Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emma - Love in an Elevator

English: LED elevator floor indicator
English: LED elevator floor indicator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Emma and I had just gotten back from a night of drinking. As we hit the door to her apartment, our hands were all over each other. Thankfully for us, her building had an elevator. The building is about 40 stories but the elevator wasn't too busy, especially because it was about 3 in the morning. We made out and felt each other up while we waited for the elevator to get to the ground level.

When we got into the elevator, we let it go up a couple of flights. Then, Emma pushed the stop button and pushed me against the wall. In one move, she bent down, pulled down my pants, and started to work on my cock. She slurped her spit all around it and stroked the shaft until it was rock hard and ready.

While she was deep throating my cock, she had her panties down and was playing with her pussy, getting it wet and ready for my cock. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, making my cock even harder.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled her up and moved her against the wall. I lifted her up, spread her legs, and slid my cock into Emma's tight pussy. Suddenly, the bell for the elevator started ringing. I ignored it and started drilling Emma hard and fast. Emma breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath with every thrust.

I needed to make her cum fast so I reached around and stuck a finger in her ass while I fucked her. Her legs started tightening around my waist as she started cumming. I fucked her harder and harder while the elevator bell rang more and more. As Emma came, I shot a load of sweet cum into her.

We cleaned ourselves up and released the elevator door. We got off a floor below where we normally would so that the person who rang the elevator bell wouldn't know that it was Emma who was in the elevator. A little while after our elevator episode, we went at it in the stairwell but that's for a future story.

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