Thursday, June 12, 2014

Barbie Dolls - Part 2

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As we started back to their hotel room, the heavy petting and kissing started. By the time we got out of the elevator, my shirt was off, Barbie Doll A's pants were unbuttoned, and Barbie Doll B (I'm just going to call them A and B from here on) had her dress almost all the way off. After we got into the hotel room, all clothes were dispensed with and thrown into a pile. I grabbed both ladies and threw them onto the bed. "Suck my cock" I ordered. A took the shaft and worked it in her mouth while B sucked and licked my balls.
I stood there at the edge of the bed marveling at the scene in front of me. Two fake blonds with fake breasts sucking and licking my cock. I thought back to when I was younger, when nobody would pay attention to some geeky Black kid; back to the days when being a geek or a nerd weren't as cool as right now. All it took was to work out and get a cool job and now what used to be your fantasy life is now reality? Wow.

OK, focus on the matter at hand. Do I hold back or do I cum on these girls? I think I'll let them work me up.
I let myself go and let their mouths continue to work my cock. A's skills were ok but not really getting me there. I suspected that B had better skills so I told them to switch up. I was correct. B handled my cock like a pro. She spit on it and stroked it, working the shaft up and own with her hands. Then, she deep throated it repeatedly. While all this was going on, A sucked my balls and inserted a finger up my ass and worked it in and out. All the while, I was reaching over and smacking both of their asses with my outstretched arms. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" I screamed. B released my cock out of her mouth. I took my cock and painted both of their faces with a steady stream of my creaminess. They licked it off each others' faces and shared it with their tongues.

I decided it was time for me to return the favor. I told B to lay on her back at the back of the bed by the pillows. "Eat your bitch out" I told A. A got on her knees on the bed and positioned herself in front of B. B was ready with her legs spread and her hand rubbing her now wet pussy. As A got to work on B's pussy, I got behind A. I spanked her ass a few times and slapped her inner thighs, motioning them apart. A knew what was coming but I decided to wait on giving her my cock.

I put my face behind her and started rimming her asshole with my tongue, sticking it in and out. As I did that, I put two fingers deep inside A's pussy and started ramming them in and out. A started moaning. I worked them harder and harder. I wanted to break her concentration on B, leaving B to want to get off even more. It worked. A lifted her head as she started screaming. I didn't let up, working my fingers and tongue in unison until I felt the rush of her juices on my fingers. I continued fingering her until she calmed down. By this time, my cock was ready. Which one of these women should get my cock first?....

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