Friday, June 13, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 3

Las Vegas (TV series)
Las Vegas (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I decided to let A have my cock first. True, A just came but she was already in position and I really wanted B to really want me sliding in and out of her badly. She was the one who told me in the club that she never tried Black cock before. Let her wait for it some more while I fuck her friend in front of her.

I got up, got behind A, spread her legs apart while she was still on all fours, and told B to go to the side of the bed and watch. I sd mew times to get it ready, then slid it into A's tight pussy. I started to pump myself into A; slowly at first, then going faster and faster. Damn, she felt good but my mind was elsewhere. It was on B.

I looked at B. She was playing with herself, watching us. "You like how I'm fucking your girl? It's gonna be you next" I said, fucking A harder. A's moans turned into screams. I grabbed her throat and pulled her backwards. I grunted as I fucked A, making her ride my cock while she was bent backwards. I kept working her while staring at B. Our eyes locked. In my mind, I was fucking B, making her feel my cock ramming her.

"Come over here and play with your girl's pussy" I grunted to her. B swung underneath A while I kept pounding her. B started rubbing A's clit. "That feel good?" B kept saying. "Fuck yeah. It feels so fuckin good. He's so fuckin deep inside me" A screamed as she kept trying to get some air.

After a while, A shuttered and screamed louder "I'm cumming!! I'm cumming!!" Her body spasmed out as she came over and over, surrendering to the dual pleasure of my cock and B's finger on her clit. B got out from under A. I threw A onto the other side of the bed like a discarded piece of paper and turned to B. "OK bitch, it's your turn. Get on your knees and turn around"......

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