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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back From Los Angeles

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English: Photo taken by Bobak Ha'Eri. Taken July 16, 2001. Please observe license and properly cite in use outside Wikipedia. Category:Images of Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm back from a rather successful trip to Los Angeles. The project with Amber's company is coming along nicely. We're probably 3 months away from completing the campaign. Then we get going in earnest on the holiday season campaign.

It's a big account, for which I'm grateful. It took care of my payroll for my staff for the next year and a half, including 5 new hires and pay raises for everyone, including myself. In fact, this account paid for all business expenses until 2016: payroll, rent, taxes, everything.

Any other accounts that we already have or will get will be icing on a nice, fat cake. It will allow me to grow my business.

I think back to where I started only a couple of years ago with this idea and see how far I''ve come. It's taken a lot of hard work and a big leap of faith but little by little, I'm getting there. My company isn't huge. We're now up to 14 employees but we're growing and we're saving up money for the upcoming recession, which I think is coming within another couple of years. It happens too much these days for it not to happen and when it does, business will be scarce and we have to be ready.

As far as women go, Amber and I went at it hot and heavy while I was out there. In fact, she was the only woman I had while I was there (a rarity). I'll tell those stories when I get the chance. I also will tell those stories that I didn't get to tell about the other women I was with while I was in Las Vegas a couple of months back.

As far as blog updates go, hopefully you weren't too bored by my Panther Rules series. Those are what I call "how the hell am I going to fill 3 weeks of blog posts in one hour of free time" posts. Sorry. I'll now be giving you updates on Amber, the Vegas women, and supplement the blog with older stories. I should be in New York for a couple of weeks. Then there's a South Beach trip I have to squeeze in and I still haven't figured out what I'm doing for July 4th yet. It better involve women. 
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Missy Chin laid in my bed on her back. Her arms were handcuffed to the headboard. Her eyes were blindfolded with a black silk scarf. I had gone into the next room but she didn't know what for? What would I bring back? Would it be a paddle? Maybe it would be a feather.

I came back into the room and closed the door. My next move told her all she needed to know. I shook the can. " got the whipped cream" she said. "Uh huh". I took the can and sprayed some onto her large pierced nipples. My tongue instinctively followed what my devious thoughts told it to do. It started licking the whipped cream off of her her nipple. My lips started suckling. The tongue teased the point of her glorious nipple until it was hard and sharp. Seductively, it swirled around it, enjoying every millimeter of her goodness; the bumps of her nipple getting bigger with each swirl. I repeated dragged my teeth over her nipple, enticing excitement and moaning from her.

Not one to neglect any part of my Asian lover, I moved to her right nipple and repeated the process. As I was enjoying the taste of her nipple and whipped cream, my left hand reached down and started caressing her pussy. I wanted it wet and ready for what I was about to do with it. She moaned; first quietly, then louder and louder. I kept it slow and steady. I wanted to prolong her enjoyment.

Once I thought she was ready, I took the can of whipped cream and shook it up. My mouth traveled down her stomach and chest until it found its destination: her sweet tasting pussy. I spread her legs, aimed the can downward, and started to put the cream all over her pussy lips. She squealed and giggled as the cold cream found its mark. I started slowly, erotically licking the cream off of her pussy. The taste of both the cream and her pussy juices was so good. I feasted like a famished man. My tongue started licking and sucking cream off of her clit, working it up while my fingers probed the tightness of her pussy; first with one finger, then with two.

My fingers started working faster and faster. My tongue spread its pace. Her clit was so ripe. I was in heaven. Missy started twisting. Her hands wanted to break free from the headboard but cold steel prevented her escape. She was mine. Her pussy was mine. I was going to fulfill my mission and make her cum hard. I love watching her cum so much. Her body has an otherworldly experience.

I worked her to the brink, eased up, and worked her to the brink again. I repeated the process several times; playing her body like a concert pianist. She was under my complete control. When she would cum would be determined by me. Finally, I let her go over the brink. The bed shook as her hands tried gripping the headboard, only to find air. Her legs shook. Her back and hips arched up, thrashing about while my arms tried holding her down. Her moans and screams turned into loud cries, her body shaking as if possessed by an inner earthquake. I rode the tremors with her as she started lowering her body, catching her breath.

