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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ava - The After Party

For her birthday, I took my sister to watch my...
For her birthday, I took my sister to watch my personal trainer compete in the bodybuilding and fitness competition. Sylvia is number 18. (304949107) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While I was in Las Vegas for my conference, Ava was in town for one of the many fitness competitions that make their way through the city. I went to the competition to support Ava. Plus, it was a great networking opportunity. Since my company makes web sites (among other internet related services), Ava said she would make some introductions so that I could pick up a few potential clients.

Ava placed well in her division. I was very proud of her, as I knew how much work she had put into sculpting her body. Fitness and bodybuilding are not cheap sports. It takes a lot of money to buy supplements and (for a lot of competitors) steroids. If you're internet popular, a supplement or sports clothing company can take interest in you and endorse you. In exchange for giving you supplements, clothing, etc, you appear at competitions, made appearances in supplement stores and gyms, and get exposure in fitness magazines. For some competitors, it's extremely lucrative. Some competitors have gone on to make movies, started companies of their own, started restaurants, and had branding deals with other clothing companies, etc. My services would just be a cog in that wheel.

Las Vegas (creative commons)
Las Vegas (creative commons) (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn DeLight (back again))
After the competition, there was a party in the hotel where the competition was, which Ava had invited me to. The party itself was a pretty decent, yet tame one. Business people mingled with the athletes. I made quite a few contacts there but there weren't too many people letting their hair down, even with an open bar. I think the reason why was because, while we were there, we kept hearing about this after party that one of the supplement companies was throwing in a warehouse a few blocks off the Strip. Ava and I decided to go back to her room, resist temptation to have sex, let her change into a slutty little dress that left nothing to the imagination and go to that party.

Now, if there's one thing about the fitness industry, it's that underneath the hard bodies and good looks hides what are honestly a bunch of sex freaks and exhibitionists. That could be because of the jacked up testosterone in both the men and women or the fact that these people work hard on their bodies and love to show them off but when bodybuilders and fitness competitors feel comfortable, they can let loose a lot. Their egos and sex drives need to be fed and nothing will get in their way. The gender of sex doesn't matter, either; nor does the fact that they might be married or have girlfriends and boyfriends. They just know that they want to fuck whenever and however they want.
English: Bodybuilding
English: Bodybuilding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The warehouse itself had two floors. The main floor had couches spread around it, with little clusters in secluded areas for VIP sections. Then, there was an iron staircase, which lead to a second floor with a few large conference rooms and work rooms. It was a pretty funky place to throw a party and reminded me of some of the illegal parties I used to go to when I first came to New York City.

When we got to the warehouse, we understood why the other party was so businesslike. This party was a den of debauchery. People were having sex everywhere while loud dance music pumped through the oversized speakers along the walls. Ava and I inspected the festivities while we walked through the place. On one table, a huge bodybuilder was eating out a female fitness competitor, who I swore was married. Ava and I watched that for a little while, getting ourselves worked up a little. My cock got hard as I pressed Ava from behind. I slid my hand down her until I could feel her panties. They were soaked.

I knew we needed to find a place around here to work off this sexual energy so we continued walking around. On the couches, men were making out with women and with other men, in some cases. One guy had his lover's cock out and was giving him a masterful blow job. As we turned the corner to go upstairs, we spotted a male contestant fucking another male contestant up the ass. We decided to try to go up to the conference rooms. The bouncer for that area knew Ava so he let us through. We searched for an empty room. We opened the door to the first room. We saw 2 workers for the supplement company having a threesome with a woman who I knew represented their product. "Now there's one way to keep your endorsement" I thought to myself as we closed the door and pressed on. As we walked by another conference room, we looked in the room window and saw two female bodybuilders having sex on top of the conference room table. "Man, this is one freaky party. Too bad they can't do this in the clubs any more" I said to Ava. Ava nodded her head.

Deutsch: Bodybuilder Markus Ruehl beim Posen
Deutsch: Bodybuilder Markus Ruehl beim Posen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Finally, we found a small room that was unoccupied. We closed and locked the door behind us so that we wouldn't be disturbed. Ava got on top of the table, laid down, and took her panties off while I took off my clothes. At that point, there was no need to keep anything on since the lock was on the door and the cops weren't coming to break up this den of sin. I went to work eating Ava's pussy and ass. Ava screamed loudly. Since the music was thumping loud, shaking everything, no one could hear our cries of lust.

