Friday, June 27, 2014

Emma - the Rooftop

Raincity Rooftop
Raincity Rooftop (Photo credit: ecstaticist)
Fresh from our conquest of each other in the stairwell, Emma & I headed for the rooftop. Still naked from our fuck session, we opened the rooftop door & propped it so that we could get back inside. I put down the beach towel & the bottle of champagne & put Emma on her back onto the towel. The cool night air felt great against our hot, sweaty bodies.

I split Emma's legs apart & put my head between her creamy thighs. I started playing with her pussy, rubbing my fingers against her clit, making her wet in an instant. I wanted to taste her & repay her for going down on my cock with her mouth so expertly before.

I put my lips & tongue to good use & went to work on her pussy. Drinking her juices like I drank the bottle of champagne, I sucked her dry. My tongue darted in & out of her, obsessed with making her cum hard. Her body wiggled back & forth as she screamed loudly. Before, we kept it relatively quiet because we were on the stairs. Now, we were on the roof & we let loose like two wild cats in heat.

She moans & screams became louder as I ate her with such hunger. Finally, her body bucked wildly, enjoying the pleasure my lips were giving her. Wave after wave came over her. She pushed my head deeper into her, grinding her hips against my face. My arms held her down, alternating between her hips & her ample breasts. Her nipples were so sharp, they felt like they were stabbing my fingers when I got near them.
Emma started calming down from cumming but now, I wanted to get mine. I climbed on top of her, put her legs upon my shoulders, & entered her. I started pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. I angrily thrusted into her, working her hard & fast, making every inch of my cock count with each thrust. My cock was so rock hard, it felt like a lead pipe. I enjoyed my position of power, watching the look on her face as she enjoyed my every thrust.

She begged for me to fuck her harder. I didn't disappoint, slamming her with such force that we started moving across the roof a little. The fact that we were out in public, with people no doubt hearing our grunts & groans, coupled with the fact that we could've been locked up on the roof, filled me with much excitement. I kept fucking Emma with all my might, wanting to cum hard inside her yet again that night.

Soon, my hips tightened up as the first shot of my cum unloaded into her, then another, & another. I drained myself into her. Then, I rested for a minute on top of her, drinking from the bottle of champagne. Then, I slapped Emma's ass to get up so that we could finish off the night fucking back in the apartment. We finished by fucking on her floor, sofa, kitchen, & en extremely erotic fuck in her shower. My body hadn't felt that alive in quite some time. Damn, it's good to fuck someone younger than you sometimes.

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