Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 6

Blasian had fallen asleep on the bed. Too much alcohol, coupled with a few hours of getting completely fucked in every hole by myself and Fiona. Suddenly, it was just Fiona and myself awake and horny as hell still. I had never had Fiona by myself. Whenever Fiona and I fucked, Blasian was always there participating. Now, I was finally getting my chance to go one on one with the Italian tatted up stallion. Fiona had the strap-on off by now. It was time I paid her back in spades for fucking my ass with it.

I yanked her off the bed and moved her back towards the hotel window. I wasn't sure if there was an audience that late in the office windows but I didn't care at that point. We kissed passionately, angrily. She slapped and spat in my face. I did the same to her. I knew she loved it rough and nasty. We went at it carnally.

I knelt down, split apart her legs, and hungrily ate her. She put her hands and legs around my head as I willfully was forced into her. I worked my fingers into her as my tongue and lips worked overtime to make her cum. She screamed and buckled as her juices flowed onto my face. Her hands and legs clamped down onto me, holding on for the ride.

I didn't give her any rest afterwards. It was time for payback. As she was coming off of her orgasm, I got out from underneath her and stood up. Grabbing her body, I spun her around away from me and kicked apart her legs. I pushed her completely against the window, grabbed her hair with one hand and yanked her head back as my other hand guided my shaft into her ass. Then, with one hand still yanking her head back and the other hand now firmly around her throat, I started fucking her ass hard.

Her noises went from laughing to moaning to screaming to gasping for air. With every noise, I rammed her harder. My hips were on autopilot, pounding away at this gorgeous lady. She lifted up her left leg so that she could take the pounding better. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder" she screamed. I gave her all that she wanted and then some. My entire shaft went all the way into her ass with every thrust, right up to the balls.

Finally, she couldn't take any more. Her ass muscles clamped down onto my cock as she came again. I soon let myself go, thrusting out another load of my cum for the evening into her ass. We laughed and stared out at the traffic as we rested for the next go round. Fiona was definitely worth the wait.
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