I took the can of whipped cream, put some whipped cream on my tongue and licked her pussy a few times. I brought my mouth up to her lips. Our tongues explored each others' mouths; her tongue tasting the combination of her pussy juices and the whipped cream. She grabbed every bit of the cream off of my tongue and swallowed, giving me a deep, long, erotic kiss. We proceeded to have many adventures with that can that night.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bet You Can't Make It To Six

"I bet I can make you cum in 5 sucks" Missy said as we cuddled on the bed. We had been having fun in Los Angeles ever since I got back into town, having sex almost every night. Missy and I were working together on one of my projects so it was great to work with her during the day, then go back to the hotel and have sex with her at night. "Oh, is there some new trick you learned?" I said. "You'll see" she said as she moved from my arms, got off the bed onto her knees and told me to stand up and steady myself by the side of the bed. "5 sucks" she said. I was intrigued to find out how.

I didn't have to wait long as she knelt down and began her work. With one movement, Missy opened her mouth wide, breathed in deeply, and swallowed my cock whole. Her tongue started swirling around the bottom of my shaft, as her throat started massaging my head. The rest of her mouth muscles started tightening and loosening around the shaft, applying just the right amount of pressure. Her entire mouth region started giving my cock a high powered cock massage. I wasn't sure how she doing it without a gag reflex.

After a few minutes, she pulled away from my cock, saliva streaming from her mouth and my cock. I was already getting weak. "That was amazing" I gasped. "That was one. Here's two" she cooed, took a deep breath and dove right back in. This time, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. With her right hand, she shoved a finger into my ass, while her left hand started to massage my balls; all of this while her mouth continued working its magic.

I started feeling the pressure build up in my cock. This woman's skills were incredible. I began to think I wasn't going to make it to 5 strokes, the way she was going. I was determined to make it to number six. I tried thinking of other things to keep myself from cumming too soon. Food, sports, work, anything to put off the inevitable.

Missy pulled out and repeated the process two more times. I was proud of myself. I had made it to suck number 5. All I had to do was to make it through this one and she lost. Victory would be mine. Missy dove in again, putting her finger up my ass while her mouth continued its extremely good impression of a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Just as I figured I was going to win this bed, Missy pulled out all the stops and shoved her finger up my ass harder and further.

That pretty much did it. I started breathing heavily and grunted, trying not to cum. "I'm going to cum" I screamed as I felt my load about to pop out. Missy pulled out just in time as my cum shot out and covered her breasts. She rubbed my cum onto her skin as she proudly smiled. She looked up at me and said "I win". She may have won that round but there were many more rounds to play.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Los Angeles

     I'll be going to Los Angeles on business soon. I have a few meetings planned, plus a couple of projects that I need to consult on. I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of ladies. The first is media representative Amber. Amber is a former beauty queen from the midwest who married young to a doctor, who moved them out to Los Angeles. Her husband had dreams of becoming a celebrity doctor while she dreamed of becoming an actress. Her husband's dreams are sort of mid-level at the moment while her acting dreams hit a brick wall. She is, however, a very good media representative. I think that she could be a good entertainment spokesperson.

     The thing that I've noticed is that she seems very unhappy. I've gone to restaurants with Amber and her husband. He's very emotionally abusive in public and gets openly drunk and flirtatious with other women right in front of Amber. That, I do not like. If I were doing business with him, our business would be concluded rather rapidly. However, I'm doing business with her.

    Amber's actually a very nice woman and opens up her personality when her husband's not around. It's not my nature to try to rescue someone but in a weird way, I feel like I should with her. I'm sure it's because of what I saw my mother go through when I was growing up. My father was very abusive towards both her and myself. I've never forgiven him for what he did to my family and it hurts me to see women treated in the same manner.

     Amber's extremely beautiful with a tight aerobicized body. For a man to disrespect a woman like this is a shame. A lot of men neglect their women. I'm here to make sure they are neglected no more.

     The other person I'm looking forward to seeing is model Missy Chin. She's a sweet Asian model who I've had the pleasure of working with before. This time, I'll be behind the camera photographing her. The last time she and I worked together, things got pretty hot and bothered between us. We ended up having sex back in the hotel after the photo shoot was over. I'm pretty sure it's going to happen again.

     The hotel I normally stay at in Los Angeles is the Luxe City Center. This hotel is beautiful and is perfectly located in downtown, right down the street from the Staples Center. This hotel gets a big thumbs up in quality from me.