After I made Ava cum a few times, I put my cock into her and started slamming her harder and harder. I didn't care at that point. I just needed to get off. Ava screamed and moaned. The music drove us to fuck harder and scream louder. It felt tribal, animalistic. My muscles ached with each thrust until I couldn't take it any more. I emptied myself into Ava and collapsed on top of her. We rested for a few minutes, then decided to get dressed, get out of the party, and go back to my condo to finish our own party. After all, it would have been rude to occupy the room so that others couldn't enjoy its usefulness.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ava - Worked Up

English: Fitness Model posing with dumbell. Ph...
English: Fitness Model posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I may or may not have mentioned this in the past but one of my favorite hobbies is photography. When I get a chance to do it, I do it a lot. When I travel, I like to do architectural and landscape photos. Now, I'm getting into erotic and fitness photos.

I have Ava, the fitness model, to thank for this. I do a lot of photo shoots for her fitness web site. I don't charge to shoot. I just do it for the love of fit bodies and it gives me a lot of practice. Since models have to usually pay to be photographed, this gives them free material to use for their sites. I do a few, not too many. Ava's gotten me contacts so I may do more now.

I met Ava a while back in a club. We got to talking about our love of fitness and the fitness / bodybuilding industry, which I've loved ever since I was in college. Of course, one thing lead to another and sex was had, multiple times. We hook up whenever we're in the same town.

During the week that I was out in Las Vegas a couple of months ago, I met up with Ava to do some shoots for her web site. This time around, it was a night time lingerie shoot in the high rise condo that I had rented that week. We shot in different lingerie all over the condo: the living room, the hot tub, the shower, the balcony, and finally, the bed.

When we did the bed shoots, Ava was in black and red lingerie. I had started in jeans and a t shirt. By the time we started the bed shoot, though, I was in tight boxer briefs, having gotten worked up from looking at Ava mostly naked for about an hour or so. I guess she noticed that I was getting turned on, too. "You're not getting too turned on, are you?" she playfully said as she posed on all fours almost at the edge on the bed. "What makes you say that?" I replied. She then crawled slowly towards me as I kept snapping photos, reached out, and started caressing my cock, which by then had started to stretch past the confines of the briefs and was poking through the elastic waistband. "Oh, no reason" Ava cooed, as she stroked my cock through the fabric.

"Keep shooting" Ava commanded, then positioned herself so that she was sitting up almost onto her knees, grabbed my briefs, and pulled them down. My cock sprung out and stood at full staff. Ava took the head of my cock into her mouth and started playing with it with her tongue, swirling around it like a lollipop. Then, she slowly started putting my cock deeper in her mouth until she took all 8 inches and hit the base. Her tongue worked its way between her lip and my cock and ticked my balls. Damn, this woman had skills. She gave my cock a few short pumps with her mouth, then pulled out quickly, leaving an enormous trail of saliva. She gasped for air, her eyes watered, and she laughed.

Ava went back down again; this time, faster and harder, then pulled out again, gasped for more breath, then went back down again. My cock was getting an oral bath of epic proportions. All the while, I kept taking photos of her; both with her face on my cock and the rest of her angled body.

Finally, I had enough of the photo taking and threw my camera towards the pillows on the opposite end of the bed. I took Ava's head with both hands and started fucking Ava's mouth hard. She gagged and spat as my cock pounded her mouth. Then, I pulled her head away from my cock when I felt myself about to cum. Ava laughed after gasping for air again. Then, she went down on my cock by herself, grabbed my hands, and put them on her head, wanting me to force fuck her mouth again and again.

I kept repeating the pattern of fucking her mouth, then pulling out when I was going to cum. After a while, though, Ava wanted to taste my salty goodness. When I tried pulling out as I was going to cum, Ava kept her mouth on my cock, fighting me. I couldn't resist. I grunted, groaned, and screamed as shot after shot of my creamy cum entered Ava's mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but as she pulled away from my cock to fully swallow, a few drops escaped from her lips and landed on her breasts. Ava took her finger, scooped up my creamy pearls, and seductively licked them off her finger with her tongue. When I had calmed down and she was done swallowing and cleaning herself, Ava said "now, let's get back to the photos".
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ava: Done Right

I came back into the bedroom with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Ava was lying on the bed on her stomach. Her body was sweaty from our session. "Baby, you know what I want" she said as I put the glasses and bottle next to her on the floor beside the bed. That phrase and the fact that she was lying on her stomach meant that she wanted to be taken.

