Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Woman in Every Port

My Manhattan roommate Tony the escort and I were having a conversation the other day about women the other day. The one thing we both realized is that we're both sex addicts. We just go about fulfilling it in different ways. For Tony, he turned his love of sex into a high paying job as an escort. Unofficially, sex is off the table. He's only supposed to escort his clients, both male and female, to events. However, the job itself implies sex afterwards and sex is always had, at the negotiated off-the-books price. 

Tony is not gay or even bisexual. However, one can make a lot more money with gay rich men than with rich women and in New York City, there's an awful lot more gay rich men. Tony told me once that he doesn't get off on guys. He gets off on the money he's making doing guys. He just turns his attraction off to a guy, thinks about the stuff he can spend the money on, and cums that way. 

When he's with a woman, however, it's a whole other story. Tony LOVES women, just like I do. He told me there's never been a client who he's been with who has ever turned him off. He can always find something about them that will attract him and he'll focus on that. He figured by now, he's been with at least a few hundred women; both for his job and for his pleasure.

I, on the other hand, have not been with a few hundred. In fact, he and I figured out that I've had less than 100. It's just that, as he said, I have at least one in every port. That way, he said, I am at least guaranteed sex when I travel. I thought about this and I have to agree. At the moment, I have Sheri for when I'm in San Francisco, Amber when I'm in Los Angeles, at least a few for when I'm in Las Vegas, and Ava for my South Beach visits. Plus, at least a few of those women and I will hook up when our paths cross in different cities.

Of course, in NYC, there's always sex on tap. There's Blasian, Columbiana when she's doing her flight layovers, and Kate the bakery owner, who I haven't spoken about here yet but will starting tomorrow. There's also, in each city, a few women who get sprinkled in  for good measure. It's not that I have tons of different women, like Tony. It's that I have tons of sex with a core group of women. For me, that works better.
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