Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Las Vegas: Sheri - Part 2

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When Sheri and I got into the limo, I turned up the music to the club music station (you've gotta love a limo that has satellite radio instead of the regular local radio stations) and poured some champagne. Sheri opened up the limo roof and we started drinking. We were already both buzzed but were pretty much in control. Soon, we started making out in the back seat. Our hands were all over each other as our lips and tongues interlocked. After a while, Sheri broke away, grabbed her glass of champagne, stood up through the limo roof and started screaming "whooooo...I'm in Vegas, bitches!!!!" repeatedly at the top of her lungs.

Two things ran through my mind. The first was that maybe she had more to drink than I thought. The second was that this girl needs to get out a lot more in Silicon Valley. She's too buttoned up out there. No matter. I was going to do my civic duty and make sure that she never forgot this limo ride. I reached up behind her and caressed her legs, reaching up through her dress until I got to her pussy. The lady had no panties on. I wondered if she ever had them on or if she took them off when we were in the casinos. Then I brushed the thought aside, stuck my head underneath her dress, and started licking her ass and pussy.

Even with the music turned up to the maximum, I could hear her moan and scream. She tightened her legs around my head to steady herself as I ate her extremely wet pussy. I felt her hand on top of my head and she started grinding her hips into my face. I kept going until I heard her scream loudly and her her legs shook. Then, she pushed me away and came down from the limo roof. I fell backwards onto the limo floor. Sheri jumped me and started kissing me eagerly, wanting to taste herself on my lips.

I grabbed at her dress and yanked it over her head and off of her. She grabbed at all of my clothes and ripped them off of me. My cock was getting rock solid by that time. I didn't want to waste time on a blowjob. Luckily, neither did Sheri. "Put this fucking cock in me now" she said, then straddled me on the limo floor. Sheri grabbed my cock , gave it a few hard strokes, and quickly guided it into her tight pussy. Then, she got comfortable on top and started riding me hard and fast.

Sheri rode me like a stallion, grunting and moaning as she rode. I grabbed her breasts, which were rather small but were very perky. I could tell she hadn't had sex in a while by the way she was fucking me. I was enjoying being ridden, though, and continued letting her be in control. As she rode me, she switched positions. Sometimes, she'd lower herself towards me and ride me close. Other times, she'd sit up and grab the limo roof ledge to steady herself.

Every thrust was timed to the music, like she was living out her Vegas fantasy to have wild crazy sex in the back of a limo while going down the Vegas Strip and couldn't believe it was actually coming true. She was in beast mode and I was loving it. After a while, her entire body shook again and she came. After cumming, she collapsed onto my chest. Then, it was my turn.

I flipped Sheri onto her back on the limo floor and held her legs up by her ankles. Since her pussy was already drenched, I slid into her again rather easily and started pumping her hard to the music. The beat banged in the car so loud that the windows shook. Sheri screamed with each thrust as I kept slamming and slamming. "Fuck me...fuck me", she kept screaming. I took her harder and harder, faster and faster.

After a few minutes, I flipped her again and put her on all fours, with her arms resting on the limo seat. Then, I took her from behind and continued pumping her hard. I grabbed her throat and pulled her back. "Yes, that's what I want" she screamed and slammed backwards into me with each thrust. Soon after, she came again. Then, I came deep inside her.

We rested for a few minutes. Then, we continued having more crazy sex in the limo until the time was up. The limo dropped us off at my hotel. Sheri and I continued our love making in my room, where we fucked next to the window while watching the traffic below and in the shower; not to mention the bed. By the time the next morning came, we had flights to catch and no sleep. We exchanged phone numbers. We've kept in touch these past couple of years and to this day, we still have had regular phone and webcam sex sessions. When I go to San Francisco, we usually get together there.
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