Monday, June 16, 2014

Las Vegas: Sheri - Part 1

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A long while back, I was at yet another conference in Las Vegas. When I go to these conferences, I tend to see the same people showing off the latest and greatest. Among those many people was a woman named Sheri. She's a spokeswoman for a start up tech company out in Silicon Valley that makes products for the entertainment industry.

She and I have met at least 8 times now at these conferences and by now, I know not only her but at least 5 other people in her company. She's thin and is usually dressed very businesslike and geeky with shoulder length sandy blonde hair. The lady is extremely smart, too, and can speak 5 languages. Over our times talking, we've gotten very flirtatious with each other, with long looks at each other from a distance and other things.

During the final evening of this particular conference, the people from her company and I decided to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I dressed up in a nice suit and met them in the hotel lobby. When I got there, Sheri and the gang were already waiting. Sheri had on a nice black dress that went down almost to her ankles. She looked beautiful and I told her so. She sheepishly said thanks. She couldn't get too crazy in front of her coworkers.

As we walked into the restaurant, Sheri's hand brushed against mine and lingered a second longer than a hand would. I didn't think much of it but then it happened again. I grabbed it, held it for a split second, then released it. She smiled. That told her everything she needed to know about the night, as I found out later. We sat down next to each other for dinner. During the entire meal, we traded smiles and touches under the table, making sure her coworkers were unaware of what was going on.

After dinner, the other people in her company had tickets to the Elvis Cirque du Soleil  show and had to go. Sheri said she was going to walk around for a little while, then probably turn in. I said I was going to hit one of the casinos for a little while. The coworkers said their goodbyes and rushed off to get a cab to go to the show, since the dinner went a little longer than they had planned. We watched them get in the cab and take off. We made sure they saw Sheri walking in the opposite direction from me. As they sped off, I watched the cab until they were completely out of site, then turned around to go after Sheri. Sheri was already waiting on the sidewalk, to my surprise. "Wanna go hit the casinos?" I asked. "Thought you'd never ask" she said and smiled. I grabbed her hand, hailed a cab, then sped off in completely the opposite direction on the Vegas Strip from her coworkers so that we wouldn't accidentally run into them while we were having fun.

We hit the casinos hard; harder than I normally do. We drank at the bar, played blackjack, roulette, and craps. We lived it up; macking, as the locals like to call it. Sheri really loosened up from her businesslike demeanor that she normally has to put on. She stood next to me and seductively blew on the dice as I rolled them. We touched each other and held hands a lot. After a while, we were making out like two teenagers, wherever we were. In a few hours, between the two of us (I think she actually won more than I did), we won over $1,000 between all the games we played. That never happens to me. Usually, I lose money.

Anyway, I decided to splurge with the money that I had won. I went to the hotel atm to get a little more money. Then, I went to the concierge to see about renting a limo for a few hours. The concierge got me a really nice black limo that was decked out to the hilt. I slipped him some money for a job well done, then slipped the driver double the money for a few hours rental, told him to take us up and down the strip, and to close his partition. He winked and knew the score. He knew what was coming up. Hell, it probably wasn't even his first time that night doing the Strip sex drive.

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