Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 3

Blasian took me by the hands and led me to the bed while Fiona went into her suitcase and grabbed a blindfold and 2 silk scarves. Fiona put it on me, then pushed me face first onto the bed. They guided me so that I face down on the full length of the bed. Then, they tied my arms to the headboard.

Now, I'm face down and tied onto a bed, not knowing what's coming next. I heard the zipper of the suitcase open and close. Then, I felt it. WHACK!! A sharp sting of leather straps fell upon my ass. I let out a scream as the reality of what was coming hit me. WHACK!! This time, I was more prepared and didn't yell as loud. That just got the ladies angrier. I could tell they were taking turns hitting me. The smacking went faster and faster. I got used to the pain and started grunting more and more.

Pain turned into pleasure. HARDER I said with each smack. IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO? The whip came with more ferocity. I started laughing. Apparently, my laughing just aggravated them. I felt hands motion my hips up. "On your knees" Blasian said. I edged myself onto my knees. The hitting continued for a while. I felt the mattress shift as someone climbed onto it. I felt hands on my hips as someone positioned themselves behind me, pushing my legs apart. That's when I felt it...
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