Saturday, June 7, 2014

Columbiana - From the Back

Female body.Image via Wikipedia     Columbiana laid on the bed on her stomach. Her nude body looked so beautiful on the now messy white sheets. We had gone at it pretty hard and were no where near done. I love when her schedule lets her come to NYC. We make up for lost time by fucking in every imaginable position.

    Columbiana's ass was arched upward, waiting for me to possess it. It was extra firm and very round. I could tell she was working out. I have it a smack with my left hand. No jiggle. Just the way I like it. So toned. So round. I grabbed her ass with both hands, got behind her, and started kissing, smacking, and rubbing her ass. Columbiana squealed every time I smacked her ass, which only made me smack it harder and harder.

     I started tonguing her asshole, letting my tongue get deep inside. I positioned my body so that I could give the maximum effort. With my right hand, I started playing with her pussy; first sticking one, then two fingers in. I continued tonguing her asshole while working her pussy; first slowly, then building up my speed. I smacked her ass with my free left hand. I was multitasking with the best of them but I was determined to make her cum hard.

     Her body shook as she couldn't contain her pleasure. Her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter. I knew I was getting her close. I went faster and faster. "Cum bitch, cum" I kept thinking. "Fucking cum hard". Her legs started to tighten. Her ass started grinding into my face and hands. I was in heaven. I was trying to bring heaven to her body.

     After a few more minutes, Columbiana grabbed what little sheets were still on the bed and arched backwards. She let out piercing screams that could've waken the dead. She reached back with her right hand and forced my face further into her ass as she shook and convulsed all over the place. Her orgasm was tremendous and I rode it like I was surfing a wave, until at last she collapsed. I let her rest for a few, cuddling her ass, kissing and licking it, waiting for her to gain strength again so that I could have my way with her some more.
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