Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Hotel Story

English: Manhattan’s Hotel Pennsylvania.
English: Manhattan’s Hotel Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Missy Chin stayed with me recently in Manhattan for a few days while we were working on a project. During that time, I had one of those industry parties to go to at the Pennsylvania Hotel here in NYC. It's the one across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden on 7th Ave, for those who are familiar with New York. I decided to take Missy with me, in order to curb the boredom

Missy and I were in one of the banquet halls, doing the usual; making rounds, laughing at the same jokes of people who we never found funny to begin with. Quite frankly, we were bored. However, my woman was looking good, due to working out a lot (you know how I always go for the athletic ones). She had on a black cocktail dress that wasn't hiding too much. I was the envy of all the men there.

After listening to yet another stupid joke, she excused herself from the group to go to the bathroom. That left me to listen to some corporate drone who had a hard on for his own bureaucratic rules talk about all the forms he coauthored for the upper brass. After a few minutes, my lady walked back from the bathroom. As she slid up next to me, she kissed me on the cheek and discretely handed me something. It was her thong panties. She winked and said to the guy I was getting bored by, I mean, listening intensely to, "do you mind if I take my man? I have someone I need to introduce him to". Saved!!

We walked out of the room and down a hall. Now, Missy had a model friend who used to work at the hotel. She couldn't get a room for us due to the holiday season. Her friend said there was a janitor's rest area closet somewhere on that particular floor and Missy wanted to live out a fantasy. After some searching, we finally found it. We weren't sure of the housekeeping schedule. Plus, it was near one of the main corridors. We could be discovered any second. Not a problem. I live for this.

We got into the closet. It wasn't too roomy but roomy enough. We closed the door behind us. There was a small light but it would've given us away. We had to do this one by feel. We started kissing. She moved her hands down to my pants zipper. I moved my hands down to her waist & lifted up her dress. Slowly, I slipped my hand between her legs and slipped two fingers inside her. She undid my pants and started stroking my cock.

She felt so wet as my fingers worked their magic. Her hands were already getting my cock rock solid. Her pussy juices were making my hands soaking wet. I took them out of her pussy and fed them to her. She licked them completely, savoring her taste.

I lifted her up to my waist and put her against the wall. Once she was balanced, I grabbed my cock and guided it into her wetness. She felt so good. She started biting my suit jacket collar to hide the gasp and moan from my initial entry. I started grinding her against the wall; slowly at first so her hips could adjust to being against the wall. She adjusted quickly. Soon, she was grinding her hips into me.

Suddenly, we stopped. There was talking coming from just outside the door. Housekeeping? It didn't seem like it. It sounded like a few people from the party. I slowly started fucking Missy again. All the while, the people were just outside the door talking. I got more excited and started fucking harder. My lady was rolling. She tried so hard not to make noise; continuing to bite into my jacket. That just made me fuck her harder. She was getting close. I could feel it. She was digging her fingernails into my back.

I felt her leg muscles tighten and let her continue to grind me as she came all over my cock. Her pussy muscles contracted around my cock, begging it to cum inside her. I oblidged, pumping a load of creamy sweetness inside of her. As we finally got ourselves back together, we heard the people next to the door leave. I slowly opened the door and peaked out. The coast was clear. We left the closet and left the hotel. We had already made our rounds. No sense in going back in. Besides, we had some sexual business to take care of when we got home.
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