Thursday, June 26, 2014

Emma - the Stairway

It's a long way down to the roof...
It's a long way down to the roof... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After our elevator fun, Emma & I made our way to her apartment, where we fucked for a few rounds. Even after all of that, I still wasn't close to being spent. Persuaded by that, being extremely horny, having already downed a bottle of champagne, & it being only 4 in the morning, I decided we needed to fuck in a couple more public places.

I grabbed a beach towel & another bottle of champagne, took Emma by the hand, walked out naked to the hallway, closed the door behind her, put her up against the wall, & made out with her. At any time, one of her neighbors could've come out of their apartments but we were too liquored up to care. Besides, I love being watched. I love all eyes on me, seeing my muscles clenching and contracting as I'm pleasuring another woman.

After a few minutes against the wall, we made our way to the stairwell that leads to the roof. We opened the door, walked in, closed the door behind us, & started walking about 7 flights up to the rooftop. Before we had even gotten a half a flight up, Emma put me against the wall & started kissing me. Our hands were all over each other. She started stroking my cock, getting it hard.

Emma bent down, took my balls, and started rubbing them while her mouth started sucking the head of my cock. I started grunting loudly while she sucked and licked up & down the shaft. I could feel my cum started to build an eruption.I caressed her hair as her mouth expertly went about its duties.

Finally, I stopped her from sucking the cum out of me. I was ready to explode but wanted to put it in her, like I had down all morning. I stood her up, turned her around, then bent her forward, & put her down on all fours, with her facing the stairs going up. I split apart her ass, grabbed my cock, & guided it into her hole. Emma backed her ass right onto it like the champ that she is & started fucking me hard. I knelt there for a minute, watching her round ass plowing back & forth onto my cock. Then, I grabbed her waist & started matching her thrusts.

Her moans became louder & louder. I'm sure people heard us but we could've cared less. We kept fucking each other hard, fast, & angrily, each wanting the other to get off first. Emma's ass suddenly tightened around my cock, putting a stranglehold on it while the rest of her body came & shook. I released my load into her very soon afterwards. We stopped for a minute while I pulled out of her, letting her catch her breath. Then, I grabbed the towel, took a swig from the bottle of champagne, & we both headed up the rest of the flights to the rooftop.

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