I knelt behind her on the bed. Her left foot played with my cock while I sucked and licked her toes on her right foot. My left hand caressed her left leg. Her foot playing was really making my cock hard. Both my legs started to travel north up her body towards her ass. It's round, toned and perfect; not too fat but not skinny. There's not one ounce of fat on it. Truly a masterpiece. I must worship it.

I spread her legs to better worship her. My hands spread her cheeks as my tongue started licking her crack. I started to kiss and spank her ass simultaneously. She started moaning. I know what she likes. I took it further. I went deeper into her ass, alternating between tonguing her asshole and sticking a finger into it. She started squirming with delight, her hands beginning to move out of control. It was time to take it up a few notches.

I got up and started quickly stroking my cock, getting it ready for more action. When ready, I spread her ass as far as it would go and plunged my cock into her ass. She moaned loudly. "Oh baby, get it in deep. Get it deep, baby." I started taking long, hard, deep strokes. Then, I brought the tempo up. "Fuck it hard, baby. Do it right. Give it to me hard, baby. Faster baby faster!!" I moved faster and faster, pulverizing her ass with each stroke. I drilled her jackhammer style, becoming an animal. I wanted her to cum hard and fast because I had more sinister things in mind. She didn't disappoint, grabbing the sheets like she was hanging on for dear life. I savored every movement as her twitching took control.

Once she was done with her wave, I put my next plan into action. I quickly reached into her side table and pulled out a silk scarf. I tied her wrists together behind her back, leaving a little length on it so that I could grab hold. I positioned her upward and started stroking her pussy, feeling its wetness. I dipped my rock hard cock deep inside her pussy, enjoying how wet my ass fucking made it. Taking the reins of her scarf, I continued my jackhammering, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her wetness. Faster and faster I went, thriving on her screams of painful pleasure.

Soon, my body went into another gear. I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled her head backwards, riding her body like a jockey on a thoroughbred. Crashing my hips into her at record pace, I forcefully continued fucking her, building speed, watching and hearing her body react to my constant pounding. Her words went from dirty to incoherent. The muscles in her body clenching, never losing their tightness. I was giving her body the workout it deserved, the workout it craved. She wanted to get fucked so hard, she'd collapse. I aimed to make sure that happened. I succeeded.

Ava wildly orgasmed a second time. Her breath became short as her body went into an overwhelming erotic spasm. I continued slamming her pussy. I was almost ready to unleash a torrent of cum inside of her but not until she body was fully satisfied. When she was done with her joyful noise, I unchained my passion juices. I let go of her hands and hair, grabbing the headboard. I thrust myself deep into her forcefully, grunting and screaming, as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her. She screamed as each thrust threw her body into an aftershock orgasm. As I finished draining myself inside of her, her eyes rolled backwards for a minute. Then, her entire body hit the bed with mine collapsing on top of hers. After a few minutes of heaving breathing, kissing, and caressing, she said "how about that champagne finally?" Indeed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


"Are you in town"? The text was a familiar one. It was from Ava, a fitness model I worked with some time ago. We had flirted every time that we worked together. It was a slow, smoldering attraction but nothing ever really came of it before. She was loyal to her then-boyfriend so I never really pushed the issue. "Yeah, I'm still in New York" I texted back. "Do you want to get together at my hotel"? she replied. I thought about that for a minute. I had worked a lot of hours that day and was thinking of just relaxing at home. Still, never give up an opportunity to go out with a beautiful woman because that opportunity may never come your way again and drinks out would be just the thing to take the edge off the day. "Sure" I finally said. "Give me an hour". She texted me her hotel info. I took a quick shower, put on a dress shirt and pants, then headed over.

When I got to the hotel, I went straight up to the room and knocked on the door. "Come on in. It's open" Ava said. I opened the door. There, sitting on the hotel room desk was Ava, in only a baby doll lingerie, waiting. I smiled, closed and locked the door, then quietly walked towards her, loosening a couple buttons on my shirt as I walked. She smiled, tilted her head with a nervous laughter, and watched as I slowly strode towards her.

Ava bit her lip and looked down as I stood in front of her. I reached my hand out towards her face and took her chin in my hand, tilting her face up. My eyes caught her deep blue pupils as my hand slowly made caressing patterns on her face, tracing from her chin to her hair, brushing it away from her smooth cheeks, exposing her ear. "Hi" I said with a slight laughter as I continued caressing her beautiful skin. "We're not going out for drinks, are we?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "I thought we might have drinks...after" she said, in a slow, seductive voice. "Oh? After what, I wonder" I suggested. "I think you can use your imagination" she replied. "I don't know, I can imagine a lot but I'd rather deal with reality" I said and with that, bent down to give Ava a kiss.

