Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Columbiana: Riding the Wave

  "I want you to fuck me deep" Columbiana said as she lay naked on her back. She was on a stopover and needed to be serviced. Who am I to deny a lady? My hard naked body was already sweaty from our session and I was ready to go in for the kill.

     I decided she needed some deep grinding. I got behind her with her body still laying on her stomach. I split her legs apart and slowly arched her round ass off the bed just a little. I just wanted her pussy off the bed just enough so that my rock hard cock could attack. I drew my hips closer to her and slowly entered her pussy from behind, using her ass as a cushion. She moaned as I pushed it in deeper and deeper. She adjusted her hips as my flesh probe slid in until I was balls deep.

     I slowly, forcibly thrusted myself into her, then pulled out almost all the way. Then I thrusted myself in again and again. As I did, I maneuvered my hips and ground into her until my balls were almost into her pussy. My force pleased her. She announced each stroke with a moan and a scream. I lay almost on top of her as I penetrated her. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. My mouth uttered nasty thoughts into her ear.

     I wanted her to feel my force. I wanted it so deep inside her. I wanted my cock to rip the deep portions of her insides out while I drained my cum inside of her. Over and over again, my meat had its way with her pussy. Her breath became shorter, gasping for air, grabbing for oxygen futilely. Her hands stretched out for something strong to hold onto. A sheet, a pillow, the headboard, anything so that she could stabilize herself for her orgasm. It was of no use.

     I had her right where I wanted her. I wanted her to feel the loss of control over her body. I wanted her pleasure to take control over what she thought a good girl should do. Silly woman. Didn't she already know it was a losing battle on her part?

     Her body slowly built up her eruption. Little tremors coursed through her skin; each one stronger than the last. Her arms flailed away. Her leg muscles pulsed with each shock her nervous system gave it. Interior electrodes were afire as my black cock hit its mark time and time again. Finally, her body couldn't take any more and she erupted in an orgasmic tsunami. Each wave was bigger and bigger until finally they slowed down to mere ripples. Her energy spent, she collapsed underneath me. My job done, I allowed myself the pleasure of cumming and exploded inside of her.
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