Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 3

A variety of foods made from wheat.
A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I lifted my head up finally to kiss Kate. We kissed deeply. As we kissed, flour from the table started to get all over us. I could've cared less. I need this woman and I needed to be inside her now. I pulled her to the ground and put her on her back. Then, I spread her legs and lifted them upwards, pushing them backwards. I pushed her legs so far back and apart that they trapped her arms underneath them. Her feet were almost up to her head, only split apart. I wanted to make sure she was going to get a good, deep pounding.

I slowly brought my cock to her pussy and slid it in, working it so that she could get used to it. Then, I grabbed her ankles for support and started pounding. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God" she kept screaming. My fucking was relentless. I pounded her pussy into submission, feeling like a warrior who had come to claim his prize after battle. Another trophy for the case was this older woman; one that I had bagged with pride.

I kept fucking her harder and harder. She kept screaming, trying to work her arms out from underneath her legs but to no avail. She may have been screaming for God but I was her God at that moment; her pussy paying homage to my throbbing cock. I was proud of the work I was doing. I felt like my body was on auto pilot. I kept pumping her harder and harder.

At one point, I let one of her legs go and grabbed a hold of the table in order to steady myself. As I pounded her with each thrust, the table started to move. Soon enough, the leftover flour started falling on top of us. After a minute, the place started to resemble a Christmas scene with flour snowing down upon us. We could've cared less, so caught up in the moment were we.

My cock couldn't last much longer with her perfectly tight pussy muscles massaging my throbbing member so I didn't bother to let it. I released a mighty load of cum a few minutes after she had cum by my cock for a fourth time. I pumped cum into her with each extra hard thrust. I grunted it out of myself and watched her reaction. Her eyes were curled in the back of her head as she smiled. We got up, kissed passionately, and I left...with the cookies, I might add. At least I got to work off the guilt of eating them. I promised to see her more often; this past weekend, I was with her, as a matter of fact. Nothing says loving like cougar loving.
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