I kissed her lightly, just a slight peck at first. Ava had the fullest pair of ruby red lips and I wanted to savor the taste. I pulled back for a second to gauge her reaction. "Mmmmm" she cooed. I smiled, then went in with full passion. This attraction had been building for so long, like two volcanoes building pressure, just waiting for the right moment to explode. Tonight was that moment. We kissed passionately; each one of us exploring each other with our hands. My hands reached down to feel her full, firm breasts, finally undoing her lingerie top tie to free them from their lace prison. As I did that, Ava undid the rest of the buttons on my shirt and pulled it off of my torso. Then, she undid my belt and forced it down to the ground.

I tilted Ava back towards the wall behind the desk. I noticed a mirror to the right but paid it no mind at the time. I was going to feast on my lady and take my time doing it. I started traveling down her gorgeous body,  telling her how beautiful and sexy each body part was the entire way. First, I started kissing her neck, then traveled down to her breasts. I gave each breast plenty of attention, licking and sucking each nipple to full erection, lightly swirling my tongue around the entire time. I kissed her stomach, leaving little marks of saliva on it. I felt her butterflies in her stomach as she began to moan her approval.

As I moved between her legs, I noticed Ava staring at the mirror. She enjoyed watching herself, watching me. I positioned her so that she would have a better view of my next moves, then I reached down and pulled her lace panties off of her. As I did that, I started slowly sucking her toes; first her left foot, then her right. Then I moved down her legs, kissing each part as I moved closer to my destination. As I got closer, I noticed her legs glistening. She was wet in anticipation of my tongue. I got to her pussy, looked up at her approving face, gave her a sly wink, and went in for the feast.

I started licking her pussy lips, working each part to perfection. As I began working on her clit, I looked up to read Ava's reaction. She was busy looking in the mirror at herself. Ava let me know how much she enjoyed me, moaning and talking dirty the entire time. "Damn baby, shit, fuck" and other variations of those words forced themselves uncontrollably from her vocal chords. Ava started putting her hands on my head, forcing it into her as she started grinding my face with her hips. Her moans became louder and louder. After what seemed like forever, Ava suddenly screamed "fuck, I'm gonna cum!!!" I kept alternating between licking her clit, working a few fingers inside her while I did it. She suddenly grabbed my head tight and lurched forward as her first wave engulfed her body. I kept right on eating her, guiding her body to its thunderous climax.

I brought Ava to climax a couple more times, then decided I needed to be inside her. I slowly stood up in front of her and pulled down my briefs, finally freeing my now rock solid cock. All 7 thick inches sprung out of my briefs as the fabric was removed. It was jealous of my tongue and wanted some of the sweet nectar that my tongue was busy enjoying for the better part of an hour.

I stood Ava up, turned her around, bent her over, and had her face the mirror. As she bent down, I smacked her perfectly round ass hard a few times. She winced but said "harder" each time; each time feeling more force than the last. Finally, I had enough of the smacking. I stroked my cock a few times, spread Ava's legs, and entered her. Her pussy lips eagerly took my cock in slowly, then surrounded it with her warmth, inviting it in with ease.

I started slowly working my cock in and out of her. Then, I started becoming more forceful. Passion took over my body and the beast came out. I grabbed her hair and forced her head back with one hand while my other hand lightly grabbed her throat. I turned her head so that she was watching me in the mirror take her at my will. In and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. We watched each other''s facial expressions with each thrust. Ava started matching my thrusts, grinding her hips back into me as I thrusted forward. Our muscles clenched. Sweat began to pour from our bodies. We were fucking with wild abandon, each wanting to please the other, trying to outdo each other.

Our grunts and moans pierced the night air. Our bodies looked like they had done cardio for four hours. Muscles were getting tired, spent from all the pressure. Yet, we kept going, neither one of us wanting to stop. At long last, Ava started to cum again. That was all I needed. I started to grunt louder as I started emptying a load of cream into her. We collapsed on top of the desk; each of us exhausted from our first session. "Fuck baby" I panted. "That was good". "Was that what you imagined it would be like all this time?" she managed to say. "Better" I replied as I held her close. We continued all night, eventually even making it to the bed after fucking her against the hotel wall, window, and shower. We never did get those drinks. I'll have to get a rain check on those.