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Spring Break Beach

Cancun beach (Mexico), August 2006
Cancun beach (Mexico), August 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I noticed on the news that it was spring break time again. When I was in college, I used to love going to warm climates and going to what were basically oversized frat parties. Ah, the follies of youth. The girls at spring break, though, were amazing.

One year, my friends and I went down to Cancun, Mexico. We did the usual guy stuff. We went to the bars, drank our asses off, watched hot women doing wet t shirt contests, and lay out on the beach. At night, we hit the clubs and tried to score with hot girls. Like I said, typical neanderthal guy stuff.

One night, we were at one of those beach clubs when my friends and I spotted 4 girls drinking and dancing away at the bar. Being drunk and stupid, we decided it couldn't hurt to say hi to them. As my friends started taking to the other ladies who were supermodel quality, I started taking to the mousier one. Her name was Stephanie. She was quiet and shy and seemed to be the geeky brains behind the group. She went to school at USC. She was Asian and wore black rimmed glasses.

With me being the geeky brains behind my group, Stephanie and I got along great. We talked the rest of the night and decided to ditch our collective friends the next day. We hung out at the beach, went to a few bars, then went out to a beachside restaurant that evening.

Throughout the day, we were holding hands and caressing each other. While laying out on the beach, I kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me back full on the mouth. We made out for the better part of the afternoon.

After a romantic dinner at a restaurant far away from the college rowdiness, we took a walk at end end of one of the beaches. We sat down in a relatively secluded part of the beach and started making out. Our hands were traveling everywhere. She wore a blouse and a skirt, while I was in a collared t shirt and jeans with sandals.

She started taking off my shirt. At first, I was taken aback. She was moving pretty quick. It wasn't that I was going to say no. It was just that up until then, I hadn't had a girl who wanted to make the first move or have sex in a public place. I decided to hell with it and to go for it. I quickly stripped off her clothes while she ripped off mine.

We were completely naked on a sandy beach in a warm climate. The moon bathed our lustful bodies in moonlight while the waves slowly lapped slowly around us. Off in the far distance, we could hear crowds of people at the bars going nuts with the music.

I lay back on the sand while she got on all fours and started sucking my cock. The waves crashed against our bodies as she quickly stroked my shaft and sucked on my head. I motioned for her to swing around in a 69 and put her pussy on  my face. She quickly oblidged. At this point, I didn't care if we had an audience. I just wanted to eat her pussy and fuck the living shit out of her.

After what seemed like an eternity of mutual pleasure, I desperately wanted to feel my cock inside her. She swung herself around to the cowgirl position and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. Damn, she was fuckin tight but it felt so damn good. She rode me like it was the last time she was going to have sex. She bucked back and forth, hard and fast, drilling my member. The warm ocean water surrounded our bodies. We moaned and screamed loudly. Suddenly, her body started shaking as she came. I didn't last much longer; pumping a load of cum into her tight pussy for what seemed like forever. She collapsed onto my chest and we lay there, enjoying the view and the moment.

We had sex a lot more times during that week and promised to write and call each other again. Of course, since it was just before the age of the internet, that proved to be futile. However, we'll always have those memories of Cancun. They still bring a smile to my face.
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