have some good sex with her whenever I'm in Manhattan. Emma is still around. She's a younger tasty side dish who likes to have sex in public places. There are also the occasional other side dishes of women to sprinkle in while I'm in Manhattan so I'm not hurting for good sexual cardio.
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