Friday, April 25, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 5

I rolled off of the bed and went for the bottle of champagne. As I was getting off of the bed, Blasian grabbed Fiona's strap-on and started sucking on it, giving it a blowjob. I sat on the nearby chair, content to watch these two ladies for a little while as I got my strength back.

My sweaty muscular body leaned back as I watched my lovely Blasian push Fiona on her back, straddle her hips, and start riding the strap-on. Blasian started slowly grinding her hips, the muscles in her legs expanding and contracting with every thrust. Blasian's moans were shallow, her breath quiet, her concentration intense. I started getting hard watching her, my cock stiffening with every thrust.

Blasian bent forward towards Fiona, her breasts just over Fiona's waiting mouth. Fiona sucked on Blasian's nipples hungrily. I started stroking my cock, getting it ready for what I wanted to do next, swigging from the champagne bottle at the same time. After a few minutes, I made my move.

I climbed back onto the bed, got behind Blasian, and got on my knees. Grabbing Blasian's hip with one hand, I grabbed my cock with the other hand and guided it into Blasian's asshole while she was still bent forward, riding Fiona. Blasian squirmed but adjusted to the double penetration that she was feeling. I started fucking her ass hard, matching her backwards thrust while she thrusted down onto the strap-on. We developed a good rhythm, a senual beat that kept flowing.

After a while, Fiona said "oooh, I want some of that cock up my ass. Let's switch" to Blasian. I pulled out of Blasian and rested against the side of my bed, downing champagne while Blasian and Fiona got into the missionary position, with Fiona on top. Fiona started thrusting into Blasian while I sat back and watched, content to let Blasian get off while I enjoyed my bottle for a few minutes. After a little while, I decided it was payback time for Fiona.

I grabbed Fiona's hips and rammed my cock into her ass hard, just like she did to me earlier. She let out a scream but I could've cared less. I continued slamming into her. As I slammed down upon her ass, the thrust made her slam harder into Blasian's pussy. It was almost as if I was fucking both of them. I began to enjoy this idea, the thought that I could fuck both of them literally at the same time.

I continued fucking Fiona hard, her screams mixing with Blasian's moans. I was determined not to cum until Blasian got hers. I didn't have to wait long. Blasian grabbed Fiona's hips tightly. Her legs stiffened in the air as she let her orgasm take control of her body. Watching all of this happen, I finally let go and released my load into Fiona's pained ass. Then, both Fiona and I collapsed on top of Blasian and rolled next to her, a sweating, almost spent pile of brown and white skin. You would think after all of that, we'd be done. Well, one of us was but it wasn't me....
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