Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Emma - Halloween Intro

I'm a guy who normally likes women around the same age as I am or, at the most, maybe 10 years younger or older. I usually find that the ladies are more experienced and better in bed. Once in a while, though, someone much younger makes an impression to the point where, as a friend of mine likes to say, I just gots ta have it. Such is the case with Emma.

A while back, I was at a friend's apartment for a Halloween party, dressed up as Zorro. As I talked to a few of his friends, a girl dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood kept looking at us. One of my friends knew her and invited her over to hang with us.

Emma was a brunette with a seductive personality and voice. As we were introduced, she said "oh, you used to go out with Sarah". Sarah was someone I dated about a year before this. Everyone made conversation for a while, with Emma looking at me as we all spoke; which, to be honest, was beginning to creep me out a little. However, she was too cute to get fully creeped out. Finally, my friends left to go to another party and it was just Emma and myself.

After my friends left, Emma finally told me why she kept staring at me. Sarah and Emma used to work in the same place. "Sarah used to tell me all the time about how you guys were in bed. She said you were wild". Well, that explained the constant attention from her. That and she was drunk off of Grey Goose and judging from what happened next, very horny. "I always wondered what you'd be like in bed. Fancy a shag?" With that, she leaned in and looked at me seductively.

I said "how old are you?". "I'm 24" she replied. "I think you might be a little young". "Are you sure?" she cooed, put her hand on my pants and started stroking my cock through it. "I love older men". Now, at this point, I suppose he should have just left. Emma was pretty drunk, after all but yet again, I just said fuck it, I'm horny and want to get some tonight. A tasty young treat might be just what I need so I called her bluff. "OK, let's go". We grabbed our things, stopped off at the liquor store for some more Grey Goose for her and a bottle of champagne for me, and went back to my place.

We went at it rough and nasty. Her oral skills were amazing, with her repeatedly deep throating my cock with ease. By the time I was ready to go between her legs, she was wet and ready. She tasted like heaven. She pushed my head into her pussy and ground her hips against me as my tongue penetrated her pussy lips and played with her clit.

After a hurricane tongue fucking, I put Emma on her knees, grabbed her hair, pulled it back, and entered her from behind. I smashed her while continuously spanking her ass. She got on top of me and rode me while grabbing my throat and choking me. We continued through a bunch more positions, tying each other up, throat grabbing, choking, hair pulling, and lots of spanking. An amazing night with an amazing, young, fun, rough loving woman.

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