Monday, April 21, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 1

This happened a couple Valentine Days ago:

Blasian's college roommate Fiona came into town on business during Valentine's Day (see the New Year's Eve posts for a recap on Blasian and Fiona). We all knew we were going to make a lot of noise during the night so we got a room at the Marriott Marquis, the same same hotel we were at New Year's Eve. We put down our bags and went off to dinner. Lucky me had 2 dates for Valentine's Day.

After spending a lot of money on dinner (restaurants in the city always jack up the prices double for that day), we stopped off at the liquor store for multiple bottles of champagne and food, and headed back to the hotel.

Once we hit the door, the action started...only it started without me. I was told to sit on a chair. Once there, I was handcuffed. Then, the ladies started with their fun, kissing each other and stripping each other of their clothing. Then, Fiona laid Blasian down on the bed, went over to her suitcase, and came back with a strap-on on.

Fiona walked over to the side of the bed, grabbed Blasian's hair, and forced her to give the strap-on a blowjob. Fiona moaned something fierce while Blasian worked her magic on the strap-on. Blasian does give amazing blowjobs, even on a piece of plastic. Fiona was getting extremely turned on by it. So was I, as I was struggling to figure out how to free myself so that I could stroke my cock, which was screaming for relief.

After a few minutes of letting Blasian blow the strap-on while putting a finger into Fiona's ass, Fiona decided it was time to ride. She put Blasian into the missionary position, grabbed her ankles, wishboned Blasian, and entered her with the strap-on. Blasian screamed while Fiona pounded her pussy like a madwoman, grabbing Blasian's hair and talking dirty to her. I started squirming even more. I was becoming a beast, wanting to fuck so hard. Little did I know that it was going to be quite some time before I was allowed to do some pounding of my own.

Fiona kept thrusting into Blasian for a little while, then pulled out,  flipped Blasian over, put her on all fours, and entered Blasian's ass with the strap-on. Grabbing Blasian's har, Fiona yanked her head back, smacked her ass repeatedly, and spoke dirty to Blasian while railing Blasian's ass. After some time spent plowing Blasian's ass, Fiona pulled out, and repeated the process on Blasian's pussy. Blasian screamed, moaned, and bucked until Fiona finally let Blasian cum. Then, while Blasian collapsed from the hard fuck she just received, Fiona game over to me.....
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