Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Valentine Day Story Part 4

The plastic entered me slowly. At first, I was surprised and began to pull away. Someone grabbed my hips and slapped my ass hard. Being blindfolded and handcuffed, I couldn't figure out who it was; at least, not at first. I felt my ass cheeks getting spread apart and my legs getting knocked further apart. That strap-on was going in, whether I was ready or not.

I felt the first inch enter me. I let out a gasp, then a grunt as I got used to the pain. Then, another inch followed by another inch. "Now, you're gonna know what it feels like, bitch. Take it" Fiona said as the strap-on went all the way inside. She then pulled out and started pushing in and out of me, developing a rhythm.

With every thrust, I grunted. I clenched my fists against the bedposts that I was tied to. My muscles flexed as my tormentor enforced her will upon my ass. When she realized that I was taking it well, Fiona went faster and harder. "Who's bitch are you?" Fiona said sternly. "I am" I grunted between the painful thrusts she unleashed. "WHO'S BITCH?!" she screamed. "I AM!" I screamed back. "That's right. You're my bitch" she said. Then she said "jerk him off" to Blasian.

Blasian reached underneath me and grabbed my now rock solid and throbbing Black cock. With an expert tug, she started slowly working the shaft, sliding her hand up and down. Fiona kept going with her thrusts the entire time, making me grunt louder, commanding my ass to move with her thrusts.

Blasian kept sliding up and down my shaft, intermittently stopping to fondle my balls and squeeze the head of my cock. I felt her body move underneath me, taking up a position to milk me with her mouth. I was powerless to stop them; just a piece of meat for them to do what they wanted to.

Blasian's mouth started working the head of my shaft, slowly licking and puffing on it like it was a cigar. Her hands grabbed my shaft and wouldn't let go. She was determined to make me cum while Fiona enjoyed ramming me from behind, her grunts matching mine. After what felt like forever, I couldn't take any more. I had to unload. With my body tensing, I pushed my ass backwards onto Fiona's strap-on, grabbed the bedpost, and convulsed, letting loose a ferocious flood of cum onto Blasian. After having my body taken over by an orgasmic spirit, I felt my body go numb as all tension was released and I melted. Fiona pulled out of my ass, smacked it, took off my blindfold, and undid my binds. "Good job, bitch" Fiona said proudly. You'd think we'd be done but I was just getting warmed up. They had their fun. Now, it was time for mine....

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