Monday, June 30, 2014

Crazy Sex

sex on the toilets
sex on the toilets (Photo credit: Djuliet)
A loyal reader told me recently that I seem to have some pretty crazy sex. I don't know if it's crazy, really. I just don't have ordinary, run of the mill sex whenever possible. It's all about never missing an opportunity. Take the situation with Kate, for instance. I could have stopped when things were beginning to get hot and heavy in the back kitchen of her shop. However, why should I have? The machinery covered our noise and the door was locked since it was after hours so why not fuck her right then and there?

Once the situations present themselves, I just take them to another level. I think people know by now that I'm pretty uninhibited when it comes to sex. I'll use toys, food, whatever, whenever. It's just how I live my life these days.

It used to not be like this. I used to be a pretty shy guy and very monogamous. Somewhere around my late 30s / early 40s, it hit me. Some people call it a mid life crisis. I call it an awakening. Time is short to waste it on not having fun of any sort. I have a baby face and a decent body that I'm constantly trying to make better.  Why not enjoy whatever time is left on the clock? After all, life will catch up sooner rather than later. Live the dreams. Never be ordinary. What some people consider crazy, I consider normal. Works for me.

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