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Ava - The After Party

For her birthday, I took my sister to watch my...
For her birthday, I took my sister to watch my personal trainer compete in the bodybuilding and fitness competition. Sylvia is number 18. (304949107) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While I was in Las Vegas for my conference, Ava was in town for one of the many fitness competitions that make their way through the city. I went to the competition to support Ava. Plus, it was a great networking opportunity. Since my company makes web sites (among other internet related services), Ava said she would make some introductions so that I could pick up a few potential clients.

Ava placed well in her division. I was very proud of her, as I knew how much work she had put into sculpting her body. Fitness and bodybuilding are not cheap sports. It takes a lot of money to buy supplements and (for a lot of competitors) steroids. If you're internet popular, a supplement or sports clothing company can take interest in you and endorse you. In exchange for giving you supplements, clothing, etc, you appear at competitions, made appearances in supplement stores and gyms, and get exposure in fitness magazines. For some competitors, it's extremely lucrative. Some competitors have gone on to make movies, started companies of their own, started restaurants, and had branding deals with other clothing companies, etc. My services would just be a cog in that wheel.

Las Vegas (creative commons)
Las Vegas (creative commons) (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn DeLight (back again))
After the competition, there was a party in the hotel where the competition was, which Ava had invited me to. The party itself was a pretty decent, yet tame one. Business people mingled with the athletes. I made quite a few contacts there but there weren't too many people letting their hair down, even with an open bar. I think the reason why was because, while we were there, we kept hearing about this after party that one of the supplement companies was throwing in a warehouse a few blocks off the Strip. Ava and I decided to go back to her room, resist temptation to have sex, let her change into a slutty little dress that left nothing to the imagination and go to that party.

Now, if there's one thing about the fitness industry, it's that underneath the hard bodies and good looks hides what are honestly a bunch of sex freaks and exhibitionists. That could be because of the jacked up testosterone in both the men and women or the fact that these people work hard on their bodies and love to show them off but when bodybuilders and fitness competitors feel comfortable, they can let loose a lot. Their egos and sex drives need to be fed and nothing will get in their way. The gender of sex doesn't matter, either; nor does the fact that they might be married or have girlfriends and boyfriends. They just know that they want to fuck whenever and however they want.
English: Bodybuilding
English: Bodybuilding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The warehouse itself had two floors. The main floor had couches spread around it, with little clusters in secluded areas for VIP sections. Then, there was an iron staircase, which lead to a second floor with a few large conference rooms and work rooms. It was a pretty funky place to throw a party and reminded me of some of the illegal parties I used to go to when I first came to New York City.

When we got to the warehouse, we understood why the other party was so businesslike. This party was a den of debauchery. People were having sex everywhere while loud dance music pumped through the oversized speakers along the walls. Ava and I inspected the festivities while we walked through the place. On one table, a huge bodybuilder was eating out a female fitness competitor, who I swore was married. Ava and I watched that for a little while, getting ourselves worked up a little. My cock got hard as I pressed Ava from behind. I slid my hand down her until I could feel her panties. They were soaked.

I knew we needed to find a place around here to work off this sexual energy so we continued walking around. On the couches, men were making out with women and with other men, in some cases. One guy had his lover's cock out and was giving him a masterful blow job. As we turned the corner to go upstairs, we spotted a male contestant fucking another male contestant up the ass. We decided to try to go up to the conference rooms. The bouncer for that area knew Ava so he let us through. We searched for an empty room. We opened the door to the first room. We saw 2 workers for the supplement company having a threesome with a woman who I knew represented their product. "Now there's one way to keep your endorsement" I thought to myself as we closed the door and pressed on. As we walked by another conference room, we looked in the room window and saw two female bodybuilders having sex on top of the conference room table. "Man, this is one freaky party. Too bad they can't do this in the clubs any more" I said to Ava. Ava nodded her head.

Deutsch: Bodybuilder Markus Ruehl beim Posen
Deutsch: Bodybuilder Markus Ruehl beim Posen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Finally, we found a small room that was unoccupied. We closed and locked the door behind us so that we wouldn't be disturbed. Ava got on top of the table, laid down, and took her panties off while I took off my clothes. At that point, there was no need to keep anything on since the lock was on the door and the cops weren't coming to break up this den of sin. I went to work eating Ava's pussy and ass. Ava screamed loudly. Since the music was thumping loud, shaking everything, no one could hear our cries of lust.

After I made Ava cum a few times, I put my cock into her and started slamming her harder and harder. I didn't care at that point. I just needed to get off. Ava screamed and moaned. The music drove us to fuck harder and scream louder. It felt tribal, animalistic. My muscles ached with each thrust until I couldn't take it any more. I emptied myself into Ava and collapsed on top of her. We rested for a few minutes, then decided to get dressed, get out of the party, and go back to my condo to finish our own party. After all, it would have been rude to occupy the room so that others couldn't enjoy its usefulness.
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