Friday, June 20, 2014

Kate: Pastry Time - Part 2

A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready fo...
A ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ready for baking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kate smiled. I decided I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. Kate was an older version of a cougar. Cougars are usually in their 30s or 40s but she looked the part even in her low 50s. Besides, how could I not at least try for a beautiful woman since she was giving me every signal.? I slowly moved in front of her, bent down, and lightly kissed her on the lips. They tasted sweet from the cookie dough we had been eating while talking.

Light kisses turned into passionate ones. Each of us were exploring each others' mouths. My hands started grabbing her apron and her shirt. Kate went for my coat jacket and my tie, undoing them both with ease. Kate won the undressing race first, which meant she was going to get what she wanted to do before I would. What she wanted was my cock in her mouth.

Now, there are some women who don't like sucking cock. There are some that look at it with disdain, that it's some obligation that needs to be met. There are some women who like it but aren't very good at it. Then, there are some who worship sucking cock. They absolutely want, crave, and desire a man's cock in their mouth. To them, sucking a man's cock is a dream come true and they show that man their appreciation by paying attention to every part of that cock. They lick the head multiple ways, making every nerve ending stand on edge. They will either suck it dirty, with much saliva and quick movements like a slut, or they will be seductive, slowly teasing and taunting the cock, maybe even licking your balls and ass while they're at it.

 Kate, my friends, is a cock worshiper of the highest magnitude. She took my cock and sucked it like it was the air that she breathed. She made me feel like I was the only one that ever mattered, taking my shaft easily in her mouth, having her mouth muscles work every inch of my shaft, my balls, my ass. It was quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever received and I've gotten some pretty good ones in my time. I leaned back against the table. The cooking machinery had kicked in a while before so the place was kind of noisy. The great thing about that was that we could make as much noise as we wanted so the neighbors couldn't hear.
I moaned and moaned, swearing up and down "fuck, shit that's good, holy fuck that's amazing". I couldn't help myself. After a while, I held her head and just let her mouth muscles do their job. I came easily in her mouth, screaming and grunting as I shot my load. As I came, she shoved my cock deeper into her mouth so that I came right down her throat. Her throat muscles opened up to receive my cum easily and she swallowed my cum with such glee.

By that time, I was so worked up. I lifted Kate up and ripped off what was left of her clothing. I lifted her naked body around, put her on top of the table, and spread her legs. My head dove right into her waiting pussy. Her nectar tasted so good. She moaned and screamed loudly as my tongue explored her. I licked and sucked up and down her pussy. After a few minutes, I stuck a finger into her, then worked my way up to 4 fingers. Kate went wild when I got to four. She grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy while she gyrated her hips into me. In no time, she started bucking and moaning. Her stomach started to quiver as she started catching her breath escaping with each lick from my tongue. She couldn't hold out for much longer and held my head tightly as she came, not letting me breath. Good thing I took a deep breath before.
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